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Making Predictions


I'm not sure exactly when it started - it was a gradual thing. I don't remember the first time, but I know all of the times were similar.

It began with, "Evelyn, do you think it's going to rain today?" I've never been good at telling the temperature, weather, future... Basically anything. So, I just answered yes.

It turns out I was right. After a few more weather guesses (I was right every time) my friend Emi started calling me "Evelyn the Weatherman". Everyday, without fail, I correctly told her whether or not it would rain. On my good days, I could tell her about when it would rain (this afternoon, next morning, etc.).

I made a long term forecast too: it would rain on the Christmas of 2014 in Atlanta.

I was right.

A little later, my friend online asked me how cold it was. I said it was "8 degrees or something". My mom then started complaining because it was freezing outside. "It's only eight degrees," she said, "Eight degrees!"

"Exactly eight degrees?"

"Yup." At this point, I was ready to just say it was all a coincidence. It was weird. Lots of other people probably say they can do this too. Maybe it's really common, like controlling the weather.

I went to school. Emi asked me how cold it was outside. "I don't know, cold? Thirty-four degrees outside?"

Exactly thirty-four degrees.

It happened other times, too. "Forty-six." "Thirty-two." "Twenty-eight."

Until one day, I got it wrong. "Evelyn, how cold is it outside?" inquired Emi. I thought for a moment. I wanted it to be exactly correct. Around forty-six, but that was the temperature yesterday, I thought. "Forty-eight or forty-nine," I finally answered.

And the weirdest part is, the temperature was forty-six. The number I skipped.

After that incident, I haven't gotten it incorrect again. I go with what I think first, instead what I think is logical.

I like to think of this as a little gift, or a little talent. Not life-changing to people on the outside, but to me, it's important. I discovered something new and fun. I never thought of making correct guesses as something I'd love.

But I love making predictions.

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