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Dreams, Déjà Vu, Obe Experience, Not Sure What To Do


So ever Since I can remember I have had dreams and about things, even just a simple conversation in class, and then it happens. I've also had a ton of déjà vu moments. I had one experience where my friend was at home and he was hearing chains. We were talking over msn during this, well I was trying to comfort him! So I imagined myself lifting out of my body and soaring across the city to his house. I then imagined myself holding his hand! Immediately after he said something just touched his hand! So I then repeated those steps but this time placing my hand on his cheek, and again he felt a warm touch on his cheek. I don't know if that's an out of body experience but after that I heard a deep growl coming from the bathroom. Since then I've turned everything off and it's been about 4/5 years. Well lately I've been seeking out mediums! 2 have said I have a gift but I have no idea how to pursue this. My friend has taught me how to meditate and said I'm a healer but can talk to spirit. I don't know what to do!

Most of my life I have been scared by this, just the thought of there being a whole other world out there is hard to process. But I'm a believer and all my life I have felt like I need to help others! I can think of many situations where I have helped someone heal knowingly and unknowingly! I have been blessed to ward off bad spirits which has helped me open up. I am ready to explore my gift and start helping others connect with loved ones! Just looking for guidance and suggestions!

Thank you for commenting and bless your soul!

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aznmagic (1 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-20)
That is truly an amazing gift, I just found mine out the other day (Telekinesis) among other things like channeling energy from my body or absorbing it from something else. But I can't tell if mine was hereditary or adopted from demons in the house that I lived in. They say that things like this and your astral projection are things not to be mettled with. As for the growl you heard, we will say that that was a demon. I have followed Jesus since my encounter and am seeking my prayer group to pray over me and see if this is actually a gift from God or a evil spirit (Jezebel) trying to distract me from God. BTW, Jezebel was a seducer and was power hungry. You can read up on her in the Bible or just google it. BE CAREFUL talking with spirits, it may be difficult to figure out which is a real spirit or a demon imitating to be one to get closer to you, not only that but you also have to worry about them following you if you do not know how to cast them out, but my friend, you must NEVER be distracted from God. No matter what, follow God with all your heart and talk to Him because He is your sword and shield. I am able to cast out evil things from me when they try to place fear in me because of God. Because He gave me power over them, have faith my friend

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