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Am I Destined to Be a Medium 2


Considering what I experienced for the past few months I was relieved and grateful to get away from negative entities or ghosts although I must admit I was fascinated. I tried to have my last months rent returned, even wrote a letter to explain why I left and was angry when I was refused my $1200.00 refund.

I checked the classified section in the local newspaper and spotted a loft apartment over a garage was northwest of toronto. I called and made arrangements to meet the owner and when we did meet, we hit it off, he explained he was leaving to join his wife in south africa and we made a deal if I looked after the property he would reduce my rent. I think we agreed on $700. I made arrangements to move in and I remember getting the last of the furniture up the two flights of stairs, thanking my friends, we were all done in.

After when I was alone I hooked up my tv and decided to relax, tomorrow was another day. I rolled a joint and grabbed a cold beer, I had recently broken off with my girlfriend and considering calling her. I was sitting on the couch, it was about 8pm and everything was quiet, the homeowner had left and I had the whole place to myself. I was on my second beer when I heard something like a noise coming from a box there must have been 10 boxes on the floor. I started to get cold shivers and sensed something was different, I could feel it.

I soon came to the conclusion that there was a small rodent like a mouse or rat or something in the box. I was about to confront my little friend when without warning, the noise transferred to the next box, I was floored I could not believed what I just witnessed and than a roll of packing tape went straight up in the air about 3 feet, I felt like leaving but where was I going to go, my worst nightmare was realized, the entity had followed me. I was devastated.

I did not know how to react I was angry, and I remember saying to myself this is not happening it can't be, I decided I would not acknowledge anything and maybe the entity would move on if there was no reaction from me. Here I was, just lost 1200 because I was forced out of a haunted house and now the entity had followed me, very serious stuff and I was tired of running, where do you run?

I tried to escape my emotional pain by downing a dozen beer, I remember turning my stereo up on 25 on the volume control, the apartment was actually shaking and a speaker or fuse was ready to blow.

Later I settled down and heard some noises coming from the wall but I was too tired and hammered and drifted off to sleep. Next morning I awoke and I dragged myself out to the living room and turned on the tv, I was looking for the weather forecast but when the tv came into focus it was a catholic mass. I can remember tuning in and praying like I never prayed before, I was in serious trouble with a force I had no control over and I was scared. I felt very alone and I started to think and reflect on my life and everything that was happening, one thing I distinctly remember is if I did not partake in any negative activity nothing happened, it was only when I had negative thoughts, actions or desires that this dark force surfaced.

At this time I was heavily involved with the drug culture, I associated with dealers and had friends who were making money selling drugs, I was caught up in a losing game and was coming to the realization all this "activity" was a spirit trying to get my attention and force me to give up my negative lifestyle. I wanted to change my lifestyle but for the immediate future I had to carry on as normal because of circumstances.

I decided to go back east for a little trip and visit my relatives and get a break and I was gone for a week, upon my return I discovered the owners home had been broken into and I had to call the police to report the incident. My apartment was not entered but I was afraid to be so isolated fearing the burglars would return. I contacted the owners and advised them I would be moving out at the end of the month in two weeks time.

My sister lived in downtown toronto and advised me she was going to florida for a few weeks and asked if I would water her plants for her, I had no problem with that and was actually happy I could spend a few nights away from my place and get a rest of sorts. Little did I know my life was about to change forever.

I ventured down town and my plan was to party and spend the night at my sisters, I was relieved I would not need to drive and I was in need of some female company so I anticipated a good time. It was a friday night and I can't remember all the clubs but I did some bar hopping and remember getting back to my sisters just after 12 or 1 am. I proceeded to roll a joint and pop a beer because I knew I was alone and I mean alone, no spirits or entities, I went out on the balcony and blew a joint, came in a eased myself onto the sofa and took some deep breaths and relaxed.

I was just feeling secure when the impossible happened, pieces of concrete in between the walls started to fall making a loud noise, I could not believe it but it would not stop, I laid concrete block and any access motar is always tossed inside the walls and here it was falling down all on its own, well there was some energy causing it to fall, I didn't know how to react, I thought on running out and getting as far away from there as I could but I walked up to the sink and poured out the beer and started to pray, I was terrified and decided to go into the bedroom and sit on the bed.

I can remember this like yesterday, believe me you never forget something like this, I closed my eyes and asked God to forgive me and I was praying and I knew I had upset this spirit or being with my blatant disregard, and what happened next nearly caused me to have a heart attack, I am not kidding I could not breath. I heard wings flapping just like a large wing span say like an eagle, I could feel and hear it approach me from the other side of the room and come toward me but did not see anything, the energy and force hit me so hard it went right through me and the wall behind me. I could not believe what had happened but I can tell you I was a changed person from that second on, I realized this being meant business and I was now going to listen.

It took me hours to calm down and get a grip as to what I just witnessed the energy was incredible pure energy. I researched the internet and was not surprised to read that some highly evolved beings have the power to turn themselves into bird like creatures and I have experienced it, I could take a lie detector or go under hypnosis, it would not matter this happened as incredible as it sounds.

I have since given up drugs, drinking and removed myself from the crowd so to speak, I have been busy reading and learning some of life's mysteries. I am on a quest for higher learning, spiritual growth and personal development. I have communicated with my spirit guide over two hundred times, I communicate by asking questions it does not matter if I speak aloud or in my mind, a spirit can read your mind just like you are reading this story.

This is common for me as eating my lunch, I did move into a house that was occupied by the ghost of the male that died there from a drug overdose but my spirit guide came to my defense and has stayed with me ever since. I have asked hundred of questions and some questions are answered and some are not. I did ask and was told the the identity of this spiritual being is not important but that my spiritual development was the important factor. Nothing is frightening anymore, I can and do encounter lots of spirits but only contact and work with my guide. All I know is that this is a very highly evolved spiritual being and I will give you an example of how this works.

I am human and have desires, personal cravings just like everybody, one morning I got up early and got a thought to look at porn on my computer before I could touch the mouse, I got a loud clear signal like static electricity, at the start I thought, ok just a fluke, a coincidence, I ignored the sign and within two minutes my washing machine came on by itself, you explain it and further more I go outside right after and start my car to clean the frost from the windshield, I have satellite radio, it's plugged into the power supply near my cig lighter, the music is blasting, I grab my scrapper and and scrapping the windshield and the music dies, I open the door the plug is out of the power supply two feet away please explain it but it happened, nothing surprises me anymore that is why I know with my spiritual growth I am destined to be a medium, actually I have been given hundreds of signs and it's far from over.

I will write a follow up and would be glad to answer any questions. Thank's for taking the time to read my story.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-14)
I'm just a country girl from Arkansas in the USA. Canada is lovely though. Truly you are lucky. First, start giving up the scared part of yourself and focusing on the grateful part of yourself. If you are dying and have nice toe nails, be thankful. We ignore so much. If you have a bite of food, appreciate it. Mostly I think we bring bad things upon ourselves because we forget to be children and be helpless, have fun, and be appreciative. Having fun, innocently, is really fun. At the bad stuff, I stomp my foot and wish it onwards...

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