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The Hidden Side Of My Life


I have been on this website for almost two months which feels like a whole year as time flies by. I feel perhaps I should share my life's story at least once. I would share the life that had always been in the shadows from anyone. This will get pretty long just to warn any who doesn't like gigantic paragraphs, a habit for writing stories.

Since then, I knew I had been a different little kid in elementary. When I had begun school in kindergarten, I had been alone and scared. I just really didn't like being at school as I felt something was odd in the atmosphere, but I eventually adjusted to this sudden change. I had been alone for those few weeks. Sure I made some friends that would follow me for many years, but I was still alone. I really didn't mind at all, especially at recess. Being outside had been my favorite thing of all. I could actually sense something just watching me among the shadows of the trees.

Night was and is always a beautiful time in my life. The night has a beautiful moon every month, the stars shine, and if you are lucky, perhaps a streak of a meteor will be seen. My dreams were bright in colors and vivid. I actually was aware I am dreaming but could never control my dream. My dream always seemed like a T.V. In front of my face. I dreamed in a third person point of view frequently. As the years progressed, I had stopped dreaming third person which changed to first person. They had been so vivid, I would wake up still adjusting from my dream world to reality. My first lucid dream happened somewhere in second grade. I just went into my dream but lucid. I remember myself saying "What a dream!" looking up into the partly cloudy skies. I controlled every bit of my imaginary world. I lost control by having too much fun. My second lucid dream had occurred in seventh grade. That had been my most psychic time. I got lucky finding myself dreaming by suddenly saying "I'm dreaming!" just by looking at this odd color shift. It was just this reddish pink flicker of color in front of me close to this car in my dream. I flew around into the sky reaching my home. I then remembered to ask questions, specifically who my spirit guides are. I asked who they are and looked up into the clouds only to find shapes of wise looking old men in robes. They had white beards and looked tall. Many of my dreams had come true, but that happened way too much for me to tell. Now a days, I don't dream much anymore which I miss a whole lot. When I do, they predict the future. It seems that the most vivid of my dreams predict something.

In sixth grade, I discovered about auras. I begun my training of perceiving auras. Right away, I saw the etheric body. After that, I just saw them all the time. This is actually pretty annoying for me, especially at school. Seeing the auras kind of blurs my eyesight a bit, and my eyesight is not that great which runs in the family. Seeing auras does leave a nice thing to see I have to admit. I can now see spirits so easily now. They only appear as mists or flicker of lights in my peripheral vision. Now that I mentioned about spirits, I actually have some questions about these two mists I see all the time. Everyday, I would see two mists frequently:a brownish black mist, and a bright white mist with colors. Each of them leaves me feeling different. The brownish mist makes my mind go quiet, and I stop doing what I was doing. The bright mist makes me feel joy and love. I feel secure as well. They mainly appear when I am writing a comment or story on this website (and only this website) and when I am writing stories as a hobby. What is even more weird is that the brown mist only appears to my left while the white mist appears to my right! If anyone has answers about these mists, my questions about them would be cleared.

Adding on to other spirit encounters, it all began in second grade. I had been busy with the worksheets my teacher passed out. Suddenly, I felt someone tap on my right shoulder very hard. So hard, I could hear the tap very clearly. I turned around annoyed hoping to find the fool who decided to bother me, breaking my concentration. I looked only to find no one. No one really passes behind my desk as I sat all the way in the back with no one next to me. Everyone was either at the teacher's desk having their worksheet checked, or they were in their desk. No one had moved at all. My conclusion came to this boy who died on campus by committing suicide I think in 2008. There is this little stone tablet that has his name engraved at the base of a tree. The same thing happened moments after I looked away, but the tap had been softer. Both were quick double taps on my right shoulder. My family is not very spiritual, but my mother's side had had some paranormal stuff. When she was little, she told me that she experienced this phantom tornado very clearly. She said that she could feel the wind pick up from breezes to gales in a second. The wind passed by quickly, but not a thing appeared. In 2013, my grandfather passed away during my Thanksgiving break from having a tough battle with lung cancer. My mother went to visit her family all the way in Vietnam. While she was gone, I had a dream about this old man. I looked at him. He smiled so kindly and glowed. I felt so loved. When she came back, she brought home a small photo of him. To my surprise, the man in my dream looked exactly like my grandfather. I knew then he was okay. Somewhere in late December, my mother got a call about one of my aunts. She didn't seem like herself apparently. She would pound at her chest as if there was mucous stuck in there;she did things similar to my grandfather when he was alive. My grandfather spoke through my aunt saying that he is fine with a little chest congestion. I never expected a possession to ever occur in my life time. What's really funny is that when someone close to me dies, I never shed a tear. I had never grieved or mourned at all. I felt no need to grieve about them, but I grieve for those who grieve. I just want to let them know they are fine on the other side.

I can sense presences and emotions so easily now. I can even guess what a person is about to say, or what they are thinking about before blurting it out. I can do a tad bit of telekinesis. The most I can do is make a marble lightly shake and a psi wheel wobble. I can control the wind by making it stronger and making it weaker. I could even summon the wind on a windless day. I can make the rain pour harder, or make it rain more lightly. I can sense how a plant is feeling as well as an animal. Anyone can say that I am certainly an empath. Death is always easily felt in my opinion. When my grandfather was about to pass away, I just had this gut feeling that he was going to die. The same thing happened to a classmate in seventh grade. He died about two days after I felt this intense gut feeling which went on for 24/7 until he died. Visions would pop up every now and then while I am in my classroom. I would get a vision about where the teacher would be, and a few seconds later, the teacher would be standing in the same position I saw in my vision. I would hear voices calling out my name. At night when I am getting very relaxed, I would hear a conversation between two children, mainly two girls. When I close my eyes, I would see figures moving about. Among the figures, there would be this single human-like eye. Is this my third eye?

This is my life so far. I can feel a heavy weight lift off of my shoulders now that I can share my life to others who are in the same interests. Thank you very much for reading my little autobiography. Any comments would be nice, and I would answer any questions, if there are any, to the best of my abilities.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-18)
You'll get help at the website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. Good luck, stay humble.
JohnBrian (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-15)
These mists you are seeing can be linked to many things. Once we give meaning to something it becomes a preference. An idea or a basis that coincides with us and our lives. For a human being to see what you speak of, will define them. IE. Study up on them and come to our own conclusions. Conclusions based on preferences of those who saw them before you, such as our ancestors.
I too have similar flashes out the side of my eye and black energy on my left, most of the time. I was even attacked by a dark entity from my left side. I have recently, years later after attack, have experienced the "white mist." I see it as fourth of July sparklers, in movement, that travel around my view. Even in plain view I have seen and my fiance reports the same phenomenon. All what seemed to be branching off my recent experiences in life, five years later after the attack.
A month ago, I was almost attacked again. Prior to this I saw the white mist just float past me. I did not know how to feel about it so I still don't. I feel nothing towards it. That may be a good thing. Anyway, when the attack was threatened from again my left side. This white sparkle thing rushed to prop itself standing upwards, facing the threat. The threat backed off and I was left alone at the time. I have yet to see the white I described again. I had seen it prior for about a week or two. My friend gave me the description of the sparklers, due to he seeing it prior not of recent. He had been in his room training himself to see eneergy. When he opened his eyes, the energy was floating above his hands and all around the room he said. I began to give it meaning, due to recent discovery of my need for God. From the two accounts I knew of I said it was the Holy Spirit. As this may be true I'll never know, in this life, because of events that followed.
Corinthians chapter 2 verse 11:14 Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. I did not truly believe in God until recently. Every time I have went forward in life to do so, here came the dark entity. So it would get to a point where I would be scared to continue and ignore God and his Word. This time I have advanced in belief after the white mist seemed to stick up for me. BUT KNOW THIS! Demons, unclean spirits, dark entities and any other evil energy exist. They are very cunning, smart like you wouldn't believe, tricky and patient. They will use anything to get to you and their plan to shew you from God. I ask not that you believe my belief, what I do ask is you take it into consideration. It is healthy to see and understand adversary. God has given us the freedom of THE CHOICE. Being follow them or be guided by Him.
I have done many occults and looked into other religions. For example, did you know the Koran even mentions Jesus? It is said in that book its just one of many ways Ala has appeared to man. Most of the surviving religions today, speak of acceptance of others and their belief. One is so absolute it cannot be seen any other way. That is the Holy Bible. Now I am not here to preach or convert you. Just know there is evil that will provide you, guide you, scare you, make you feel happy along with all the emotions. God is understanding and faith which is known as Love. God can, but most likely will not, take us out of danger. Belief in him does not give you protection from pain, suffering and evil. Make it through those things and realize the light at the end of each tunnel or trial. A better understanding of his works comes from these things. Still, all of this could be preference. Just seems each and every time I have moved towards God I have been manipulated otherwise. Even to a point where I was hallucinating and believing I saw God, In the parking lot of a stop and shop gas station, which brand I will not mention. Circumstances have led me to a slightly better understanding and faith. I am still very weak in body with it. My soul is strong willed but the body is frightened.
Take it like this, if you fast or starve yourself you humble the soul. Its attached to flesh and rarely roams without it. So strong willed as my soul is, the body drives it. Now consider being drunk or imagine drunk people you have encountered. If their soul is corrupted or unclean, it acts out. The body is impaired and the soul drives at that point. They say your true self comes out then. Me, I and others have said I really do not act or sound different when I am intoxicated. I used to see this, with my mind, as an awesome boastful thing. I see it differently now and am open to other suggestions. I see myself in this manner as kind of sad. I may not be "unclean" but I also am not Holy. I have never stood for something in my life. So not being steady in belief is explained.
Anyway, so the mists that you see. I have no idea and neither does anyone on this earth. It is a part of your life and experience. I can only say, if you understand a choice in the matter. You will see the direct path to the truth, that lies in between the choice. This again my belief and so far have had opposition to it. God offers evil as alternative. What good is faith and loyalty without opposition? So God didn't give someone cancer, he allows it to happen. Sound delusional? Everything else I have done has not had an opposite force such as this. Even numerology when I was opening doors to them. For the most part, I could say I aw things that were imagined. Everything else I have done such as that gave them strength. Now I see them in ful detail, felt them, smell them etc. And I am supposed to go through with something that pisses them off. Ok, let God's will be done. You stick to yours and I'll be fickle with mine. If there is not a bad side to what you do, if something cannot be seen in equal terms of that. Then there is a side that lacks something. Seeing energy and auras and third eye experience is all things I have been a part of. A genetic bad sight, in both of our cases, does not hold a candle to the benefits. Being annoyed by what you see versus what you see, what it is and possibilities it can offer a person. Does not add up as opposition. One side is being ignored. Thats not reality of life. I to this day can see what I see and saw and did. It finally led me to where I am at. Otherwise, I had no use for the Bible before. I just have to be careful who leads my belief and where it goes. Also remember what I said about the dark ones. They will use what you know and read, hear and say etc. Against you. So I may be doing this long comment for nothing. Does not matter, I can see the good and evil of posting this to you. Thanks for your time!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-02-14)
Thank you so much for sharing your story. A third eye is often depicted as an actual 'eye' but I consider it more a visual feature than anything. When mine "opens" it just looks like a tunnel that suddenly broadens and I can then see clearly through it, like when I remote view.

You are doing very well in your efforts to be a very open person to the subtle realms around us. You are also a great writer and I'm sure this will be centered around your career in the future. One of your many blessings it seems.

Have a great day!
Anne 😁

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