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I Revisit Deaths


My first ever experience was when I was eleven.

I had a dream, and I remember it perfectly, of my Nan on the toilet. I know it sounds weird but hear me out. I told my Mum because I though it was funny.

A few days later my Mum gets a phone call, my Nan died. Where? On the toilet. I didn't think much of it back then.

My second experience was when I was twelve. My Dad and I would drive home from gymnastics training late at night and everytime we went around this one corner to our house I would get this feeling of dread and the terrifying feeling of 'And this is where we die'.

It was exactly the same feeling for a few months before I finally told my Dad that if you go around that corner tonight a truck will smash into us and we'll die.

My Dad asked me why and I told him it was just a thing I'd been feeling for sometime now. He told me that was the corner a woman had been killed on by a truck on the wrong side of the road. After I knew that the feeling dissapeared.

My Third experience was when I was thirteen. My aunt had recently commited suicide and that had hit me hard. I was asleep at night and suddenly woken by having the feeling of being watched. I woke and at the foot of my bed stood my Aunt.

I thought I was still dreaming.

She told me that she was doing fine and that I shouldn't worry. After that I would her wedding ring on a necklace in my Mum's bag and haven't let go of it since.

I asked where she got it and she said that her sister, my Aunt, gave it to her before she'd died on the account she give it to me.

My most recent was yesterday. We were sitting in class and suddenly I was in a cafe type place. I remember I thought I'd fallen asleep but I also remember waking up thinking it was real.

A man with blonde hair at about his shoulders came in with this huge black bag. He sat down on the table next to mine and ordered his food and ate.

I remember perfectly what he'd said after he ate though. He said.

"There are a lot of wasps in here."

He went up the back of the cafe and opened his bag. He began shooting at everyone and there was a massive commotion and screaming but that is all I remember.

I'm really shaken by this and want to know if my dream was just a dream or if it was a real thing. It was the most vivid thing I've ever seen, normally it's just a feeling but it was like I revisited this mass murder.

Is there a way I can find out what's happening? Has anything like this happened to you?

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