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Something's Breathing Beside Me


This happens a lot lately and it is really bothering me.

It always want to do evil stuff everywhere I go. In the school, in the house, even people. It always think and want to do something bad.

It always want to overcome my mind. It even want to oppose God and invert the opposite about what I really said. Like I love God. It will make the love to be hate.

It always flashes thoughts that really disturb me especially when I'm praying.

When I pray, It want to overcome my mind with demonic stuff like the inverted star, the demon number, the triple six, especially the picture of a demon. So I got pretty scared and always hurriedly finish my prayer.

Although, there is a good one who always wanted to guide me to do good things. It always wanted me do what's right and it always generate the same voice in my mind. So I am kind of happy to have that part.

My evil conscience also entertain me and making me absent minded and unaware when I was at the church worshiping God.

Sometimes I find myself telling something I didn't intent to say. I didn't think about it but I keep telling something I don't know.

Then a week ago, when I was playing our laptop, I feel there is something beside me. I feel it with my own skin.

It is impossible to say that is wind because the windows are closed shut and the door is close too.

I stop playing games for a little while and observe what it will going to do.

After a minute, I started playing games again so I cannot get scared. But I can feel it was still breathing at me. After an hour the breathing stop.

I did not talk anyone about this because. No will believe me, especially in the Philippines.

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truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-02)
Something similar has been happening to me. For me it's... More... I'll see a full video type thing from it. I'll blank out, and then realize I'm seeing a full blown firefight inside my eyes, and it's hard to snap out of. I've been in at least six gunfights. The ones I see weren't ones I was involved in. All the gore is included in these.

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