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I'm An Indigo Adult


I'm an Indigo. My belief is I was sent to back to reincarnate her to shake things up. That's what I believe indigo's were sent here to do. To help other people remember our roots and connect to the universe and remember we're all one.

As an indigo I've noticed, I have very strong emotions and a certain passion and heart to what I talk about. Everything I express is from my inner spirit. I cannot fake myself or even wear an emotionless mask on my face. I'm not afraid to be myself.

I'm uncomfortable and don't understand how anyone can hate anyone and I can't understand why anyone would hide who there are. Why do people have to cower in fear just because someone thinks critically about them.

I'm all about love and when I watch movies with Negativity or aggression or deep sadness I have to skip to a happier scene or shut it off.

It's the same with books and music and just regular human actions.

Electronic seem to act weird around me when i'm sad, stressed, hurt, and scared, or frustrated.

When I'm upset light bulbs flicker or go out, it's almost like I'm draining the energy. Or my energy in my strong emotions makes the lights react to them.

Every time someone listens to the song fat bottom girls by queen, I get upset and the music freezes and pauses. It does this with any song I don't like.

My internet, my phone, and computer seems to not work very well around me, it's like they go slower or stop working and freeze up, especially when I feel a strong emotion.

Many times if I don't like a scene in a movie, if point out that the movie is making me disgusted, suddenly the screen goes purple or blue and the movie still plays but I can't see the negative images until the bad scene is over. Or other times the t.v. Just stops right at the scene and freezes. This only happens when i'm scared or upset, other times it works fine if I don't find stuff threatening.

When I was in grade school I scores and test were not above average and were actually below average. Indigo's do not have a learning disability if that is what some believe. Indigo's think more creatively and work through empathy and creating new idea's that are out of the box thinking. Their just as intelligent as everyone else, they are creative geniuses.

A lot of indigo's are, painters, sculptors, wood workers, artists, singers, song writers, musicians, composers, poets, writers actors, movie directors, animators, screen writers, comedians.

Indigo's look at the world in a different light. They feel the world deeply and with compassion and they don't take well to negative people. They see the world and universe in beauty an love. When someone demands something from an indigo that the indigo might not feel it is righteous and true to their hearts, the indigo then rebels to show the humans race of free love. Free love is what human world essentially sent to earth to do.

Humans were reincarnated to have individual freedom, a loving kind. But as it turns out a lot of humans want to control and they start power power struggles to get in the way of that. So now were in loop until we learn the lessons we were sent to do. Indigo's crystals, rainbows, emeralds, were sent here to make us remember to think from our hearts and to guide humanity into a new way of life.

That is what I believe.

Often times I can remember my dreams. I have a huge imagination. I can easily amuse myself by picturing myself on adventures every time I do something. I've kept my child's imagination but it's upgraded to fit my adult form and personality. Like I can be fighting pirates, dancing in a forest with nymphs, I can imagine myself as I got throughout the day in my own fanfiction or fantasy story, I can use my imagination to imagine someone bald or picture them with a uni-brow if they make me mad. Sometimes I even picture people with house elf ears from the harry potter movies if they make me really mad.

They are not delusions. Just like a child's imagination is not a delusion, it's entertainment to make the world easier and to have fun.

Just because your an indigo adult does not mean you have a child'd personality, it really depends on the person, and it's not a bad thing if you are childlike. There is nothing wrong with acting young a free. If you acted older and grown all the time. The world would be very boring for you and the sense of humor would seem unoriginal and dull. An indigo's imagination and personality is very original and unique.

Now I'm not sure indigo's are fully human, but I do know they were sent to shake things up.

Indigo's have psychic abilities, but I cam into mine around seventeen, before that I only sensed nonphysical presences around me.

I think for some indigo's as they get older they become more psychic and sometimes can transition into a crystal child or adult. For me it was after I went through a great amount of hurt and then I was reached out to by angels and spirits.

I feel for me I sometimes am on the halfway mark between crystal and indigo. It wasn't always this way though.

I have a strong connection with animals, I've skipped up a mountain side when I was a teenage with earbuds in my ears listening to 'pocket full of sunshine' by natasha bedingfield. And as I skipped around the mountain two goats pranced after me all happily.

Another time when I was at boarding school teens were bullying some llama's and the llama's spit at the teens cause they were afraid, the teens always tried to ride the llama's and called the llama's names and I would visit the llama's and talk soothingly at them and instead of me forcing my touch on the llama's I held out my hand and spoke gently to them and let them come to me, and then they allowed me to pet their necks.

Another time I was walking in a pasture and three male donkeys came over to me sniffing me and one of them ripped open my hoodie, that sad thing is I was coming to feed them before class 2008 and decided to visit them and I wasn't wearing any shirt underneath the hoodie. I feel stupid. So the donkey's started teasing me about my lack of clothing, even though I was wearing jeans and a hoodie. It's like they knew I was not properly clothes. Perverts!

You know god even came into my dreams three times while I was struggling with trauma from my past. The first time he hugged me in my dreams for a long time like a bear hug.

And the second he came to me in my dreams I was threatening to run away to a national forest, and I walked out my door in my dream and got to the drive way, he walked up to me and said "go back into the house elizabeth." and I walked back inside and then in the dream I though he had left and I walked back outside and he was there and he sighed and picked me up and carried me back to into the house, like a father would. Hey I know he created me. So he's my dad.

And the third time he came he just stood there in my dream and smiled at me clad in silver armor.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-29)
Yes, God and angels intervene to guide us and protect us! I posted that I almost committed suicide 4 times (inspite of having a high IQ of 87% LOL), after living and acting "on impulse", and in sexual sin... That had attracted many demons into my life, and I was alone and deppressed (20 years ago). But luckily I lived through it all, with the help and prayers of my christian parents and friends. "Every rose has it's thorn, and every night has it's dawn" the song sais! Anyway, I once boiled some oliander leaves (poisonous plant), and drank twice from the cup... I then heard a voice, (that caught me totally offguard):"If you drink again, a third time, I won't be able to help you!"... WHOAH!?! Was it God or an Angel? God bless!+
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
That's possible. Sigh. Ridiculous! (Laughs) whatever. I think I'm totally over the purple pant and clown stuff though. So silly! (Rolls eyes)
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
The admin is pranking us, because today is April 1, 2015...?
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
What does this stuff even mean? I'm so weirded out I'm done with this site. Peace.
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
And no I didn't mean to spell out clown. It was a different word I was trying to write drain peoples energy. I write to fast. Sorry. For the confusion.
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
I write from my experiences. I'm not someone who lies. I'm really trusting of others. But I know for I fact I experienced these things. Its fine:)!
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
NSA exploited this website, and now the NSA is cesonoring the word P...S...Y...C...H...I...C as clown and C...l...O...W...N. Childish adults can manipulate people thoughts, emotions, dreams, reactions, because they know my 2015-03-31 post is correct.
Serallina (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
I read this Young Adult novel called Indigo Awakening by Jordan Dane a few years back. I never heard of Indigos before this and didn't know they were a real thing, not just the author's idea, until later.
I'm 22 and I'm still pretty immature sometimes. I'm a graphic design major, so imagination is important. I'm not sure I believe in Indigos or even that all the psychic abilities mentioned are even possible. I believe in ghost though I've never seen one. I believe in angels, but I'm not sure they're like how we picture them. I went through a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Angel books phase, I even tried to write my own book. I want to believe in this stuff that I have no proof of. All of this just sound so amazing and strange.
I remember when me and some WinxClub/Sailor Moon fans in online message boards pretended to have magical abilities and role played story-telling online. I always said I have light power (Pure Starlight Magic) because of the character I created. Reading some of these posts about abilities makes me wonder how many of you are series and how many are pretending or role playing.
As far as I know, I have no unique abilities. I either have anxiety or empathy. Or maybe small panic attacks. I'm good a observing and figuring people out, but I hate talking to people unless it's about sometime I'm interested in. I guess what peoople are thinking, usually just family members I guess the plot twists the books I read very early on in the story. I like to predict things, or pretend to see the future so I can feel like it's going to be alright. My TV screen sometimes pixelates when I look away from it, but that could be the wire being in all the way. If I did have telepathy or empathy for real it would probably be overwhelming.

(What's with this word "clown" showing up on all the posts? Is it censoring something? Is it P-E-O-P-L-E?)
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-31)
Yeah I guess it does kind of of feel like that sometimes. That's an awesome way of explaining it:)! I can totally relate to that!
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-31)
Very interesting, I feel like I'm in GTA 5 or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and the video game developer is making modifications by consistently updating virtual reality, and I'm trapped in a cage knowing that everything is being manipulated. My Psychic abilities are like cheat codes in a virtual reality that cause people to glitch. I wonder if we have memories of a former life, that allows us to fully awaken, so we can gain full controlled over are Psychic abilities?
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
I guess I've done a bit of research
I've never felt really human. I've read from many sources that indigos are truly incarnated angels. It makes sense to me. I've been told by psychics that I'm an indigo. I can't feel hate ever. I don't understand how people can hate. I love everyone. I've had so many signs.
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-29)
I tend to either drain peoples energy by accident or attract males to me like crazy
A psychic says I have pheromones that send off signals like crazy. I attract too many guys and animals seem to like me a lot, they make nests outside my windows a lot its kind of weird. I like to call it kind of of an hippie Aphrodite ability. Hippie cause I'm not jelious of anyone like Aphrodite was. I attract love a lot and a lot of spirit love. When I was younger I was bullied a lot, I've always had a magnetic pull that sucks people towards me. Girls bullied me, but for some reason they would start being nice to me out of the blue and they wouldn't bully me anymore. Its like I sent off waves of love to both genders. I attract nonphysical spirits and other beings mostly, who start being loving. Its annoying. I'm scared to leave my condo cause a couple of times when I went out with my dad for coffee at Starbucks, I stood in line with him talking and ketching up. And I noticed the only two guys in there looking at me, then I sat down in the corner of room with my dad and a couple minutes later a guy puts his phone to his ear and stands and walks over and looks at me all creepily. No matter where I go I attract guys like the death star from star wars. I have like seven or more guardian angels according to a medium, I have faerie folk and nature spirits around me according to an energy healer and I have a bunch of spirits who follow me around cause they like me according to a psychic. Its weird I was picked on as a teen and kid but its like I'm a magnet and attract love now. I don't like this power. Woman feel calm around me now they ask me for advice. It all started at seventeen when I started attracting people. It was like I have this power to make people feel love or loved. Its sometimes a curse, in a couple stories I posted a demon almost perved towards me, I had a negative spirit with a beard give me me love bite and cuddle me and mute my voice. I could still move but he was holding me in place. My guardian angels have joked with me and pranked me. And I get a lot of spirit activity on my condo. I'm a magnet. It started at seventeen. I wonder if I have a hypnotysing power of maybe I have a power kind of like the goddess of love. Anyway I attract love from physical human males but I always ask for protection from angels. Its scary getting love attention from the spirit realm and in the physical by humans and animals. So yeah I to tend to make people act differently around me. I send off waves of love with or without meaning to. Anyway I hope the bullying has stopped for you. I know how it feel ls I was bullied until I was seventeen. So yeah I manipulate electronics and I send off some kind of hippe Aphrodite power which is scary.
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-29)
You have Technokinesis, I also have that. My grade school scores were also below average, my teachers always encourage children in school to pick on me, so I can get suspended. My Psychic abilities awaken when I was 8 years old, and ever since it awaken I have a really hard time fitting in with society. Do you cause people not to function correctly?

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