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The Oldest Tree


I have had a very full life full of experiences and jobs and life and family and and and... I got sick. Very sick. I had operations upon operation. I was in pain. I was drugged. I was infected, addicted, and lost. I said I quit. I tried to take my life, multitudes of times. I was lost and had given up. No matter how I tried, I did not die. (No I am not immortal) It was not my time to go. I spent a lot of time back and forth however. My dog was with me during one attempt. He had died the year before.

Anyway. It was a mess an absolute kerfuffle. Then I got hit in the face with a book. Yes a book. Smack. It was a book from my religious preference which I will not discuss or push on anyone because in my faith all faiths are correct at their core. Back to, SMACK in the face... Read it... And for the life of me I can not recall now the book's name, it was the one that Marziah Gayle co-wrote about her father. It was a sign. My sisters name was Marziah. My spiritual sister, she was the daughter of my mothers best friend. I read about the authors father, his name was Ali-Kuli Khan. He translated a holy mans words into his language. However when he started he did not know the holy mans written language. He just began translating it and it was correct. (Yep, he was like us!) Here is the kicker, Uncle Peter Ali-Kuli Khan was the phrase my mother would make me chant as a child to make her stop tickling me. It became a tradition I taught to my children and they to their children. Oh yes, I am 46 and a grandmother of an 11 year empathic healer, and a 3 year old psychic seer. (That is my best guess, I hate labels. They are gifted.) These were the first of so many constant signs that it was becoming excessive! Most recently I met a highly intuitive empath natural healer who has the name of my dearest teacher/counselor/mentor's daughter and she is possessed with the same insights I am about the world and lives on the exact other end of a recently discovered land bridge across Lake Huron. Yep... Not man made. OK mother nature/earth/etc I hear you!

I am not longer in great pain, I am no longer addicted, I am no longer sick. I am often exhausted because my mind is fully on all the time even in sleep. I can see the light in other people I can see the people without light. When I say see I mean I connect, like a divining rod or metal detector. I can even smell them. Which made me look up into the sky and glower. I am a teacher. I get this. I embrace this. I love this.

I accept all of you. I appreciate each and every one of you out there. I can feel it, like a growing charge in the world. It is amazing.

There are others like me. None as open as I am to all things. The ones I have met are broken, or close to broken. They stopped hearing. Its a click when it happens. Some are still working on it. I was lucky. I was so lucky and blessed. I was raised in a way that made me not see humanity in colors, races, or religions. This made it easier for me to grab back onto that open unbiased place we strive for to hear. Now here I am, I am waiting. I know what's going on. I am just out here, connecting and talking and learning.

I am begging everyone to be open and loving and learning. Do not grasp one single strand of life and make it the only thing. Embrace culture, I am not a Pleiadian,Nun,Hand,Prophet,QAnon,Theorist and I do not judge those who truly believe they are. I try not to judge anyone. I try to understand them and accept them as they feel they are it is their truth. I have faith that if they are meant for a different path they will take it. I let who needs, to come to me.

The oldest tree I read somewhere is the place we will all meet in unity and love. I like that idea. I think I know where it is. Do not be afraid to contact me. I accept who and what I am and so does everyone I know. I do not hide I am who I am. I only have one tooth. I am proud of that tooth. I love all of these amazing bright spiritual hatchlings out there. I think hatchlings is a lot more fun than awakened, awoke, grounded, whatever blah. Labels boo. I love to laugh! Please laugh. Love. Sing.

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