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I Think I Lost My Emotions And Psychic Ablity


Ever sense I was a child I have had psychic abilities and always had pride in them,

Such as being able to see and feel everything around me so clearly (only when I focused and relaxed). Being able to find lost things for instance if I lost somthing I liked I would get this wierd fealing somewhere on let say my arm or somthing and as I went in that direction the wierd feeling kept growing and then if I searched thier what I was looking for was thier. Also I was able to feel all entities around me and slightly know thier emotions and feel the way they do if I wanted to.

I also had dreams about people and stuff that happened that came true, for instance a while back I had a dream that my girlfriend was going to dump me I even remember the place that she did in my dream. Then a day or two after that dream, she left me in that exact same place with the exact same words as in my dream, but the place was in opposite side as it was in my dream. Also I was able to tell what was on peoples minds like if something was bothering them or even if it was random. I also was able to tell when the phone was going to ring and who was going to call. I'd also know stuff I never even heard before learned.

All this started to happen when I was 7 around the time I got baptized, I've always had stuff like this happen befor but not as powerful. And the thing is I started to hear things like my name being call when I was alone and I would see black flames arise from no wher or see wierd patterns in my head I would also feel things touching me when nothing was thier and I would wven see things that wasn't thier either. And when I was about 9 or 10 I realized all this stuff I started meditating and around that time it started to get more powerful. But once I was screwing around once and I was acting like I could move this thing on my bed off of it and everything around and the thing I was acting like I could move accually flew off my bed with ALLOT of force but sense then it never happened again. But I tried for a while and I couldn't figure out what I even did.

But after a while when I was about 12 or 13 it just all went away along with most of my emotions and ever sense then everything feels like a dream. I am now 15 and I don't have any emotions deep down all I feel is empty ness like thier is a void that is getting bigger and bigger in the center of my body I do how ever have emotions on the outside like if you wher around me it would seem like I do but like I said deep down all I feel is emptyness. (by the way I am a religious person)

Everyday it feels like I'm waiting for somthing very very serious to happen but I don't know what it is that I'm waiting on but it feels very important.

I just want help on getting my emotions back and my psychic abilities back if possible and I just wanted to know what caused this thank you.

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Thelem (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Thank you for your reply. Is there any information you can give me about a clockwise spiral sigil? Or where I might find that kind of information? The internet says all kinds of things so I haven't really found anything useful or relevant... Anyway if you can't think of anything its no big deal, but I figured its worth asking since you seem to have knowledge about the sort. Thanks for the clarity and help!
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Demons have specific Sigil and Artifacts that can be placed or tagged or embedded into a person which changes or manipulates that persons energy. A guardians we have had to remove and unseal many people due to the face that these things can create sickness and harm a persons normal working functions spiritually and physically. The same way that stress can cause cancer, artifacts and marks can manipulate the body through energy, triggering different reactions withing our genes. Some marks are tracking makes and sometimes if a demon is watching or tracking you when you close your eyes you would see their eyes looking at you. We have been guided to many ways of removing these demonic marks and artifacts but over all even with exorcisms it all depends on that persons lifestyle.

We believe everyone on earth has a purpose along side others, No matter what our purpose is it is important because it all leads to the main goal of not being controlled by evil but Guided by love and light. We believe in God and we believe there are good and evil forces at play in this reality.

We are non denominational and we consider religion a tool of control, We teach many things, we learn many things. We do not believe in those who claim to help and not do anything. We fight for what is right and for those who are tormented. We teach those with abilities to develop them and train them to use those gifts to influence the world. We do not consider yourself a cult or church but a family and protectors. We have a structure to how we do things and we enjoy doing missions and helping people.
Thelem (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Can you elaborate more on what sealing is and what you mean by a 'mark'? Also, I was curious about what exactly a guardian is/does? I found your post interesting so I hope you will give more details... Thanks for your help!

And Darkgoku13- I hope you find the answers you are searching for, but I unfortunately haven't a clue myself. Goodluck!
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-05)
I think when you went to church God blessed you. With disernment of spirits. Look up saints have seen or felt things like you have. I notice when I go to church or even just pray. I then get my gift back of precognition, dreams of future events. Or then I can sense spirits or hear them. Then also I can do telemetry. Only when I pray to Jesus a lot and pray a lot. Then the gifts come back to me.
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-05)
Sounds like you have been Sealed, Sealing is the act of using a specific mark on someone energy that could limit or stop them from feeling a particular way and using their abilities. The one thing you have to be careful of is if negative thoughts start to fill your mind first they may start small but eventually they can become a driving force.

As a guardian I am very happy to help you there are many others that have been in the same position too.

Emotions are important to a human connection Happiness and Love is an important part of Will. Will is a special thing that can boost your energy and spiritual power to a point it can physically affect things.

One thing I am worried about is that you may be on the verge of becoming a vessel meaning the connection of you physically to your spiritual soul is limited to the point that you are not you, you can feel gut feelings and intuition you lose morals and see things very Mundane.

Contact me back with more on how you feel and what do you think of what I'm saying.

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