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Am I Destined to Be a Medium


My story begins 3 years ago and before I get started, I will say everything I write is accurate, I am not sharing my experiences for fame or money so I have nothing to gain only the satisfaction that others may have had similar experiences and be able to relate to me.

Three years ago I rented an older bungalow in Newmarket, Ontario Canada. I signed a standard lease for one year and was to move in Nov. 1 (I still have a copy of the lease) but the property manager informed me a new carpet was laid so I could pick up the keys Oct. 31. I decided to move some smaller boxes with my car as I had a moving truck rented for the following day. I went to the basement laid down 2 boxes and turned to go back up the stairs, when I got to the 3rd step I was startled when I heard some noise behind me just like someone shaking a newspaper.

I looked behind me and saw nothing and thought it strange but I would not accept what had just happened. I went outside to my car picked up more boxes and went back down and placed 3 boxes near my previous 2, turned and when I got to the exact spot I once again heard the same noise, this time I knew something strange was happening, I will never forget, I was terrified but I had heard that if a ghost was about, do not act scared or they will get more power from your reaction. Although I was scared stiff I carried on like nothing happened and went upstairs and to my car.

I moved into the house the next day with the help of a few friends. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until everybody left and I went to bed. I was not in bed more than 5 minutes when I heard banging on the heating vents, there was now no doubt this house was home to a mischievous entity. I finally fell asleep with the lights on and was completely drained the next day.

I went to a neighbour and asked if there was a history in the house and was informed a 19 year old male overdosed on drugs in 1973. I knew someone had died there and now I needed to know why I was being frightened. I told close friends about the happenings and had a friend stay over and sure enough there were noises coming from the basement my friend stayed the night but refused to enter the house again.

Little did I know neighbours were placing bets on how long I would stay as the whole street knew the house was haunted. I was scared but intrigued, I did research online and read as much as I could on spirits, ghosts, the the supernatural etc. I must admit I was hosting parties where recreational drugs were being passed around, this made the entity furious as he died from the same drugs. I did not know this at the time but only figured it out when I moved out.

The happenings were every day and night and one night I was sound asleep with the light on, when I heard glass breaking in the basement, I had a pick axe handle for protection under my bed so I grabbed it and waited for someone to emerge and was ready to defend myself.

After 10 minutes nobody came up the stairs but I was to scared to go down and investigate, I fell asleep with the pick axe in my hands. The next morning with daylight I had the guts to go down to the basement, I checked all the windows and was surprised nothing was broken. I could not understand but knew in my heart I heard glass break everybody knows what breaking glass sounds like.

Two days later while looking for a wiper blade in my storage boxes I saw what had made the noise, there in front of me was 2 wine glasses smashed on the floor, these glasses were in the box and here they were on the concrete floor. I could not believe the energy it took to move the glasses out of the box but it was done.

Many more things happened over the next couple of months lights going out but the switch was on, I soon discovered that the entity was in the ceiling over my bed in the loft and to be able to move to become mobile it would swirl around in a circular motion and pick up speed, I first though it was birds trapped in the loft and after a few nights I knew it was pure energy, I was scared but wanted to see and experience more. I knew this was where I experienced the most energy so I assumed the male died in my bedroom or should I say his bedroom.

I had a habit of washing my dishes and placing them on the counter to drip dry but after 3 plates were smashed on the floor I discontinued this practice, I realized with more reading I was exposed to a poltergeist and I was not welcome in the house he wanted me out, there was no mistake but I refused to give in. I read that a ghost could not actually harm you and I am a stubborn person but the topper was I left a spoon and a glass on my kitchen counter, I was watching tv in the living room and without warning I heard the spoon hit the glass but it did not break. I got upset and mad and ran into the kitchen and gave the entity a piece of my mind, I knew I was about a foot away and the hair stood up on my arms, I felt a wind or energy go right through my face. Looking back this was the worst thing I could have done but I was at a breaking point and snapped.

It was not one night later I was sound asleep and was awakened with a thunderous bang under my bed, I could not believe so much energy could be unleashed in such a small space. I jumped to my feet I was really scared, I called my sister and agreed I should leave immediately. I lost my last months rent 1200. And was not refunded.

When I moved everything out before we closed the door I said "ok you win it's all yours" before I could close the door there was a loud bang on the heating duct and my two friends could not believe it. I moved out and thought everything was over. Little did I know it was only the beginning I will write the next chapter tomorrow and I can assure you it is very interesting.

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mojoe (2 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-10)
Hi wondering thank's for the feedback, I must apologize for not writing or finishing my story, I have been so busy but I will attempt to write chapter 2 immediately. Stay tuned it's worth the read! Chapter 1 was the beginning I have enough material for a book and it's still happening only good positive energy.
wondering (4 stories) (19 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-09)
🤔 well to be honest I think if you were destnated to be amedium you would have seen many signs of it during childhood so to be honest I really don't no

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