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Burning Sage Intuitively


Yesterday when I was home alone I made myself sage tea and after I've done it, I did something that I didn't know why was I doing it. I did it really intuitively and without "knowing" the outcome, I grabbed the sage and burned it with the lighter. I think that I thought it would give nice smell in the room but today I surprisingly discovered that burning sage was an ancient art and an act for healing and cleansing an area. I was shocked and surprised and I knew that wasn't a coincidence. So I really need help about what can burning sage actually do and why on earth I suddenly had a desire of burning some sage and circling the room with it. I really need help about it because I made all of them without having a single idea about it and I have never searched and surfed the internet about sage and other similar herbs with such effects. I want to know what happened there and can it prove reincarnation for me? Does that mean I was an healer or something like that at the past?

These are just my thoughts and questions. I am posting this question here because I need to know what happened by the people who know much more about these topics than me. Was it just a normal coincidence or I burned a bunch of sage by the command of my own subconscious mind? It may not be a really important question which requires urgent help but you know, I felt strange enough to post this experience here. I just need some answers and/or opinions of other people who had similar experiences:)

Have a nice day!

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Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-27)
This is really nice to read. It has been strong intuition to do this impulsively. Please wihtout fear follow intuition also in how to use sage - your heart will know! ❤
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-24)

Have you ever looked into anything that has to do with spirituality and the paranormal? Maybe, you stumbled upon an article, or something, and caught a glimpse of it.

Other than this incident, have you ever had any experiences, that have to do with the Spiritual?

In general, all humans have a spiritual side and all have the same potential to develop it. How do you feel about that? Have you ever been interested to this side of the world?

What you state above, is not impossible. But there is always more to everything.

Be safe and keep an eye out.

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