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11 Or Adds To 11


I have some few experiences i'd like to share. Every experience was/is stressful except 1. But I'm not sure if you can consider the 1 that's not stressful a psychic experience but I think it could be related to the stressful events. Maybe it's trying to help me out with the stressful ones? For years I have been noticing the number 11. I would see the number itself or numbers that would add up or minus to 11. I usually brush it off and go on bout my business but recently its gotten quite extreme. The past few months I have been seeing the number 11 nonstop. The thing that interest me the most about this is like 90% of the time when I check what time it is the time would always be adding up to 11. 2:18, 7:04, 11:38, 8:03 etc etc. When I got my confirmation email from this site the time on the email said 11:54 Has anyone here experience this kind of thing and know what it could be? Am I ignoring something important some force is trying to tell me and because of it this is happening everyday? I just can't look at this as a coincidence since its been happening everyday whether it would be the time thing or just reading something and seeing 11.

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