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Being A Spiritual Healer And Psychic


I had believed as a child and for many years that everyone could see, hear and know the things I naturally could, I assumed in my innocence that everyone was psychic...

I had always seen auras and spirits, could always tell when someone was ill or unwell. Seeing and chatting with spirit was to me normal and I thought everyone was doing the same. While in boarding school at twelve the penny dropped, or should I say clanged. I realized that nobody else was seeing or experiencing what I thought of as normal. By this time I was picking up in my own body every ache and pain somebody else was experiencing. I soon realized that by sending them Healing my pain was gone, as was theirs.

As I grew up I had no intention of ever letting anyone know just how different I was, because by now I knew I was the one that was different. Normal per say was not what I could do, I discovered, yet to this day I still believe we are all gifted, all Healers and Mediums, a natural inbuilt ability open to us all, if one wanted to develop them. For some reason some people are born with these gifts fully developed. I was one of those!

I was married at twenty one and by twenty four had two children, I was very secretive about my gifts, but try as I might, Truth had a way of coming to the fore. Before I knew what was happening I had people phoning and writing to me for help, when the shock wore off, I asked spirit what they wanted me to do, they told me I was here to Heal and Teach. So began my career as a Spiritual Healer and teacher.

Luckily I had swallowed medical books as a natural interest, the body fascinated me, I had always love psychology and Philosophy and studied both, I studied healing, spirituality, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, cranial sacral therapy, you name it, I studied it. What I was trying to understand was my own gifts and how best to use them in helping others.

To this day I happily work as a Spiritual Healer and teacher. In 2002 I met Philip Sutcliffe, a man I was destined to marry and would you believe it, he is a Medium, this was something I certainly didn't see coming! And neither did he. It was like some psychic cosmic joke, introducing two psychics... I find it really incredible and hilarious.

I love my work and feel truly blessed with my gifts, I will continue doing what I came here to do for as long as I possibly can. Today Philip and I work side by side, seeing people for Healing of mind, body or spiritual problems, teaching together and Philip seeing people for Life and/or Mediumship readings.

My life could be classed as unusual, but to me it is perfectly normal and beautiful. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, all here to learn and evolve. Trying to get back to where we belong, with God, as part of God, the one, the light, call it what you will.

To me the most important part of our journey is love and forgiveness. Treat others as you would have them treat you is a good place to start. Know that miracles are natural, not unusual phenomena. Learn to meditate simply and naturally and your own psychic abilities will come to the fore. And remember we are our thoughts, whatever we think, we create. We are all one, all part of God, no-one any better or worse than anyone else, all equal. By judging others we are judging ourselves. Believe in who you really are, a bright, loving spiritual being made in God's likeness.

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Yours in Love & Light

Catherine Campbell

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