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Sage And Whispers


I've had many experiences of seeing the future making lights flicker with my emotions as well as seeing and feeling and hearing spirits, or entities.

I also come from a family of both parents that has either practiced the craft before or still do. My dad's side is very quiet about there past experiences involving any supernatural practices. They push themselves mostly to not believe. However, my mom's side is somewhat open about it and still do practice white magic.

I do know that my mother still to this day practices white magic. She doesn't speak about it nor does she "show" it.

Over the years since the ages of 3 & 5, (from what I remember) I have had many supernatural experiances, a lot of which I had to face on my own in fear of being misunderstood. I have become a lot stronger to it, but I would like to be able to have a tighter grasp of my abilities.

For some reason, my mother chooses to not share her knowledge with me. I have a gut feeling she knows she should be telling me what I need to know, but she chooses not to. It upsets me because I feel if she did, I could be more at peace with my mind and emotions, and I could focus more on reality and my future. I feel she thinks I will abuse that kind of knowledge. What you don't know is that, my mother has never " known " me to be the person I am. Simply, because she doesn't want to. I was not raised by her nor was I ever completely loved by her. But I find myself taking a different toll on the path she once took.

I tell you all of this first In hopes of a better understanding.

A few months back I was spending a lot of time at my cousin's new home and decided to do a cleanse through the house using a sage stick, a prayer and faith. It was my first time attempting to do this (I felt it needed to be done, there was so much negative energy it almost felt evil) so I asked for a clear house (no people) for a clear mind. I felt It would be better to turn the lights down and everything off, to create a more peaceful atmosphere.

I felt immediate tension throughout the house then see and feel the figures through out the house, I saw 4 but then in went down to 2 and eventually 1. I began to hear whispers. Tons and TONS of whispers. They were all speaking amongst one another and about me. (I stayed calm to continue) They started by asking what I was doing, then I heard the most silent whispers ask if I was to set them free, Then I heard a dominate whisper say that no one was leaving, Then all at once they said "she can do magic" over and over while I prepared myself. I could feel the dominate whisper as a girl but she was not good, I could feel her envy behind me as I began to start, then in transitioned into anger. The house was silent for a moment. I lit the sage and began to say my prayer. All the whispers were gone except the dominate one. She was mad when I began to cleanse, I could feel her every emotion, as well as her. She followed behind me, she was in my ear trying to get to my head. She started off by saying it was her house no one was leaving then she said " you can't do magic " repeatedly. The more I felt like I couldn't cleanse the house the louder she was and the more she was amused. Then I said to myself, "Why am I doubting myself? I can do this." So I continued. I felt her anger grow, then I felt jealously and greed from her. I stopped and I could hear her amusement again.

I'm more curious on what this meant for me and the entities in the house.

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newhunter30 (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-20)
Let me start with a warning to you both; if your meddling with magic you better know what your doing. Magic is not a game or play thing it is real, it can harm, and it can be returned.
Now that my warning is out of the way I shall proceed with my comments, magic be it white, black, voodoo, hoodoo, etc etc is not evil or good in and of itself. I BY NO MEANS HAVE ANY INTENT TO OFFEND ANYONE, but just cause your mother practiced white magic does not make it ok, the caster determines if the spell is good or evil and the line between the two is very very thin.
I would suggest getting a priest or someone of your religion to bless the house. You may be able to use magic but if whatever is there was brought by magic trust me its not a battle you want to start.
mabus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-01-14)
That dominate entity was trying to get you to stop cleansing the house. She wanted to prevent you from pushing her out of the house. I reccomend having someone else with you as you cleanse the house again and regardless of what that entity or any entity says, keep cleansing the house until its purified. Negative entities will try to trick you into doing their bidding which is what she did when you stopped cleansing the house since she wanted you to. Her being angry is most likely due to you being more powerful than her and she was jealous that you could push her out of the house. So basically the next time you cleanse that house have someone who also knows how to purify with you to help you cleanse the house of its negativity. Since you have mentioned your family does/did white magic, then you can use it too. I know of witches, demons, sorcerers, and other Earthly spirits using symbols, strings, or visualization to cast spells (etc) to do what they want. I would Google white magic and see what you can get from what you look up. I'm into sorcerery and a certain type of witchcraft so I'm not that much help with white magic. If anything, purify that house! Lol

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