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I Think I'm An Indigo


I have researched about indigo's and really relate about their traits and experiences. But still I have doubts about myself. Am I really an indigo or a star child because their traits looks the same and I have all of those traits. I am a loner because I think almost all people always thinks bad, immoral, stupid, negative and evil thoughts. Like my classmates they often bully someone that is weak. I am also highly intolerant about the common view about sex. Because in normal view of common people, sex is just for fun and can be done every time they want. But my view in sex is, sex is a gift from God for the married couples and not should be done if your not married in each other. They should not video their sex and post it in a p0rn site because it is disgusting making a sex video so they can get famous in exchange for their virginity. Then I don't like being around for so much people. I don't know what I don't like about them but I feel very heavy around other people even in my cousins. I don't understand the common people way of thinking. Sometimes when I see my friend feeling sad I sometimes feel guilt even tough it's not my fault. Then I'll try to cheer them and give a advice to them. Also sometimes I can see through a person's heart and emotions. I know what they fear or feel about something even they didn't tell me anything. Especially when I talk to them rarely. I also want to make the world to have peace happiness, peace, love to make this world better even I cannot do that. I often feel depressed with no particular reason and my ADHD always trigger in evening until I fall asleep. I hate horror and action films because someone always dies in the film and I hate that.

I also have some questions,

1. When I researched many people said that indigos are intelligent beings, but why I'm not intelligent? I always get low scores in our exam.

2. They said that indigos are multitalented. But I don't have any talents.

3.They said that indigos exhibit very powerful and high potential psychic abilities. But why I don't have any psychic abilities?

Thank you for all your help to me.

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Trying2understandme (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-27)
I too have researched about indigos and I can say that I've similar traits as well, I feel the same things as you do too, I often get depressed because I want to help and please everyone and can not because I am not in the position to. I often think about the same things you do as well, about what this world needs to be a better place, my belief is that if everyone just stop being greed, if they stop submitting to the negative side of them and realize that with love and consideration as well as reasoning towards each other, suffering and sorrow will end because each other's happiness means their own happiness. I often have dreams that come true too many times I've had deja vu and I get so scared because some of them are bad. I also say things and they happen, e.g like today I told my grandmother that someone had came to visit her yesterday, she wasn't home that time, not more than 3 minutes after I said that the same person came knocking on the door, another example is when my little cousin was to go somewhere with his friend, he didn't know when his friend was coming, I forgot about for a while but then it popped up in my head again and I asked him if he wasn't supposed to go somewhere the moment I said that his friend walked up to our house, my little cousins are the only ones that realizes it, they joke that I'm psychic but they don't have a clue of how scared and confused I am about this, I'm looking for help with this.
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2015-01-26)
Empathy- research this, you seem to have these abilities
Energy protection and energy work- research these two topics for your own self preservation

My dear, you are special no mater what others or you feel about yourself. I think you may push yourself down more so, than others. We are our worst judge. Try to do different things to help with your studies. I am an empath and while in school I too had bad grades. Latter on I discovered this was from ADHD, which most girls are not diagnosed with until their late 20's or early 30's. Which is due to our ability to adjust and/or completely change our habits, to pass with/in normal society and their anticipations of us. I was 32 when they finally discovered what the problem was.

Regardless, think of your 5 senses and use as many as you can while you study. As you read from your text books aloud, record yourself and play it back listening to every word. I even done this while I would sleep at night in order to pass a history exam years ago. Also don't sit for hours on trying to study, take breaks. If someone reads out a list of numbers to you no mater how many there are, fact is you will usually remember the first few and the last few. If you study in 15 minute sessions the middle is not so blurry later on.

As for your talents, you have to try new things before you can determine what your's might be. The way you look at things in general are different from others around you. Put that into a painting or picture or words or even a sculpture. I bet something will inspire you deep inside. Me, the ocean pulls me and inspires my paintings and emotions from within. It gives a since of freedom with empowerment and strength. All the things I seemed to lack as a young girl. Just keep an open eye and listen to your inner self. Something will awaken you and make you see yourself in a new light. That will be the day you see yourself as the heavens meant for you to be seen. Blessings from above to you and your loved ones.
Vernon605 (4 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
I don't know is this connected but sometimes, I will just stare involuntarily. My classmates always told me that I look like I thinking very deep but I don't think anything that time. I only gained consciousness after 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Then one day when I woke up. A voice entered my mind. It says that you can go now. Then when I was in church, I focused in praying then a image entered my mind, a sky full of pinkish cloud with a hole in the middle so the sunlight can go in then there's a throne and a man sitting at it. He smiling down at me but I don't see his eyes because the light's too bright. I only saw feet to his mouth. But I can't remember if he has a beard or he is long haired because it's too fast it's like 1 to 2 seconds.
Kingsage28 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
Hi. I don't have an answer for you post but I have been quite through a journy myself. I hope you don't mind le sharing my experience since I can't post one here because is been dissabled. I'm normally not the very trusting kind either but I tried to make sense of it all since I was a child. I been able to see colors everywhere, with my eyes open or closed. With my eyes closed if I focus on what I see it seems like I can see the universe and a bright light source at the end. Its kind of coll but as a child I asked questions and growing up with religious family members I refused church. The religious approach was not my type and I began to stay silent cause the more I spoke about my experiences the more family tried to force religion on to me. So years go by of the same but gradually grwing a smart mouth, and I mean that in a intelligent way out smarting my mom dominating convos and a great sharp memory of my own life amd strange dreams of living more than 2 times in this planet amd once else where. Now as an adult my issue is symbols I see symbols every where and its been quite a weird journy there cause this is been slowly but steongly becoming an issue to me because I'm being forced to look for answers in a way I would never do like I'm doing now. But based on visions and symbols I have been able to research online going as far back as ancient times when the pharaohs where in earth. I seen symbols and found the free mansons as well as illuminati who are also into the same things and quite shocking their symbols I seen look quite similar to mines just manipulated for their own purpose. Like a example the free mason have this weird circle with aglobe in the center and within the outer circle are symbols representing the symbols of every religion over earth, so based on that I concluded that my symbols are the opposite to that mines are realms theirs is religion. I don't want to sound like I'm really claiming that's just my opinion really I have images I drew and online images saved on my phone from my research I'm more than happy to share because I'm looking for help. Anyone here is my trigger to wake up from this self induced amnesia and I can also serve as the same a way to help someone else wake up. Why we all comunicate and experience in life is all for the purpose to trigger that awakening experience.
Grimm31 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-24)
Im not sure if your an Indigo but you do seem to have some form of empathy. Low test scores don't mean low intelligents, it just means you don't test well.

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