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Recently I have been having premonitions, and have been in contact with spirits more than ever. I used to only (mostly) sense my brother, uncle, and grandfather who have passed. But a few days ago that all changed. I was walking home from school, then I hear someone run up to me, I felt someone next to me, but when I looked, nobody was there! But I saw a teenager next to me. I just knew what he looked like, and that it was a guy my age. Then, that night, I had a dream about him. I was standing in my bathtub (fully clothed) and I saw a teenage boy staring at me from where the door is. He had brown eyes, brown hair, and was wearing blue jeans, and a black jacket. Just like the boy I saw! The day after I had the dream, I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth, then I feel someone standing right in back of me! I wasn't freaked out like I usually am when I encounter spirits, especially that close. I don't think he is harmful, he seems kind. I have been asking friends if anyone in their family has died, but I haven't found out who he really is. For some reason, I think his name is Matthew. But goes by Matt. It's just a hunch I have. I have told my parents about my abilities, I don't think they take me seriously. The only reason they listen is because they know it if they told me they didn't believe me I would go on about why I'm not crazy. Also, it seems like the older I get the more of seeing spirits happen, and the more abilities I have. Another thing that I seem to have, is an ability to guess certain things about a person. But the easiest thing to guess is about death in persons family. I can even guess how they died, cloths they were wearing, or just weird little details about the persons death. Is that a normal ability psychics have? I need some advice on how to deal with being a medium. Especially emotionally. Any advice on how to develop my ability further? Thank you for reading and helping!

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LaurenHeals777 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-18)
One day while watching a bunch of kids psychics I decided to try it once again this time I actually sensed three things out of four right. For me this was traumatizing because I didn't believe this stuff happened to me. But it does I can see into past events I can feel the emotions around me I can read their souls and last I can see remnants of bad energy from the past like murders and other ordeals sometimes I can see angels as well.
JCH (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-16)
Hello, I can understand by your story.

It is perfectly normal, I was scared as anything at the very start when I had similar experiences. But I learnt to turn it into a positive thing.

You have a gift which people would give anything for. I would continue to develop it.

Have you ever considered going to a spiritual church and getting involved with a circle to bring this on further.

cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-16)
From what I understand my tenderhearted friend is what you are going through is normal. I've had a hard time adjusting emotionally to the experiences. I never learned how to actually cope with bad news. It sounds like you are ashamed of your emotions, there is nothing wrong with feeling sadness. When I was going through those troubles I was told that it was okay to feel sadness, but you should not feel guilt since you did nothing wrong.

A close family friend died from cardiac arrest from prescribed medication. He took a little more than he was suppose to, he was a brilliant mechanic and smoked like a chimney. He suffered from a mental illness also with paranoia. The night he passed I was one of the last people he saw. I was told by my guide that a loss could occur, but I thought that passed. He was heavily intoxicated by the medication that he could barley keep a conversation. I ignored taking advice and any further action.

I was told that I should not feel guilty for HIS decision. I feel like that is a lie, I could have done something. I tried not to sound insensitive at the time when I saw him. I wish I could turn back time, but in a way we did say our proper goodbyes with that handshake, and hopefully he is in a better place.

There are ways to develop your abilities. I'm not very familiar with developing and protecting. One of the most common you will hear involve meditation and a healthy diet. You might want to snoop around the site a bit more or more advice can be given. 😁

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