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I've had a reading from the local psychic place, and reading was $35 and she said I have a negativity around me and offered me to purchase 3 candles which is from church where her mother works and can give me a discount for. It was $250. I asked her if this is scam and she said it's not but I have to make a decision to buy before it's too late to ruin my life. I purchased which I handed her cash without writing any receipt. She said I do need to do the meditation and we set the appointment to do at night due to my work schedule. Next morning she calls me that she has to switch to day time because she just found out that meditation had to be done during the day not at night. She cancelled the meditation date to next day to after. I was so upset about this and made me feel this might be a scam but I wanted to trust her. She offered me to do an egg cleansing and charged me another $500 to buy a box to bury the evil egg craps that I cracked with her to remove from my body. I just couldn't believe this happen! I told her I can't afford but she asked me to go get $100 for down payment. I did even though I wasn't feel right about this. I sent her text msg that I don't want to continue to do the last couple session and it feels like a scam and she said I still have to pay the rest. There is no proof that she bought the candle to burn and also the box. Do I have to pay her back? Even though she got paid in cash without giving me any receipt. Please tell me that this is a scam! She said she is not and different but I don't think this is right.

What do I have to do if she calls me to pay the money.

We did argue over the text message and she was keep asking me to call her and she will explain but I didn't. Wondering why she didn't call me instead?

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winipu4 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-29)
Unfortunately, this scam is a very old one & very well known to law enforcement. Simply Google "fortune teller egg scam", or the bujo or egg curse scam.

Fortune telling fraud, also called the bujo or egg curse scam, is a type of confidence trick, based on a claim of secret or occult information. The basic feature of the scam involves diagnosing the victim (the "mark") with some sort of secret problem that only the grifter can detect or diagnose, and then charging the mark for ineffectual treatments. The archetypical grifter working the scam is a fortune teller who announces that the mark is suffering from a curse that her magic can relieve, while threatening dire consequences if the curse is not lifted.
This particular scam is rampant in your state. If you are desperate for a psychic reading, there are actually a few reputable ones out there who charge a flat fee per hour, normally including a recording. RESEARCH THEM FIRST, before spending money that you probably don't have! An honest, reputable, gifted medium will NOT try to get you to keep coming back to spend loads of money. I live near a Spritualist camp & church called Cassadaga in central FL where they require education & much experience before the mediums are even allowed to charge a fee. And yes, some are better than others.
I fully agree with the others that there are plenty of DIY cleansing options; whatever your faith permits.
I also agree that this should be a lesson learned. These scammers prey upon vulnerable people, so whatever challenges you are facing presently should be addressed in some manner. Some seek out professional help and others turn to their faith for guidance, support & healing.
Many Blessings,
P.S.: You could report her to law enforcement yourself, or you could simply block her number from calling your phone.
Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-24)
Jnjuice, You do what feels is right/good for you, but also release this person with unconditional love, it is necessary not to have any other lower vibe energy attached to you, so get out there in the world doing happy things, laugh & play & forget about that experience and know whatever is false will crumble especially it not being for the higher good of people. Ariva Derchi 😊
wat123 (41 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-17)
Well you should just avoid any further contact with this person because she seems very manipulative. The best way is to break all contact with her, if she contacts you after that you can threaten her with textmessages (evidence) from her fraud.

Don't give her another dollar, if you (as an example) think the food at a restaurant isn't good you won't return there again right? Treat this case the same.

Whether you want to rest this case or try to get your money back at a court is up to you. Just don't get manipulated by this kind of person. She clearly lacks proffesional knowledge if she discovered just recently that meditation is best at day (or she just wanted the night off which would make her a liar)

I hope you will break free of her manipulation, she has no power over you unless you let her. Show her that the customer is king/queen in real business.
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-16)
If you want a cleansing aka: limpia.

Do your own smudging with Rosemary or Rue

Just buy this book by Kalyn Raphael
Called Shamaniv Cleansing it is under $12.00 dollars
The reading of the egg is not required.
Though the egg can be read if one wishes.

Use a glass jar filled with tap water, crack egg into.
To dispose of flush it down the toilet.

If you have troubles look up a Novena and work
With that particular saint. All of this is a
Point of focus, as well taking time to look within to find wisdom and guidance, and peace.

Pray for the woman.
Just tell her, straight out she got money, but never
Performed her part for the money.
Tell her you have her disputed text messages proving this.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
7 years ago (2014-10-16)
This indeed does sound like a scam. This is a warning to anyone that information (all of it) needs to be gotten up front and in writing, especially when you're dealing with this kind of money. There is no way boxes and candles run into the hundreds. Unless you signed something with these dollar figures laid out then you are not liable. Tell her to please feel free to call the police and see what they have to say in response. Trust me, she won't.

The only way you're on track to ruin your life is by continuing to listen to this person. She is clearly fraudulent and you need to distance yourself immediately.

If she calls again, tell her that you plan on calling the Better Business Bureau and reporting her for fraudulent claims. If she persists, ignore her all together. She has no leg to stand on and clearly uses unethical tactics to lure you in.

Any person in any profession can be a fraud, whether it's an attorney, a politician or a psychic. This is why things in writing are the best and not to fall for tricks like "I bought this special thing, now pay me" Consider this a lesson and move on.

Hope this helps.

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