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Shadow People, Bed Shaking, Whispers, And Awful Nightmares


Things that I can't rightly explain have been happening to me for a long time. I don't know if I'm psychic or not, but I need help because I can't keep living like this.

During the summer it is very hot so I don't sleep in my room, which is in the attic. Very strange things have happened in the attic and around that area so I don't like to be up there and I try to stay downstairs as long as I can.

In the past, I have seen shadows that move on their own and literally seen what I thought was my brother or sister when it could not have been them.

The first thing I can remember happening is being in my room and getting ready to do laundry. I was picking up all of my shirts putting them into a basket so I could do laundry, and was about to take off the shirt I was wearing so I could put it in the basket as well when my little sister walks in. I told her not to come in but she did anyway. I got fed up and sent her downstairs. She left the door open a bit. I yanked the shirt off and threw it in and was picking up a different one to put on when I saw her go by again. She was wearing the same clothes, same height--but I didn't see her face and she just walked by into the other room of the attic. I followed her, so I could send her downstairs but she wasn't even there. I then heard her yelling at my brother downstairs for him to give her the remote. This was maybe two or three years ago.

I, my mother, my best friend Melissa, and my best friend Anna have seen the shadow people that move around. Not so much lately, but I have definitely been seeing and feeling things.

Last year, Melissa, after I told her about my happenings, told me one night she heard weird sounds coming from my closets. Anna, at a sleepover after that, thought she saw me kneeling in the living room pointing up at the ceiling but when she looked back I wasn't there. [Those were both separate occasions.]

I have also come up to my room one time after getting a shower, and I felt very sick. Just wanted to change and lay down to go to sleep. I was getting ready to when I heard very heavy panting from the closet. I wasn't scared at first because I thought it was my dog Gordon. He's a pitbull. Then I realized that he is too fat to get upstairs and he's not even allowed up here. It scared the crap out of me. I got out of there as fast as I could.

A week or so ago I moved back into my room. I have had nothing but nightmares since. I often wake up at four, either from a bad dream or just out of, well, not sure actually.

Two nights ago I had the scariest experience yet. There were two. The fist is not so bad. I fell asleep with the cat at the foot of the bed. When I woke up at around 2:50, the foot of the bed specifically was shaking. I assumed the cat was scratching itself. I moved my foot to the left, not to kick the cat but to shush it. The bed continued to shake even as I moved my foot but the cat was NOT there. I was weirded out but not immediately terrified. I kind of leaned over to see if I could see the cat but it was definitely not there. At 3:05 I texted Melissa, mostly to make sure that it happened and wasn't a dream. I wrote "Ok this is weird. I just felt my bed shake like the cat was scratching. It spent the whole night sleeping at the foot of the bed. I'm trying to fall back asleep so I move my foot to the left to kind of shush the cat and it's not there even though seconds ago I felt the bed shake."

At 3:33 I sent her this text. " I just has. Dream tur ghost was trying to suck my breath away and we were on the phone or Skype and I jump trying to ignore it so I can get dressed and Dylan calls to me and tells me to get dressed downstairs because he can hear the crept thing. AND then Mallory [my sister] starts misbehaving and mom yells at Dylan for some reason and he's making the weird chuffing noises and sobbing. It was so weird up. Wtf. I didn't even sleep long enough to have been able to dream properly what is going on? "

It was such an awful dream I almost cried and I couldn't fall asleep. I literally felt like the ghost or whatever was trying to suck my breath out of my chest. It was so scary. I opened my computer, because I couldn't lay there in the dark. I was talking to my friend who lives in Australia [It was daytime there] and talking to her about it. I had to turn my music on because I kept hearing whispers and strange sounds that scared the hell out of me.

PLEASE help me and tell me what is going on here. I don't know what to do. Does it want me to help it or is it trying to hurt me? I'm scared. I have two bibles in my room, one in the bedside table by my bed.

**Also, when we moved into the house there was a bible shoved into the wall in the basement. Someone took it out after a while but I put it back when the activity in the house began to scare me. PLEASE tell me what to do.

I can't readily burn sage or anything, because I am broke and my family will yell at me and say I'm being crazy.

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Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-13)
Hi sweet heart

I can probably help you. I have helped hundreds of people in your situation and I have been successful at it. It is not nice being scared, I should know. I am not scared of them anymore, they are scared of me! Hehehehe and I am so proud of that now.

My name is Ruth and I am a 43 year old medium. I live in Australia and I can give you some helpful hints to never be scared or disturbed by the unseen every again.

Email me at ruthz [at]
My website:
Mellokai (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-23)
Thank you everybody so much!

To Crucemsanctam: I do try to be as kind to my family as I can (NOW anyway) but my family is pretty negative, which I can't truly help. I do believe in God but I'm afraid to pray these sorts of things out loud because I'm not sure if I can muster up the courage and faith for it to actually work. Would it make things worse to say them if I can't fully believe in them?

To aznmagic: You and somebody else have mentioned priests... My area is rural, but with very close access to cities... They don't believe in ghosts. The people at my churh outright laugh at the idea. Are there any prayers in specific I can say to protect myself? I need to work up the courage to do it because A] I feel rather stupid about doing that unless I can actually be convincing and B] I feel I really need to believe it if I'm going to do it. I'm terrified it will get worse.

To Alycone: Great! Awesome, I sleep with a red blanket!:] And I do have a good bit of red clothing; I used to wear a lot of grays and blacks but I realized how boring that was and spiced things up a few years ago. I sleep with a bible right next to my bed;can that offer any kind of protection? I two in my room.

To Scout: So far your advice seems the most helpful, but I'm hesitant to bring in a priest. We mostly have preachers who aren't... Is ordained the correct word? It's a pretty small community and I'm not sure if I can find someone to do that.

I told my mom about the shaking of the bed, and the dream and she seemed extremely unaffected by it--almost irritated that I'd brought it up.

Today I went to church for the first time in weeks (my psycho ex-boyfriend goes and he's just such a jerk I stopped going) and I had a good time and it was a good day until I got home again. I was just so irritated and I don't know WHY. I was in a great mood all day today and yesterday until I got home.

Could I have irritated whatever this is and this is how it's getting back at me? I actually got into a fight with my mom and step-dad. My mom was super nice to me earlier so I don't know where this agression came from.

I'm a senior in highschool--I might be overreacting but I'm a little bit scared this thing will latch onto my now that it knows I know it's here. Is that a possibility?: (I really hope not.

And some of the shadows I've seen are shadows moving. Vague and fuzzy. Others I thought were legitimate people walking around... Ever since I was little, in any house, I'd see people out of the corner of my eye, turn around, and nothing would be there. Every once in a while I could rule it out as a coat or something but most of the time I couldn't.

In reference to the bibles; I have two in my room. One next to the head of the bed in my bed-side table, the other sitting on the floor in front of my chaise lounge. (Idk why it's there it just IS there.) Any thoughts?
Thanks so much to EVERYONE I really appreciate it and it makes me feel a lot better about things--although Scout your response scares me a bit.
Scout (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-21)
Dismissing my comment from earlier, after asking around I realized that the kind of shadow people I thought you meant was not what is occuring in your case. The fact that the bible was in the wall of the basement, according to some other people, is a horrible sign and something needs to be done ASAP since it seems like there's only a very limited time. There are two options here-- as other people have previously said find a priest to bless the house or find the person who stuck the bible in the wall in the first place (most likely the previous owner). In the meantime... Though it would make your family think you're crazy the sage does need to be burned. It provides protection and helps dispell negativity, but not permanently.
Scout (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-20)
Though the other comments talk about using Christianity on its own to help, that isn't always the most effective. I know how frightening it can be with the shadow people (past experience) and things like St. Michael's prayer will make them back off, it won't get rid of them. Really the best thing to do is use as many forms of protections as you can-- try keeping some amethyst and amber around and if you can't burn sage (most effective) you can hang it up. More over, the shadow people feed off of negativity and intensify negative feelings and emotions that are already there. Surround yourself with positive things-- anything that makes you happy like upbeat music and humor. You're also going to want light-- they're not as strong with that. As the other people said, praying, picturing a circle of white light around yourself-- everything helps. I would also suggest finding a person that can actually visit in person, but be able not to let your family catch on, so that the shadow people can be dealt with accordingly and discreetly. I know that's easier said than done, but all the same. As for the stones, amethyst and amber, you don't have to put them right out in the open. If you can only go with one, take the amber. Every event is different, but I hope this, along with the other comments, helps.
Alcyone (3 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-20)
I can somehow relate... Maybe your house has ghost residues or maybe there are still spirits there who won't leave. If you can burn incense that would be good. Also try to wear red and vibrant colors and stay away from dark colors,that's what a feng shui expert advised me to do years ago. Listen to happy and loud music. If you could put red ribbons on your curtains too it's better.
Some spirits and places that are haunted gets you sick, I should know I've experienced it and is still experiencing it and all of my family members got sick,it's hard to leave because we're having problems now. But if you and your family could move to a new place it's much better.
I know it can get you feel crazy with all those stuffs going on, but you need to have a strong faith and you have to think that you are much stronger that those spirits because it's like they feed with fear. Sometimes it's all in our head that we are weak and they like it when we get scared.
It's much harder when your family doesn't believe you at all, trust me I've been there. You have to pray and always ask for protection and imagine a white light of protection around you before going to bed.
Another thing the feng shui expert advised me was to put a knife, beneath my pillow when I sleep, I put a bread knife. I forgot what's that for. But anyway good luck and always be strong.

aznmagic (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-20)
Sounds like you have something in your attic. Normally demons like to live in the attic to mock God and because they used to be "higher." You need to pray and give your life COMPLETELY to God. You can rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus. For Example, "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you!" But you must have complete faith in it knowing that God's angels will come down and smite the evil living there. It happened to me before and I pretty much lived in a house that had a gateway to hell and found the grim reaper standing by my bedside. I have no fear anymore because God is my shield and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Demons don't like the Bible nor crosses and they will do anything to mock it, if they are powerful enough they will do more than that. You can also have a priest bless your house, you can bless it yourself, but your faith MUST BE STRONG.
crucemsanctam (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-20)
Hello Mellokai, this is what you need to do. Clean your room, don't holler anymore, start treating others with kindness, be your-self. Pray without fear, pray out of veneration. Buy a bell to ring it, listen to Gregorian chants and prayers, listen to christian music, pray the psalms, listen to Buddhist chants, listen to singing bowls. Ask the Angels for help, but primarily ask God for help. You are not crazy, nor are you out of your mind. You are a sane human being.
Mellokai (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-19)
I would like to clarify I am from the United States not Uk. Sorry.: (

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