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Indigo Child Experiences. Maybe?


I'm 13, wait wait! Before you go on about me just imagining things, please read this. Pretty please?

Anyway, my story started at the age of 8. My mom and I were in our car, it was about 10:00 at night. As we were entering our city, now, my mom told me about this so I'm pretty sure it's not my imagination, suddenly, I started screaming like no tomorrow. At this point, we're on the side of the road, having stopped. Then, I suddenly stopped and just looked petrified as I stared outside. My mom asked me what was happening, and I told her I saw Phillip staring at me through the window. Now, Phillip is my mom's dead husband, he died of a heart attack exactly 2 years and 1 day before my birthday, friendly reminder I didn't know about this before this event. I asked her if he died of a heart attack. My mom stared at me, obviously scared. She asked how I knew about him. I said he told me. That was my first experience. Afterwards, I saw in my room multiple spirits, mostly military men, which is not surprising at all, since we lived in an old military camp, later abandoned and turned into a small village. Yet again, my mom was amazed. She started telling me about how she always though I was an indigo child, and up to this day I still don't understand why she would think that.

After that I kept seeing them, hearing them and mostly sensing them. Sadly, I started ignoring them, which I highly regret, since I could probably have grown so much from listening to them. Nowadays, I still see them, in fact, a little girl often appears in the corner of my room, looking down at me. I have to admit it creeped the hell out of me.

Now, this is the part which really intrigues me. Since about 4 months, I started having these really precise dreams which have come true the next day. They happen about 3 times a week. I also finish people's sentences, especially with strangers. It's really starting to worry me. This other day, maybe a month ago, this girl asked me to tell her what I thought she was. I only met her about two days before that. I took a deep breath and suddenly, I told her abot so many things, her age, her middle name, her hobbies and her favorite foods etc... It all came out automatically and she stared at me dumbfounded and said I was right on everything. I was also wondering if it was normal to have 3-6 déja vus every day?

That was my story. I hope you guys can relate to me. I don't really know why I posted it here though. I guess it was probably because I want to have opinions. I'm sort of scared I'm just imagining things.

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