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They say to begin is really hard, where do I begin to tell you my story? I have always known things. As a child I knew when people were calling on the phone before it rang, knew when my Grandmother died, in fact when she came to me that night and held me I knew that there was something special about me. Telling my parents, turns out was a big mistake. I was told I was an overactive imaginative child, one who wanted to hurt others with the things I saw and dreamt about. Anyway, it took me a while to understand that I am a medium. I sense the departed. I sometimes talk to them, but mostly they show me what they did in life. It is very interesting to actually feel what they experienced in life. By no means do I take this lightly and if an entity or spirit wishes to communicate I never stop them. For the most part all encounters have been pleasant and I find that I can help by learning about those departed and for some reason acknowledging them makes the spirit quiet to me. Until now. There has always been a grey shadow in my house. I've seen it quite a few times and until recently I thought it to be benign. There is a small child spirit connected to the house I live in, a boy who passed over 70 years ago. I do not believe it to be him. However, a few months ago, just as I was falling asleep this face appeared in front of mine, a white pasty face with blood over it, the emotion it portrayed was anger, hatred and was screaming at me. It was a man, human, but a very angry human. I was startled so much so that I flew backwards and bumped my husband, thusly waking him. When he spoke to me (my husband) the face just vanished. I told him about it, he put his arms around me and nothing happened again that night. 3 weeks after this, I was lying in bed, getting ready to fall asleep when I heard running, no rushing down the hall towards our bedroom door. We have children (teenagers) but it did not feel like a person running down the hall. The door slid open slowly and I felt cold as ice. I also felt terror, pure terror because the ice was pulling at my back, like someone was digging their fingers into my back and trying to pull me off the bed. I held onto my husband, unable to call out. I was paralyzed. I felt anger, cold, fear, honestly I felt as if I was being pulled away. If I had let go of my husband I would be lost. I began thinking about my sons, all of them and my deep love for them. A mother's love, pure simple and powerful. As I saw their faces in my head I began to go backwards to when they were born and how I felt so much love and joy. Instantly the cold was gone, I cried out and my husband held me again.

This morning, my husband got out of bed to get ready for work, it was 2:30 or so in the morning. I was awake, all at once my entire body felt as if I had been electrified. I could not move, I could not do anything. I heard screaming in my head, cold in my bones and anger. I was so scared. I tried to call out to my husband but I could not move, could barely breathe. I felt so lost, I remember holding onto the cover and I thought of my oldest son. He is not living in our house and I thought about how much I would miss him if I were gone, how much I love him and that I need to be here. Again, like before, the electric cold feeling immediately released me and I felt fine. My husband, never came back to the bedroom, he texted me earlier today stating he heard nothing and that he was in the house for 35 minutes before he left. I thought that this experience or struggle was only a few minutes. Now I am honestly scared. I need to know how to protect myself from this intrusion. Can anyone please help me? I am open to all suggestions. I really need answers here.

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TheWhiteOrchid (2 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-18)
When it comes again, concentrate on things that make you happy. Your husband, your children,etc.Anything can work.

Sadly,I don't think yelling 'Expecto Patronus'will work.Hehe.:3

The spirit obivously craves your attention, like a needy child.Don't give in, and simply send loving, happy energy and positive energy to him.He'll eventually give in, and see that you are only a positive medium.

He'll either do the following-
A) Give up and leave
B) Give in, and not disturb you.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-09-18)
We go through this physical life and mostly meet decent people. But some of us, on occasion, meet flat out bad people. Because this is the physical, it hosts both negative and positive. Well, the same can be said of the astral (where those deceased people and other beings reside, both positive and negative). While you've mostly met mid range spirits, you've unfortunately now encountered a negative being. While we can lock our doors and maybe call 911 in the physical, we cannot do so in the astral. However, you revealed a specific universal truth by your own actions and that is, negative beings cannot continue their grip on someone who resonates at a higher rate. Every time there was this 'attack' you countered it with unconditional love (thoughts of your children).

What attracts these beings in the first place can be any number of things. Stress (even your children can unknowingly introduce this into your household through typical teenage drama), sickness and a few others. I know all about these attacks and they are quite unpleasant, but I also realized that if I can hold that same unconditional love, it vanishes. This is a good lesson for life in general. Don't let those negative beings drag you down. Keep you frequency high and they will fall away. Talk with your children. Anything going on there?

There is also a downside to being a psychic medium. Once it's discovered you can perceive them ("We got a live one here!") they tend to pester you for attention or just because their nature needs a vent source. Spirits that reside on the lower planes are not there because they are highly positive beings, but because they resonate close to the earth plane. Those high level beings that do descend can do so at will and lower themselves vibrationally to serve a higher purpose, but for the most part, beings in the lower astral realms are stuck or very undeveloped.

If you can, try and not fall down the fear trap. That is their goal. The more afraid you are the more you attract the very thing you're trying to repel. They feed off of that so keep those loving thoughts close at hand.


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