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Can AniokNitya or anyone please tell me what's going on in my home.

I had bad spirit presence and have been smudging and bathing with seasalts, burning frankinsense and sandalwood incense. I used to get a lots of smoke in the kitchen and the sage will hardly burn in my bedrooms.

Yesterday, I was very angry and called on God to help me remove the spirits and when I reached the living room which seems to give my son bad dreams and make me tired, the smoke got out of control. It was very white and the fire was so light, I got very scared and opened all the windows and doors to get the smoke out. The next day, we are feeling very tired as soon as we walk in our home. Did I do something wrong or did I make the spirits made. Who are they? I don't want to communicate with them. I just need a peace of mind. Could it be my past relationships coming back to haunt me?

In addition. I'm feeling some pain in my private area and I feel something on me is also moving. I know I have enemies in my life who'll do anything to harm me. How do I protect myself? I talked to a Psychic before and I had some weird things happen like a psychic attack. I called the Psychic and was told the room is very protected where the reading is done. I've been told I have a k9 dog protecting me. Who is this dog? I don't even like pets and have never owned a dog? Is this true. I see lots of spiders around before my ex contacts me. What does it mean? A message? My spirit animal or a coincidence?

I feel crawlings and tinglings which I never felt before.

Please help or guide me. Thank you.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-11)
yes someone can put spells, hexes or curses on you. But you must pray to stop it. Look up prayer against all of these things on the internet. Somehow maybe spiritual you did something. I would pray a lot to Jesus for help. Look up catholic prayer against all forms of evil. Especially deliverance or exorcisms.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-11)
if you feel crawling on your body that is a danger sign. Of a demonic possession. You should get some help from a catholic priest or deliverance minister. I have seen supernatural things also. A demon may have attached to you. This happens sometimes. Though not obeying biblical principals. Such as occult behaviors, sexual sins, other things. Too numerous to list. What I am saying some how this thing is attacking you, put on a cross. Look up some prayers on the internet. These things attack more powerful. Get help asap. I am praying for you.
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Hey I emailed you back, with my info and how to contact me. When you are available give me a ring and we could get started.
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Yes I am going to be out for about 30 minutes my email is anthonythegg (at) Message me there and I will get back to you asap.
cindy2014 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Hi AniokNitya,

Is there a way to chat with you privately online? I have old pics of my ex and I will be removing them. It's in the closest in the hally way and that might be what you're referring to that they are lined up. If the demon broke/destroyed our marriage, then why doesn't it leave my son and I alone and take my ex he's possessed with him. I never will get back with him based on the hell of a marriage I went through. It's helped me to become more religious. My ex is over-religious and know I know why. He never told me but I believe he was doing that to get rid of his demons. After I told him about him shaking in bed, he refused to sleep on the same bed with me until he left. Does my ex not know he's possessed? He seemed to blame me for it. What illness did you see in my abdomen area?
How do I get rid of the demon, please? I don't want to communicate with them, I just want them to leave us alone. Do you think I should move?
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
The Demon that is in your home is connected to your Ex the demon said that he has been with him since he was a boy. The demon says he has a claim to his soul and his plan is to become apart of you and your son.
He has been using Grief, Fear and Angry Outbursts to get the energy in your home to be negative. During this time he connects to you and uses the negative energy to manipulate your thoughts. I am very concerned that you may be in a situation that this demon may be trying to keep you and your ex just close enough that he can still influence you.

As of rite now my advice to you is to focus on you are you son. We have to break all ties to anything evil. Remember that demon does hear you when you are on the phone and see you when you write emails and such so he has info he knew me and you were in contact. And I did tell him he has a chance to leave as guardians we show mercy no matter what but after a certain time we will have to forcefully get rid of it. Because of the negativity that plagues your family this demon is tied into gaining souls and he wants yours. One thing that shows good hope is that you belief in God and you worship him. You have to continue working on your faith that will give you much more power over your fear and control over your energy. Continue to avoid negativity and negative people like I said the most important thing is taking care of you and your son.
I will contact you very soon. The next step is getting this is shielding you and your son and getting this demon out of your home.
cindy2014 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Hi AniokNitya,

Thank you for your response. I would have to say I was not very religious, in the past but has become more closer to my religion, praying to God constantly, sprinking my home with bless water, burning incense and bathing with seasalt daily. I also sprinkle my home with seasalt.

In the past, I would have to say I made bad choices and ended up with 2 failed marriages. I left my first husband and the second one abandoned my son and I. He has since been emailing me only, checking on me to see how I am doing and I get bad vibes from him. I sensed many paranormal activities when I was married to him. After I went to do exorcism, things began to change and one night I felt a crawling in my legs usually around 2AM, I woke up, found his breathing changing, the bed was shaking so heavily and he was the only shaking as if he was possessed. I was told somebody did black magic to break our marriage. He was to come back but I'm so scared of what happened and my lift has been much better since he left and I'm not interested in connecting with him. He contacted me today so when you said the demon would contact me, was he the one? I really don't want to communicate with any demons. I just want them to leave us alone so I can have a normal life.
I can't sleep until I play religious prayer on CD all night. Lately, the CD and many I have purchased in the past stopped working and I was told it was the demons doing that. In the past, I used to listen to music but I don't. I try not to stay out late very much.
My ex keeps contacting me and I believe he has demons but he was I was the one who had it because of my illness. What is the illness in my abdomen? I feel someone has blocks on my family so we do not have everlasting marriage, financial wealth and good health. Every one in my family is getting sick. My life has not been the same since my dad passed away and we're not very close so I don't know if I'm still grieving. I have a burn and scratch with red mark on my left hand which just happened.
I think, now I pray a lot and can see through the good and bad in people so I tend to avoid negative people or negative places/things, etc. What can you see about my 2nd husband? I was thinking of him a lot and had a feeling he would contact me when he did. I was asked to pray to God to send me the right person, at 3AM when I was praying, I received an email from him. This really freaked me out. Does this mean God is telling me to give him a second chance or this was just a coincidence?
I spray a lot of sage, lavender and other oils on me and at my workplace. My workplace has bad energy and I just avoid so many people. I used to like working there and for my boss but since going through an awakening, I think he's manipulative and I want to quit.

Thank you.
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-05)
Hello Cindy
Before we start, I must let you know that not all of the sources that you gain information from are accurate and because of that the situation is a little more intense.

Now when you say smudging do you understand what that does? When you burn sage the smoke releases negative ions. Now negative Ions have an effect on the human Energy it purifies it and boosts it in a positive way. Back in the past many natives used this as a way to cleanse an area of negative energy. Now many people today use this as a method of getting rid of Evil spirits and dark beings. The thing they don't understand is that sage is somewhat like a candle in the dark it shed light dispersing darkness but only to an extent. With sage we are that candle and based upon the positive of our thoughts and emotions that is influenced by the sage. Many religious people use it also but based on their beliefs and morals the extent of their energy rand may be higher than others. And either the demonic spirit leaves or just gets annoyed and acts up. As guardian we have evolved beyond that point and teach other to also.

To answer your first question Yes the being that is there is Angry. And to your second question What you have is a Demon and what I can see he is connected to you from your past when you will was at its weakest.

Do not try to communicate with it I am sure it will soon make contact with you.

I do notice our shoulders and lower part of your back has black and red energy, your lower abdomen and pelvic area has a lot of irregular energy which does signify sickness. Not all psychics are in tune and many stay in that field so long they are unable to see outside of that bubble. I see no ties to any K9 energy nor any sort of spiritual guide.

I notice that your belief is changing from how it was in the past, I would suggest you acknowledge all that is happening and accept that change is important in fixing this situation. I am seeing a unbalance in your energy, you seem to have some much going on you are not focusing on the internal you the spiritual you and because of this you have fear that is becoming greater.

I see that there is a door in the middle of that room and its open I see beings on the other side of it but they are lined up as if to come through one by one.
I want you to tell me more about what is was you were involved in or may have done when your will was at its weakest point.

I know you have much deeper feelings towards what going on but I promise that if you ask the rite question you will have answers, I will help guide you and show you many things but you have to truly want this because there will be many things that will be revealed to you.

I will speak this demon and find out more about why he is there. I want you to just observe and let me know what happens.

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