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A Little Help With This Chakra


I've had a "standard" year until around Feb of this year. Out of no where, my husband of 8 years wanted a divorce, I had to move with our 3 kids and I met someone who activated my heart chakra. Although he is in a relationship, we still communicate and ever since then, my heart chakra (NOT HEART) has had flutters, pounds when I am worrying too much, stretches, flicks, etc. Each one means something and often people, crystals, and sites like this one activates my heart chakra. I am looking for someone who is more informed about this because due to this, I get vivid/lucid dreams, visions in my 3rd eye, light voices. The voices, I am not certain. I think they are from my angels but I hear a voice from the left side of my head, I know it's my higher Self talking to me.

I've always had voices but nothing serious but since the encounter with my friend, I feel energies, goosebumps, and once after meditation, I felt an energy brush up against me. I have never seen a being but I have seen shadows in the dark. I believe it is my spirit guide. I now have tons of crystals around me because coincidences, I no longer consider them random. I use amethyst crystals to maintain my energy because I noticed that I was being drained of energy.

I would like some assistance on honing in on these abilities and if you know anything about the heart chakra and what I am experiencing, please let me know. I have gotten advice and knowledge from different mediums but I have been drawn to know more. Perhaps understand more about this heart chakra occurrence so I can help others. I appreciate it.

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Lumie108 (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-10)
Hi artist, have you ever considered that this man who your heart chakra opened to is actually your twin flame? I would love to help you. I go through similar experiences.

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