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I mentioned in a previous post "Over Sensitivity to Others Energy? (2) " a person that had drained me quite a bit over the past three and a half years. So much so that an energy vampire I met, sweetest thing by the way, was able to drain me no problem. Not that she wanted to. In fact she had me bind her so that she couldn't do it anymore and have to figure out a new way to get energy since she herself cannot produce enough on her own. Now she doesn't even dent me. So that gives me a big idea as to how much I was actually affected.

During the time I lived with this person, he was very abusive towards my friend. After awhile my friend and I noticed a pattern. The more abusive he got, the angrier I got. Which was because I am incredibly protective and was very very fed up with him not listening to me and trying to get around me. But the angrier I got the worse the storms there got. At first it was a light drizzle and didn't happen off and on for days at a time. Then it got more frequent and it got worse. Right before my friend had to move back home, they had turned into thunderstorms almost daily and at one point the clouds were so dark it was like it was nighttime.

One night my friend had gone outside because it was too bad in the house for him to handle. I followed maybe ten minutes after. As soon as I got outside and was able to let my anger go, the wind picked up and shortly after it started to thunder pretty loudly. (sorry, I'm a writer so things tend to sound like a book when I explain them). I walked to him and I started going on a really big rant and he did took and it started to pour after like ten or fifteen minutes later and my friend commented that he'd been keeping an eye on the weather and me and said something about maybe my emotions affect the weather. It sounded crazy to me but I considered everything and thought maybe my emotions DID affect the weather.

That was a little over a year ago. Since then I've kept an eye on it off and on and experimented a little. At first I couldn't quite do it on command even when I was upset. I gave up for awhile because I thought at that point only my emotions were controlling it then I jumped to it not being me at all. So a few months ago I had started meditating again because I was really angry and was tired of being miserable. So that night I went outside before I went to sleep, it had been rainy all day but that night it was misting not raining. I stood in the grass and closed my eyes and kept saying "rain" which got minimal results. But then stood with my legs a little further apart, and began raising my arms up with my palms up and kept saying "rain" and "more wind" which happened more as my arms got higher. But I didn't say not to stop the first time so it stopped a few seconds after I did it and I was like "come on now don't be like that" so I did it again but I focused more and visualized it while saying "rain" which it started to do. Then I said "rain harder" and it did. Then I said "pour" and not 5 seconds later it was pouring and windy and lightning was steadily moving to above my house in the clouds. I felt like a million dollars.

I've done that periodically over the past maybe three months. Not that particular thing, but I did try making it rain while walking to work and making it windy. I make it windy more than rainy though. The past week I actually looked it up, because it didn't occur to me it would probably have a name. I found some exercises I could use to make it easier and get better at it and I've been doing it so now I can make it windy usually right when I want it or make it stop right when I want it. Making it drizzle is about all I can do when it comes to rain. Other than that it storms pretty quickly when I'm upset.

I do know this is REALLY long. But I like to be thorough when I describe things. It's easier for the reader to get an idea of what I'm talking about, of course. So if you made it this far, thank you for reading and maybe we can chat about it if you have any information or any of your own experiences. Bye!

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