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One evening I was walking about the house as I tend to do sometimes when I wish to communicate with God. And I will admit that at this time in my life I do have consistent thoughts about my finances as I lost my job 7 years ago and the downward spiral sometimes seems to get the better of me. So the fact that I was walking is simply because I am distressed but sometimes I will walk when I am excited as well. Please keep in mind that I have clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant capabilities, so psychic experiences are common to me and have been since I was a very little girl. But this particular experience still moves me to this day as I am not really sure of what I experienced.

I titled it Angel Whispers because deep within I feel like this is what happened yet in the same token I just am not sure because I don't recall knowingly having experiences with Angels. I know I commune with God on a regular basis but again, this is new to me. So any way, I was standing at my window looking out when I felt a bit of a fluttering sensation in my ear and at the same moment I hear the words "money is coming, lots of it, millions" whispered in my ear. Now the things that stand out the most in my mind is the fluttering vibration in my ear and the fact that there was more than one voice speaking the exact same words.

So it sounded like 3-4 voices. Making this same statement, at the exact same time and in complete and utter harmony! Then not even 10 minutes later, as Batman was playing on the t.v. Screen, the Joker turns over a sign that reads $40,000,000. I haven't accepted it wholly, just yet because I keep telling myself that I am just kidding myself, yet here I am seeking answers because the one I keep giving myself just won't let me be. If anyone knows what exactly happened, I am eagerly awaiting your toughts.

Thanks for your time and help in this matter,


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