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Is This Real Past Life Experiences Or Am I Losing My Mind?


Am I seeing things and meeting people from past lives?

First off, I feel really weird going to the internet for this problem. However, I just keep encountering more and more things, and I am confused.

I'll start off with my background and my previous experiences that have led up to this moment. Please bear with me for it might be quite lengthy.

I am from the United States. I am a 20 year old female who had grown up in a religious Christian family. I am Caucasian and ¼ Cherokee Indian. Whenever I was four years old, I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked over and saw a cloaked figure with a dagger staring out my window. I remember it as clear as day even after all of these years. Terrified, I covered my face with my blanket and squeezed my eyes shut. Whenever I opened my eyes, there were a swarm of lines. I could see transparent shapes all around me in the darkness under the blanket. I was too afraid to uncover myself so I stayed like that until the morning where I told my Mother what happened. She assumed that it was a "demon" (according to the Christian religion). However, from that moment forward, every night I see these lines. They are like little grains that move extremely fast through the air. We went to specialists who say I have perfect vision. We have been to multiple different doctors, including neurologists, and no one can figure it out. They assumed I was making it up... Ever since that night, I have had the ability to see, feel, hear, and sense spirits. I have dealt with evil spirits and kind ones. I can sense a spirit when entering a room or a certain area. I have heard them laugh and speak. I have seen them walk and even threaten me. I have watched them throw objects and even felt them physically touch me. For me, dealing with spirits has been a part of my life. When a spirit is nearby I can feel it within myself and my lines become more clustered, sometimes showing shapes.

I have experienced déjà vu. I'm from West Texas. At the time, I was seventeen years old and had never been out of Texas before. My parents informed me that we were going to go skiing for the first time. I was immediately excited, but also anxious. That night, as I lay in bed, I experienced being lifted into the air on the ski lift. I watched as my feet dangled and held onto the side of the metal pole with a gloved hand. I could feel my excitement, but I also felt anxious. It was so clear and extremely detailed. I leaned over to get a good look at something when my body slipped and fell. I remember thinking, "This is how I die." Before falling into really soft snow. The snow cushioned my fall to where I wasn't injured. A few months later, we go to the ski resort. As I am being lifted into the air, it was an exact repeat. I felt as if I was experiencing this for the second time in my life. The scenery was exactly the same as in my dream. Everything was the same. The only difference was I didn't fall. I knew that this was déjà vu, because of the realness that I felt in the dream. Also the fact that I had never even seen pictures of the resort we were going to, yet my dream was an exact replica of it. Other examples are, at eight years old I picked up a guitar for the first time. I started playing it and learned it at an extremely fast rate. My guitar instructor called me a 'musical virtuoso' because of my extremely fast ability to play. It is the same way with piano. Although I can't read music very well, my body knows exactly how to move to hit the right notes. I write & create piano music and have no idea how I do it. It is instinct. I have also always loved the violin. I had never played one before. I had only held one that didn't have strings. My ex bought a violin for himself. As I picked it up, I closed my eyes and played it, actually making a beautiful note. It was an amazing feeling. An instinctual feeling that allowed me to play this instrument I had never played before. The reason that I told you guys that I am 1/4th Cherokee Indian is because whenever I was 18 years old, I went to an old abandoned historical site where Cherokee Indians used to live. As I was leaving this place with my friend, I looked up on this big rock/cliff thing (It was maybe 15 feet above me) I saw a transparent chesnut colored horse looking at me. I freaked out and pointed up there to show my friend, but the horse had disappeared. People told me that it may be my guardian spirit animal..._. Just something cool to share. Anyway...


I am a dancer at my college. We go and dance at basketball and football games. This season, we were at our first game when I saw a girl who I had never seen before run onto the court. INSTANTLY, my heart raced and I felt my body get excited (not in a sexual way). As I looked at her, I felt like I knew her. More than that, I felt like she was my dearest and best friend. (I don't even know this girl's name or where she is from!) I would find myself cheering and getting anxious whenever she would have the ball or try to make a score. I felt proud when she did and sad when she didn't. I would try not to stare at her (because I felt so weird feeling this way), but it was like my body wouldn't let me. I had to cheer for her. Ever since first seeing her, I can spot her in the grocery store or on campus in an instant. I have never introduced myself, simply because it feels too weird to. (Please don't misunderstand. I am completely straight and have a fiancé. I just feel a strong connection with the girl. I feel like how I would with a best friend who I haven't seen in forever.)

Could this be from a past life? I have never experienced this before... It's driving me nuts...


It was tanning time for me. My boss has his own tanning area that us workers are allowed to use. So I lay there nude and close my eyes as I tan. After a few minutes, I stop thinking of day to day activities and start reminiscing about my childhood home and how peaceful it was living there. I envision myself there listening to the birds sing their melodies through the open window and the low hum of the air conditioner filtering through the small living room. I felt at total peace and everything went black. I was in a trance where I wasn't asleep, but my body was so relaxed that I might as well have been. Just as I entered the trance, it was like I was somewhere else. Like I was reliving a memory. I knew exactly what I looked like (though I didn't look the same). I was mid-20's, laying on some sheets. It was a nice room that I was in, but there was only candlelight to light it up. There was no electricity. I looked up to see a handsome man climb above me. He looked mid-20's as well. He was muscular and had short auburn hair and a thin somewhat clean-cut beard. He was half undressed and his off-white shirt (tunic thing?) was down to his waist. (He looked like a soldier or high ranking military officer... Definitely was built like one). I have never seen this man before, but I cannot express how much love I felt for him. I was filled with passion and just wanting to hear his voice. I loved him. It was as if he were the only one for me. I could feel myself breathing deeply as he leaned down and kissed me. He didn't say anything, all I could hear was his heavy breathing. I looked at him, seeing the orangey light from the candle lighting up parts of his face and his arm and side. Once I looked into his eyes and was about to say something, I felt my body slip from the dream, and I opened my eyes from the trance. This only happened for a few seconds, but I was able to catch and remember all of those details from that few second memory (?).

I have experienced things like this before, but nothing this realistic. They all appear when I go into these trances, but they are never as detailed. Some are just like 2 second scenes where I see a two men fighting and swords clashing. Or where I see some scenery that I have never seen before, but it's like I'm there. I have a love for Japan and sometimes I see things from there. Though they are so fast, I can't really decipher if it's my imagination or a dream. I just know that Japanese music, gardens, food... Everything about it relaxes me and makes me so happy. Even though I have never been there. It's the strangest thing.

So I say all of this to ask, Do you think this is real? Or should I go see a therapist? Because this crap is freaking me out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and reply.

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