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The Other Side Of Reality Perceived Suddenly


Truth be told, I never really believed in clairvoyance of any kind. However, today something odd happened.

A little background: I know advanced physics, from sub-atomic particles all the way up to astrology. I have a degree in it. I believe the holographic universe theory holds merit. Everything is made of energy, which is just patterns. All these patterns are mathematically definable. Essentially, everything is mathematics, creating an insane set of existential questions. Some can be answered by Nassim Haramein, whom I think may be on to something, I recommend watching his talks. Consider that we are all made of the same material as the rest of the universe, therefore, by the death of ego, we are literally the universe perceiving itself. I am an atheist. I believe in universal consciousness. Enough of that, on to the experience:

What happened was that I was at work, and a co-worker made a dirty comment about an attractive girl that works with us. It was what could be perceived as standard guy talk, and this person isn't a bad guy. I dismissed the comment, essentially not going along with it, but acknowledging that he was talking to me. I had a strange feeling that had hit me before today, but never with this strength, that my entire life was a test, being judged by whatever is on the other side. I can't shake this feeling now. I'm certain that this is true.

I'm starting to believe our lives are intentionally set up by the other side. I believe our minds can, to some extent affect the universe around us. Some would call this God, but I can tell by the feeling I have that this is an extra-dimensional phenomenon. It isn't a spiritual "good" feeling, but more of a simultaneous up and down feeling, as though my heart is opening to some new sort of knowledge, similar to anxiety, but far more surreal.

I'm not looking for religious implications, but rather to see if anyone else has gotten this feeling. It seems akin to an "awakening," as though two worlds are merging into one. If anyone could help me gain insight, it would be clairvoyants.

On a side note: a friend of mine has recently been getting static calls from a dead friend's phone number (gone over a year now.) He called the number back to find that it was out of service. This may just be an odd coincidence.

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Vernon605 (4 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-26)
I think it happened to me too. One night I had a sty and I used a milk bottle and a warm water. After I put the bottle in my eye. I saw our television was broken and blurry I was scared I suddenly take the bottle out in my eye. Then I tell my mom but he never believe me. This what I saw
Anak (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-25)
Each one of us experiences a life at its own stage of evolution, discovering new things that lead to other things down the road.

You talk about being setup on the other side. For one thing, you came up to a moment where you were conscious about being tested in some way. A moment of clarity where you consciously understood you had a choice of direction you can take; go along and talk dirty about women at work, or separate yourself from hormone-dependant behaviour and simply observe and explore what is going on with human beings including yourself.
Metatron (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-18)
Great response, Anne. Thanks for the input! It was actually much easier to ponder this matter than one would expect, mainly because I trust my personal perception. I believe myself to be very open-minded, but without any direct evidence of something, I can't fully believe it although I try not to rule anything out permanently on the outside chance of future experiences. Personal experience has time and time again proved to be the best direct evidence possible, in all matters.

I agree that science will merge with the metaphysical eventually, we've already begun the process with current experimentation such as cymatics. One thing that I learned in my Physics coursework that caught my attention was when I learned about gravitational resonance in Astrophysics class and how it readily apparent within our own solar system. If that can happen, what other resonant phenomenon are affecting us daily? Thanks again for the input, it made me feel very welcome in the community.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-09-18)
You have never been opened to clairvoyance but an odd thing happened and now you ponder that there might be something to what some others have also pondered or experienced. Not too long ago you were 'certain' this wasn't so, but now (per your own words), you are 'certain' that there might be something judging our behavior here during our short tenure on earth -- basically, you are sensing something outside of yourself that is normally rendered not so. So either it doesn't exist, or it does exist and you're just now opening up to the experience (and how much more exists that you just have yet to perceive?). I'm not proposing anything religious (far from it), only that you are correct in that we are the same material as the universe but scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly the universe is. If it's uncurled strings leading to potentially multidimensional aspects, then so are we. If it's spooky action at a distance, so too could we be. It is all math and energy but it's also, like you said, the universe looking upon itself which denotes consciousness at a seemingly impossible level. I think we are as wondrous and energetic and intertwined as all the other energy around us. Unfortunately, we've been squashed between closed minded religious dogma and ultra conservative science so now we are atrophied beings struggling to make sense of the inner world in order to correspond to the outer world around us. Sure our minds can affect the matter around us. Just like they concluded with scientific experiments; the observer affects the observed.

We are made up of the same stuff as you so we too go through awakenings. How much and when varies by person. It can be a niggling sensation or a full blown metamorphosis of self. It's like Eben Alexander, a Harvard Neurosurgeon, who like you was 'certain' there was nothing to the afterlife and then he himself had a near-death-experience and "awakened" to the fact that we are more than just our physical bodies and survive death. For him it was a complete transformation of beliefs. For you, it's just this feeling you can't quite get a handle on, but you sense it. This site is full of people who undergo the same feeling. Some are like you and some are like Eben.

One day science will merge with the 'meta' physical and we'll open up further to our potentiality. I have been saying all along this is all science and not hooey. We are vibrating particles that can change our frequency (at will by some) and experience different wavelengths around us. Pure science and pure fact. As you yourself alter your frequency then what was previously impossible or hidden to you will become possible and become part of your life experience here. It's like previously only being able to perceive AM and now you can perceive FM. But beware, because down the rabbit hole you could go!

I applaud you for allowing yourself to remotely ponder what you were so vehemently denying yourself for most of your life. Hopefully you'll keep scientifically looking at the matter around you and allowing your perception to continue to shift and thus opening yourself up to a broader reality.

Thanks so much for sharing. I hope that if you have other awakening type experiences, that you'll share with us your progress. I hope there will be many more!


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