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Wierd Thing Happened During A Smudging


A few days ago, a Shaman came to visit. My boyfriend had been very sick and we thought a Shaman might be able to help. He identified our tribal totems and helpers (I am a bear with eagle helper, boyfriend is a wolf with eagle helper) and removed a thorn in 3 sections from boyfriend's heart, this was cool, first time I have been able to see something during visualization.

He also gave us some indication of bf's past lives, which was interesting but doesn't really seem relevant to the story other than to say the thorn occured over 3 lifetimes over his own wrong doings.

We talked for a while and the Shaman answered our questions. Before he left he did a smudging ceremony to bring closure to boyfriend. The ceremony was very interesting and peaceful. He smoked all around him and finished without a problem. I was sitting on couch behind them watching from behind.

The Shaman told me that during the smudging, I had what looked like lighting coming from my nose up to my forehead in a turquoise or blue-green colour. Has anybody heard of this? He didn't really know what it meant other than it was not bad, quite pleasing and reassuring to him actually.

I felt very calm and peaceful while this was happening.

I was impressed with the Shaman's knowledge and the way he handled things and presented his findings.

If anyone can shed some light on my experience I would really appreciate it. I do not expect to find that any harm will come to me from this ceremony. However, I did experience what felt like a Spirit attack in my sleep (I woke up screaming and remembered my dream - that never happens for me). Is this nightmare a sign I should seek my owning sudging and cleansing?

Bless you and keep you in our hearts always.

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FullmetalStormx46 (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-10)
What an amazing and interesting experience you and your boyfriend had! All I can say is that you should go with your intuition on why you had that Spirit attack. I wish you the best! 😊

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