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It started as just another random dream as usual, seeing everyone I knew, places I've been, seen. I remember everything going dark. Before then it was bright & sunny as any other fair day. Blowing breeze, blue skies, sunny. Then the skies turned dark, and I appeared in another place, their were plenty of people around. They said they were the wealthiest world leaders who came to witness the return of their lord. They called him Reach, I've never heard of Reach. So, I stayed and waited around to witness it. I stood behind the crowd, they were chanting his name & cheered. Lights were flickering everywhere, bolts of lightning struck out from the machine. It was large and circular, made of many types of metals. After about thirty minutes, all the lights were turned off so the machine could run at maximum power. Once there you could here noises of many types of animals. It sounded like a lion, giraffe, pig, dog, eagle. Then next thing you knew you could here it speaking as a human would, IN ENGLISH! He used telepathy so his message was transmitted through everyone, including everyone who wasn't there. Reach spoke, telling everyone that he, was at the beginning of creation & was on earth long before life was here. He said, he was beyond time & space and that he was indestructible. Reach had the ability to shape shift, & lived in all beings who were small; bugs & insects. You could find him in every crawling thing, every unseeable being that exist around. Now that he has made his return, he was now to rule the earth forever & that everyone will know him, THAT IS REACH! Reach had one eye, eight arms, green skin, and a round body like a wheel. Reach needed a body of his own so that he could be human. He sent out his offspring to take over the bodies of all the people in power under his control. Using frequencies & brainwaves. This dream took place on this past April of 2015. I knew the dream had relevance but not sure as to what it meant at the time. Until months later, a person I spoke with, told me that a company was planning on discovering dark matter in the coming months. I didn't have a clue to what was going on, until I heard about CERN, coincidence? But then, around my home there was always a figure of Shiva standing by my front door. I never realized it until now, years ago an Indian store came to my town. I shop there for herbs, but then I came across these tributes of Shiva, so I bought them. Just had an urge to get them. All of these signs just coming together that would make sense of the dream I had. And at one time my very first best friend when I was a baby, was a doberman pinscher that I would play and ride on her back, she was the greatest protector and friend no one could come around without her ready to attack, she was fierce, oh she was. But she was also kind to those who knew her & loyal. My whole life I was shown these things, now it's all coming together. To Reach...beyond

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