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Crystal? Indigo?


I am Miranda and I am 17 years old. I apologize for the length of the story, however I have many questions about myself I am hoping you all can help me. It started when I was born, I was a naturally independent child, and a naturally kind child. I always obeyed my parents, I always knew the "right thing to do" as in I had a very strong intuition. I wasn't even potty trained, at the age of two I just went on the toilet myself without being told. I was always naturally kind, and I was very observant. I have also always had psychic abilities, such as dreaming of the future and always hearing and sometimes hearing spirits.

People have always complimented me on my eyes, which are a very light green with a tint of blue and people constantly tell me how easy it is to look into my eyes. I have about a dozen of spirits in my house, and each and every one of them has made themselves known to me. I always saw the wrong in things (and still do) and always wanted to change them, it always had bothered me so much to see so much wrong in the world and always wanted to do something but I couldn't because I was "just a kid" to everyone else. To this day I still feel the same, although I am taken a bit more seriously but not much.

I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional family. My parents divorced by age two, my mother remarried by the age of 3, and my dad is a bad alcoholic and my step dad turned out to be one too as well as they are both narcissists. Growing up was hard and painful for me. I wasn't like most kids, I enjoyed talking to adults more than kids my age and enjoyed having deep conversations. I was very anti-social because I could never relate to children my own age. I was also an outcast in my family and got criticized for it frequently by my step dad and dad.

I have always been so observant and aware of everything. I've always been thirsty for knowledge, but only for things I'm interested in such as psychology and all things metaphysical. I was born with the knowing that I had a different destiny than everyone else, not as in I am better than others but just that my journey on earth is supposed to be different and that I am supposed to make a change. However, because other the constant reminder from my dad and step dad that I was worthless eventually wore down on me. I always knew I was differently and I hated always having it thrown in my face. I have has severe depression since I was a child which I think was triggered at age 6 because of the death of my uncle in September 2004 and then the death of my grandfather whom I was very close with two months after in December. I ended up struggling in school and when I was 12 my depression became debilitating. It only grew worse over the years. During those horrible 5 years I still had some passion, I am always the first to want to help someone which turned into putting everyone else first. I have such passion for humanity and always have had big dreams of helping people all over the world. But because of my extremely low self-esteem and low body image (later diagnosed as Body Dysmorphic Disorder) I let people take advantage of me and I became everyone else's doormat.

People will constantly tell me that there is just something about me that makes them feel comfortable telling me anything, and that people just gravitate towards me. I've always been a dreamer and always had a great imagination. Around 8th grade is when I became defiant because I knew my stepdad was wrong with how he treated me and I hated the fact that everything in my house just wasn't right. Eventually I just learned to deal with him and our relationship got a bit better, but not by much. By 11th grade I had been hospitalized 3 times because of my depression and became totally hopeless.

My weight has always fluctuated drastically, I can gain 20 pounds in a month, but my thyroid and everything is normal. I have been on multiple antidepressants over the years which haven't worked, and could have caused my weight gain. In the beginning of 11th grade around October I experienced my first manic episode. I have since then been diagnosed as bipolar but my body is very treatment resistant.

I also don't comply with the way schools teach. My brain goes on overload very quickly and I burn out within a few months of school. Because of this I dropped out three months ago and I am in GED classes which is more personalized and I have realized my potential. The teaching is different and now I seem to understand and I am getting my GED within 3 months which is a short amount of time compared to the average rate in my class. I find it so frustrating and stressful to do things I do not want to do, it is dreadful. I have been conflicted because I am torn between my spirituality and logic.

I don't know if I am just an average human and I'm just being crazy thinking all of these things but I have many traits/ abilities that Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow Children have. Like an indigo, I have always been independent and very strong willed and I have always been told I am more mature than my age. I have always been extremely emotionally reactive, I ALWAYS want to do things my own way (not to be defiant but just because I'm independent). I have always been very creative (always singing, drawing, painting), and I have been diagnosed with ADD, and I am very environmentally sensitive. However, like a Crystal Child, I am always forgiving, too forgiving sometimes and I am extremely observant and notice everything. I have always seen love in everyone even when I shouldn't. I have a hard time defending myself or even letting go of people because I see all the good even when the bad overpowers it. Again, I have always been artistic and often singing. I have been told I have natural healing abilities and have always loved all types of rocks and crystals, and I am extremely sensitive to food and medications. I have always loved nature and everything about it, and I have also always had a love for animals and even when I am being defiant I don't yell or get loud because I hate yelling and I am very good at staying calm. The only similarity I have to a Rainbow child (other than the overlapping qualities of Rainbows, Crystals, and Indigos) is the intense passion for creativity.

I have been searching for answers about myself for years and I can't seem to figure it out, the only thing I recently figured out is that my dream is to do something in the arts, such as music or painting. I have been using a psychic circle sometimes with friends to talk to my spirit guide whom I have met, and whenever I ask questions about my future she won't tell me, my other friends who I use it with will get told some things about their future by their spirit guides that actually come true. My spirit guide says it will be a "surprise", what does all of this mean? If anyone could give me advice about this it would be greatly appreciated. Again, I apologize for the length but I feel like in order understand or to help me properly you need some of the backstory. Thank you!

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Qwanri (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-02)
This story is making me wonder if I'm a crystal adult since I've always loved animals. In fact I've often preferred the company of animals to people. When I was young, I tended to speak to adults rather than the children my own age. And even though my parents haven't divorced they never get along and they say mean things to each other pretty often. I'm diagnosed with asbergus autism. But I never want to rebel since I think that might make my parents unhappy and I don't want anyone unhappy. Often I can't tell what a person is feeling just by looking at their body language but sometimes I feel what they are feeling. I don't know if that makes any sense. I also hear more than see my guides I think. And on the rare occasion a spirit might ask me to tell a person something which I sort of just can't do since I don't know what words to use to describe what the spirit wants me to tell them and I'm also scared of what others will think of me. I don't find talking to people easy because not everyone is interested in my interests and the moment I talk about my interests I tend to for example make my mom very bored so she often tells me that she's not interested. It's all right though because I understand. I tend to be very accepting and forgiving. My mom was once shocked and very scared for me when as a child I ran and hugged an absolute stranger. I also tend to see the good in people. Don't know if this makes me a crystal adult or not but I'm wondering now.
confused13 (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-29)
Thank you for all the advice! And 0shuni0 I emailed you, I hope to hear from you soon!:)
0Shuni0 (8 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-24)
Hey! Look I really need to talk to you, I Discovered you just Yesterday, and I was thinking "Oh great this post was probably made like 6 years ago, like it always is when I find somebody"

But no... This is Recent, I made an Account just to be able to contact you, this is Extremely important.

I'm Very Nervous and have anxiety trying to reach out to talk to you, but I feel like we've almost had the same life, EVERYTHING you've said sounded just like me.

I'm thinking I have to talk to you, you may be a Crystal just like me, I've only just Discovered that, and it feels amazing to finally figure out who I am, well Partially...i'm still so confused.

I think if I talk to another Crystal we may learn a lot from each other, it's just so Nerve wracking.
I almost feel like I know you some how some way.

I've never talked to some one like myself.
With these abilities you may be a Crystal but you may also be a Medium as well, you may be both.

I think I May be able to help you with Question you have. Please Contact me, you're the whole reason I made this account.

I don't have accounts to paranormal/psychic sights, ever. So This is the First.

❤ H
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
Hi Miranda. It is like you wrote my story. My family is also very criticising about everything I do. Earlier my mother was good to me but now she has also turned from me. I also had depression and often felt like committing suicide or running away from my house. That was when I was 13 years old. Now I am almost 18 I have found angels to be really helpful. I don't talk much to anyone always am the silent one. Once went to an astrologist and he said about me that my nature is very calm like a moon, calm and graceful. My self esteem also wore down because of my family members but my angels told me how beautiful I was and advised me to use affirmations and shield myself with white shield whenever around my family members or any other toxic person. I flunked in 11th because I am so sensitive and my atmosphere of my house wasn't at all appropriate that it affected my studies gravely and I had terrible mood swings. I am also quite passionate about helping people and dream to be a spiritual teacher, healer and writer one day. I know I am not an Indigo or anything. But I have been told before from tarot that I was a high priest in my past life and have been told by my angels In my dreams that I am an angel. I think you are an Indigo. All Indigos have either ADD or ADHD or both and are natural born leaders. Rainbow children are born only in perfectly functional families because they have no karma to balance. So I think you are an Indigo
And indigo's are sensitive and clairvoyant too. They feel deeply for the earth's population and have an aim of cleansing earth of negativity. They are like spiritual warriors. Sorry for the long comment.
redtigerel (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
You gotta learn how to love yourself and look within yourself for all the answers you need, I can relate a little bit to you about having psychic abilites
Best thing I did in my life was becoming a vegan and learning to love myself, do what makes you happy for me its painting/art.
Check this channel out here I found these amazing people on youtube that can relate trust me on this
yinyang (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
Your experiences are a lot for one to be going through, and I respect how you've stood through them. Things get better with time, as one adjusts to the realities, and so will they do with you. You're kind and independent, and I respect you for that.

The advice I'll give is, take things one at a time, and not altogether. In a way everyone's future is a surprise but it is built on the present always. So, focus on the present, and make it into what you want it to be, and then automatically the future will become into what you want too. Best of luck.:)

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