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Alien Abduction Or Lucid Dreaming?


I know this is hard to understand and maybe almost all of you will not trust my story. This is kind of outdated because I only remembered it because of the same planet entering my mind. But this is what I saw first. It was a year ago, I was watching The Voice Philippines Season 1. I was in our balcony seating in the chair near our stairs in the balcony. When the commercial started I looked at the skies. I saw something strange going up the mountain near our house. I saw a light going up in the skies. I hurriedly called my parents to observe the light I ask my mother what is the strange light and she said she doesn't know what is it. My father said that it is a plane or a jet. But I think it is impossible. In my observation, the light is faster than a jet or a plane and it always go back and forth it's like circling around the mountain. Then it went to the left side of the mountain then it swirls slowly then get faster and faster and it is going up. When the swirling got so fast the light disappear. A month ago after that event, I dreamed a alien that look like two greys. Looking at me. The dream only last 3 to 5 seconds then I fell asleep again. Then after that I start hearing high pitch tones. Then my classmates told me I became weird after that. They don't know anything about my dream but they said after that day they already told me that I'm weird. Then I often dream a orange with a little red and a little yellow color with asteroids. I saw a very bright star near the planet. I always dreaming the planet twice or trice a week. Then I began searching about aliens even I don't have any reason to search for it. Then I encounter the Vrillon video on youtube. The ads website about aliens are often in the page that I'm using. I'm just wondering can someone help me to know about these? Sorry for the wrong grammar or spellings if there's any.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-11-05)
Seeing the lights around the mountain may have allowed 'alien' thoughts to enter your subconscious mind. Or you could in fact be being visited. The pop up ads related to aliens are simply because you searched for them. Google has an algorithm that whatever we search for ends up as an ad later, even if it's ET related. The planet/asteroid dream also could be a subliminal response but who can say for sure? I think this comes down to is how deep of a reaction is this evoking? If it's mild curiosity, I'd say don't read too much into it but if it's taking over thoughts all throughout the day and evokes strong emotion, meditate on it and ask your guides to help give you more dreams to help you get to the bottom of it. Our souls are timeless and there is no doubt that some people have lives on other planets before being incarnated here on earth. You may be one.

Good luck in your search for answers!

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