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Tsunami In Japan 2011


Dear friends, my birthday is on the 11th of March, was born in 1979. On the 10th of march 2011 I got off work after a very stressing day. I decided to go to bed early that night as I knew I had a long ahead of me on my birthday the following day. About 05. 45 o'clock CET (Danish time) I wake up shocked with what I saw in my so-called dream. While dreaming I quickly realized I was present in a dream and I had a strong feeling of this dream universe had nothing to do with me as such. Felt like I was an observer or a video camera moving around in settings I had never seen before.

I find myself exiting a huge metro/train station, looked a lot like "Grand central station" in New York, which I visited during my roadtrip in the USA in year 2000. While exiting the station I see people everywhere around me freaking out about something. Mother's picking up their children in a hurry, same with fathers and young people running and screaming in all directions. It was obvious to me that nobody really knew what to do, except to react in some way. I noticed that everybody had black hair, so I thought I was seeing a setting in Turkey, Istanbul or Ankara. But then I realized everybody had straight hair, hair without curls, so I couldn't be in Turkey, Turks have lots of curls in their black hair. My parent are from Turkey, so I would know. After moving from the exit area of the metro/train station onto the street in front of it, I quickly noticed billbords with Japanese signs on them. Looking further down the street I see tons of people in panic. Car's hooking their horns, pedestrians running and jumping the hood of cars blocked by traffic.

After seeing these images I woke up. Went online as it all seemed so real, not like a dream, but nothing was reported through news agencies, so I decided I had nothing to worry about and tried to rest again. Just before I was about to shut down my laptop Reuters update their news feed, stating a Tsunami had hit Japan. I was saddened, felt ashamed I didn't warn people in Japan via websites and such. I later learned that 05. 45 o'clock (CET) danish time corresponded with the local time in Japan when the Tsunami hit Japan.

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Alexandria980 (guest)
5 years ago (2016-03-25)
What a coincidence! I'm learning about the Japan tsunami in science right now!

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