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Some Experiences Of The Past


Since I was young I have been able to see spirits. My mother said that when I was young I used to tell her that I saw Angels flying beside the car. Not far from my house was another house that was a white 2 story house. This house had a face appear on it one day. That whole side of the house was painted and new wood was added. No matter what was done the face would reappear. Eventually the face went away when the man that lived there died. My mother said that the face that was on the house was that of the man's mother.

Years later we had decide to move back to the are where my family was raised. I was about 7 or 8 at the time. My family decided that we needed to remove some of the trees that covered part of the land. When they were removed we started to have some heavy experiences.

It started with talking in or living room. My mother and I saw spirits in there standing around talking to each other all the time. We put a 2 car garage on the property so we'd have a place to put our classic cars. I saw an elderly woman in there making some horrific faces through the window of the door of the garage.

There was a blue face looking through the back door where our laundry room was. There was a young girl and boy that were also spirits that asked me if they could stay in our house with us. I told them yes after asking my mother for permission.

Soon after that it saw a demon rise up from the side of my bed. That demon was Vox. Then, it got to the point to where I couldn't even sleep in my room. My bed would start shaking as if there were a freight train going beneath it.

A demon tried to trick me by disguising it's self like my brother and leading me into my parents bedroom's closet. My parents told me that my brother was still in bed. My mother had to show me that he was there.

I was bitten and scratched by demons, we had a cat go nuts, and we had a possessed toy tank shoot plastic missiles at my brother, my cousin, and I.

I see people hanging in trees in some places, where we live now there is a woman that hangs herself during the later part of the year and near October we'll have a man run across the roof of our house. I've shot this man and all he'll do is laugh and keep running across the roof.

A few years ago I've learned that have more abilities. The include seeing auras, aerokenesis, and electrokenesis.

I know that this is hard to believe and is a bit far fetched but an evil man once said that people will believe a lie before they believe the truth.

I have gotten rid of the oppression that the demons tried to keep me under just by pleading with God to get rid of the evil within me.

Since then all of my abilities have gotten stronger and I'm a calmer and better person. I know that the hold that the demons had on my soul was powerful because I saw the dark aura leaving my body.

If you'd like you can comment on any of these experiences. I'm not about to lie to anyone. These are actual experiences from my past that have been summed up and may not all be in the correct order but I tried.

For any skeptics out there. I'm not crazy I have pasted all the psych test that indicate that I am perfectly sane. I just have a slight anger issue that I am working out on my own.

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