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Whispers In The Dark


I have had what I believe to be several 'experiences' throughout my life. Over time I look up dream interpretations to get answers. I find them to be very informative and help me to realize why I keep having specific reoccurring dreams.

What I can never get more definite answers about are the experiences I have while I'm awake.

This specific experience happened at a very remote cottage in northern Ontario.

I had gone up there for the first time with my boyfriend. His family had owned the cottage since his childhood. To my knowledge there are only three cottages on the lake there, only one of which I could actually see from the one I was in.

There is no outside communication. Absolutely no sound at all but nature happening all around us. I could even hear the fish splashing on the surface of the lake.

I had very clear dreams while I was there. I assume that these small cottages were farm houses several years before. There is a small cemetery on the property of the other cottage that I could see.

I decided to sleep in the small living room that night. I couldn't stand the silence and so watched a DVD on the laptop until I fell a sleep.

I remember standing up at some point. I had been sleeping but woken up. I was being pulled toward the window, overlooking the other cottage. Although it was so dark I couldn't see anything. It was what I heard.

It was whispering. Not just one person, it seemed to be several. They were trying to tell me something but I thought I can't understand them because they care all whispering to quickly, to loudly and all at once.

I pressed my hand against the screen. Looking closer to see if I could see anyone at all. Just complete darkness. Though I could somehow sense that they all knew I was trying to understand them so they began whispering louder and faster.

It was getting louder by the second. I started to tell them to slow down, just then my boyfriend woke and panicked that I was not in the bedroom began calling me frantically. The whispering stopped. Silence was there once again.

I later found out that the neighbor had moved the original cottage a little further back. The new one was being built on stilts directly over the tiny cemetery.

What were they trying to tell me?

I haven't gone back since.

I believe also, the little girl I would dream of while I was there was trying to tell me something. She was kneeling by our feet on the bed and writing something on the wall. She looked directly at me as she was writing. Maybe I was awake then also. I wasn't frightened by her. I would know her still if I saw a picture.

I remember what she was wearing. She was there so long I can describe every detail. We just kept watching each other.

Anyone have any idea what this all meant? Just one of many experiences in my life but this one I cannot figure out.

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pdp (1 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
This is a great gift you have... I believe you would ether have to go back to the cottage and attempt to communicate with them or meditate on the experience to find what they desired to tell you... At any rate be grounded, and trust your intuition...I'm glad you didn't mention fear in your post, I find fear and turmoil in life pull negative energy...

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