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Indigo, Oracle, Medium?


Since I was a little girl I saw spirits and ghosts often. I remember seeing a woman in an old Victorian dress in my grandparents house and I could feel it when she sat at the foot of my bed. It was terrifying for me for a long time. As I got older my grandparents eventually told me a story about how we were passing by a house one day on the way to lunch when I was four and I began screaming and crying and said it felt evil there. They looked at each other in amazement because a boy had tied his family up and burned them alive earlier that week. I also used to find four leaf clovers easy. My family would be looking for days and I'd walk right up to one. I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and was medicated but I was taken off because the medication did nothing for me.

One year we took a trip to Idaho and drove from Texas. I always had this obsession with streams and running water and I would make them stop every time we passed one so I could get out and touch it. I read somewhere that ghosts or evil spirits couldn't pass running water or something similar but am not sure how valid that is. Also I had this vision as a child that I was in my crib and gods hands picked me up. About 6 months ago I asked my mother about this and she said that when I was about three and my sister was one, I had tried telling her about her getting picked up by gods hands and I thought that was interesting because I had always remembered it of myself. When I was about ten I was in bed and looked out of the window and there was some kind of creature with bright glowing red eyes about the height of a person and it terrified me. Another time I had been laying with my covers off my legs and a two legged creature I believe was a demon jumped off of my leg, scratched me and left red claw marks and I heard it run across the wood floor. I have had many instances of sleep paralysis.

Most of all I have been called an old soul, by anyone I encounter, all my life. I have been told I am an oracle and an indigo child as well. Also I got a reading one time and I was told that a family would come to me to help them find their missing daughter and I would bring them closure. This really terrifies me but within the last 6 months I've been embracing my abilities and practicing not being scared when something is going on with spirits. Part of the reason is because, there was a man I was around who I think practiced witchcraft and wasn't really a good person. My mother is a somewhat weak minded individual and one day he told me that he was scared or intimidated by me because I didn't realize how powerful I was. I thought he was bluffing until I think he tried to have something happen to me spiritually and in a way it reflected off of me and my mom I think became possessed. In a nutshell she ended up in a psych ward and the emergency room and I asked for guidance from a friend and she said that she was possessed and there was nothing she could do for her. Anyway I really just need some feedback on some of this... I have been practicing meditation and asking for help from my spirit guides and lots of prayer. Maybe someone has some insight on which direction to take as far as studying or research online? Thanks.

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indigoeyes (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-25)
Thank you guys for the support and feedback! I finally had enough courage to post on here and it's a relief to start somewhere!
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-21)
I have ADHD also, I was not diagnosed until I turned 32. Doctors said that it was hard to diagnose girls at a young age because we are so resilient. That girls will adjust to the weaknesses and develop methods to correct the problem. I also find 4 leaf clovers all the time, which drives my boys crazy when we all are looking for them. Last time I found 5 in my father in law's yard. But it's funny how you remember things from childhood that stick out. Then as I read stories on this site it reminds me of such similar moments in my own life. Things I thought only I had dealt with and have pushed to back of my mind over the years that were forget.
I remember the red eye thing. Not in detail at the moment but the fear, as if it was yesterday. When I started first grade, my family had just moved into our first home. You know to purchase, not renting. It was out in the middle of no where. It was two miles to the main road and everything else was dirtroads. Out there I would walk the woods and find little clearings, where the grass and wild flowers grew with trees surrounding it. I would sit and listen to the wind, it seemed to talk at times. I watched all the little movements of the forest. One day when I was about 7 or 8 a deer slowly walked up and started eating. It was less than 2 feet away from me. I, in amazement, just watched him as quiet as a mouse. Tear running down my face because I was so happy and somehow knew how special of a moment it was. Suddenly the deer looked up and seemed to get spooked and ran off. A sick feeling came over me, it was fear. I looked around and as I looked down right at my hand a snake, as thick as a baseball, was within inches from my hand. It was moving from one hole to another that were about a foot apart. I jumped up and backed away from it looking at the size of it. Fear was surging through my body. At that moment I felt like something was coming and started hearing branches braking and leafs, like something was running straight for me. I took off and ran as fast as I could home. I looked back once and the only thing I remember seeing was those red eyes. I made it home safe but dreamed of those eyes for weeks.
As well my fascination with creeks, rivers and just any kind of water seems the same as yours. My family would take camping trips to the mountains and daddy would always stop at the run offs or the rivers. He knew how much I enjoyed the sound and touch of the water and as well my fascination with rocks. I was always looking for the perfect one for my collection and would give little stories about where it had been. Once when I was 21 I went to this island on the coast of Georgia. The Cumberland Island, it's a state reserve and rescue for wild horses. As we walked around we came up on some ruins of a huge home that use to stand there. I picked up one of the rocks that caught my eye. When I did it was as if I had been transported back in time. This huge mansion stood in front of me, and these people walked around in old victorian clothes and hats and umbrellas for shade. Lace and silk made the dresses and umbrellas of white that the woman strolled around in, with their arm tucked around their man's arm as he guided them around to enjoy the sites. Suddenly I came back as my friend and sister in law, Kim said my name. She stood right beside me and was handing me one of the pamphlets she had picked up. As I looked down at it the same home that was just standing in front of was on the cover. In opening the pamphlet I seen the ruins and information of how the place had burned down in 1959. It was so strange and sad at the same time. All that beauty lost to the past with no one to bring it back to life. Still saddens me today. Regardless, thank you for giving me back these memories. They help in discovering and controlling my own gifts.
Now with your mom I hope she's doing better and this evil placed on her was removed. If not, I'm sure help through this site will find you. I'll be praying for you both. I myself find that I need guidance as well. I didn't know that their was a name to these things we can do, let alone that we could control them. For 39 years I've just dealt with it, the good and bad. Too scared to reach out. I do feel that you will help many with your insight and that your path is before you. You just need to walk with confidence and pride for yourself and your abilities. Just know the stronger you are to help others the more evil will attack. Be cautious with the people you are offering help, and trust your instincts. If your internal alarms go off. Heed the warning. Blessings from above I pass to you and ask for protection for you and your loved ones. Wisdom and confidence to fill your mind, body and soul. And love to fill your heart.
ZiShu (129 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-21)
You remind me of me she I was a child. I could see things others cannot. I personally don't like to use any of the names to call people with gifts because they do not describe the true purpose. Maybe you being lifted by God's hand was a vision of when your soul was finally placed to be born onto Earth? You could be a old yet 1st life soul. I too suffer from ADHD. You see demons a lot because they plan on corrupting you so you would stray off your true path. I'm sorry about your mother. I believe I can help. It seems serious if its still going on. I hope you do see this message. Send me an email that's in my profile. Serious things like possession can't be taken care of through just this site alone. I can teach you much more if you truly want to.

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