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Focusing On A Positive Side To All Of This


My experience has turned me into an insomniac. Like most of you-I have very lucid dreams in which I'm sleeping just fine then suddenly my dream will be interrupted and suddenly I am awake inside my dream and I am seeing future events or talking to a stranger and they are telling or showing me what will happen or giving me messages. My first dream experience; I was walking inside a house, it was very detailed from the items on the shelves and so on. The next day my uncle wanted us to come with him to visit his ill grandma who lived far away and it was it the exact same house and every detail was its exact position. At the moment I though, "Yaay, I'm psychic, this is cool!" But when I kept getting the feeling of being trapped in my dreams when I am having these visions, it became scary to not be able to control it. Then it became not just my dreams. I went to visit a church that I was drawn to go to. I walked in and it was crowded but one person stood out. When I saw him he had this beautiful light around him, I never saw anything more beautiful in my life. I walked right up to him and hugged him. Long story short, a few weeks later he passed away. I am very drawn to situations in which people are about to pass away, and others in which it's not so nice. My mom brought one of her friends over once when she came to visit and this person gave me chills and I kept getting alarms in my head going off telling me to get this person out of my house. The feeling was so strong that it made breathing difficult. My mom is very religious and I could never tell her what I feel as she would regard it as evil, but she kept befriending this person and many bad things started happening in her life. When I was in high-school, I had a severe car accident. When I was able to go home I walked in and my house was filled with people, I thought of how nice it was for my mom to have a big support group of friends, hallucinations, right? Yea, yea, I know. Anyways, I asked my mom, who are all these people? She looked at me confused and didn't answer. After days of them being there acting normal, I told my mom, "You can ask them to leave, I feel fine now." She didn't say anything so I looked at them and told them, "I feel fine now, thank you for being here but you can now leave" and they did. Later she told me, there was nobody except me and her. Another time I had a flat tire on a busy intersection, no one was stopping and I had my kids with me and was struggling. Next thing I know there's a couple behind me, the lady with a baby in her arms and the man with a big smile starts changing the tire. The lady walks up to my kids, touches their faces and talks to them and says their names, I think how odd it is that she knows their names but I'm more concerned about my tire, I put the flat in the trunk and POOF, they're gone. I've had so many experiences that I cannot explain, many creepy ones but I try to focus mainly on the positives. I can read people like I can read a clear sentence in a book. I can sense things and have tried to share them but I get weird looks, I feel alone in this and have decided that people who don't share this with me shouldn't know. I rather be normal. I'm not depressed, I don't take medications or abuse drugs. I'm a very happy person, nice to everybody. I try and try and try to ignore, blame it on imagination or a scientific phenomenon that has yet to be explained and remind myself that I'm no better than anybody else. I do not find it to be a "gift". I'm exhausted. Last night I had this lucid dream, the stranger told me that I would have an accident close to Christmas and would lose my right leg, but she reassured me that I would be fine and although I would struggle because I would be in a wheelchair at first and it will exhaust my arms, my happy spirit will see me through. She said she felt the need to tell me now to make the situation easier when it comes. This is one that I hope is just a metaphor.

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CheAna09 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-28)
Hey. I just wanted to lend you a little support and offer a friendly voice. I too have cosmic experiences, where I can sense different energies, see apparitions, people, and feel life in different spaces. I really just started having these experiences like 3 years ago and my life really kind of spiraled out of control, but I am piecing things together as I can. I have a supportive family, and have been reading a lot and trying to do what I can to keep things in perspective. I am appreciative of the spirits, at times I know that they can be mean and I know that they play tricks, but coming into this knowledge for me was necessary for my sanity. I have been studying Zen, which teaches meditation for training the mind and learning to be calm. You sound like you are coping but it may be helpful. It's always nice to have a friend. And essentially, spirits are what we are, having a human experience. That may be why they are visiting you so much... Preparation for the next place or plane? A good blog that I just started reading is by Erin Pavlina. She astral travels and offers a lot of positive insight. Her blog is or you can google her:) Nice talking to you. You can email me at anytime if you need to talk or vent:) cheanafrazier [at]

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