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The Man Under the Tree


Let me begin by saying that I am very new to this site, but already I have found it very insightful. This experience that I am going to share with you is only the second that I've had of its kind. Although after reading some of the other experiences shared here, I recognize other experiences that I didn't realize were related to an "ability" which I choose to call very acute "intuition".

I have a very hard time with things that involve children. I avoid the news as much as possible because it depresses me and I find it saddens me even more if there is anything on the news that involves children in any type of abusive or negative way. I hate even hearing about children dying or being injured in accidents, being horribly ill or kidnapped, anything that should not ever happen to a child. It affects me so deeply that I avoid knowing about things of that nature as much as I can. I hate it when people even tell me stories or send me emails that may involve something of this sort. So it is pretty common for me to be out of the loop when it comes to anything prevalent in the current news stories, unless someone tells me about it, I rarely know.

About a year ago or so now my husband came home from work and said to me "Did you hear about the little girl that is missing from downtown?" I, of course hadn't heard anything about it and told him so with a little jab at him, because he knows that I don't watch the news or read news articles. I asked him how long the girl had been missing and how old she was and then expressed my sorrow for how horrible this must be for her parents.

The little girl was five and had been missing for about twenty four hours. I asked no further questions and avoided the news now at all costs. This was Sunday night. On Tuesday night I went to sleep and had a dream. In the dream I was walking up to a large tree in an open grassy area, the rest of the area was very obscure to my vision, I couldn't get many details. Under the tree sat a man, he was holding a baby girl around a year old( at the time my own daughter was about this age and I was pregnant as well, but the baby he was holding was not my daughter). I immediately took the baby from the man because I knew he would hurt her. I'm not really sure what happened to the baby after that. The man stood up and he was taller than me but I could tell that I was short in the dream, shorter than I am in real life. He acted as though he could not see me, and perhaps he couldn't. When he stood up I clearly remember looking into his face, and I will never forget what he looked like. To "me" looking up at his face from this point of view he seemed so much older, but my "real self" could see that he was quite a bit younger than me. (I hope this is making sense!)

At this point, in the dream, somehow my consciousness knew that this dream was about the little girl that was missing. The man turned 180 degrees from the way he was facing under the tree and walked off in a different way than I had approached him. He was walking toward a lightly wooded area and I followed him closely. At this point, as we entered the wooded area, the dream changes and the man was standing in what appeared to be a junk yard of sorts. There were stacks of tires and a little open faced shed with a corrugated metal or hard plastic roof (I couldn't tell which). Now it was as though I was witnessing this, not in a physical form but in a more spirit form. As I looked around I could see a stack of tires that had feet sticking out of the top of it. The feet were wearing blue, lace-up tennis shoes and I could tell that they were a child's feet. I instinctively knew that it was a young boy in the stack of tires and that he was dead.

I looked around the yard more and I could "see" (more in my minds eye) that there were at least two other children and they were the victims of this man. I could tell that the other children were not physically present here in this yard as the boy in the stack of tires was, but that there were other children and they had died at his hands. At this point the dream changed again and all I could see was bright white and I couldn't breathe.

I woke up. Automatically, I sat up and reached for my inhaler on my bed side table. I am a severe asthmatic and thought I had awakened from the dream because I was having an asthma attack. As I shook the inhaler, in preparation for taking it, I realized that I was breathing just fine and that my feeling of breathlessness and suffocation must have come from the dream. I was quite disturbed by this and it took me quite a while to get back to sleep. The dream haunted me the whole day. I could not stop thinking about it, and feeling as though I should be helping this family find this little girl. I "knew" somehow, though, that she was dead. But that maybe I could help the family find her killer and where her body was.

I kept picturing a small house in my mind and just knew that I would find her if I could find that house. Continuously, though, I thought that I was probably just crazy to think that I had anything to offer more than anyone else, and that I was probably just crazy! And if I even told anyone what I thought, or about my dream, that they would think I was crazy too! I did tell my sister about my dream though, she is one of the only people that knows about the odd experiences that I have. I told her every detail and she suggested that I look up the story on the internet and see if there was anything that struck me.

I decided to take her advice and looked into the details of the story and found out that they were using volunteers to search for the girl near her home since she was last seen in her own back yard. I also found out what her address was and it was near this very very large park in the downtown area that I had never been to. When my husband got home from work that evening I talked to him more about my dream (I had already told him all about my dream that morning) and the fact that I felt like I should be helping. He told me he would watch the kids if I wanted to go down to where they were organizing the volunteer searchers. I was very pregnant at the time and could not stand for long periods of time. I was also so afraid that everyone would think I was crazy, and doubtful as to my own ability to help that I did not go.

A few days later I sat down midmorning on the couch and picked up my television remote. I brought up the channel guide and looked for something to watch. I hardly ever watch TV in the middle of the day and had never watched the program that I selected at that moment. When the guide switched over to the channel I had picked, the scheduled program was actually not airing. At the moment a breaking news story was airing. The District Attorney was talking about finding the missing girl and that her killer had also been identified. A few seconds later a picture of the killer appeared on the screen. I actually screamed out loud. A few seconds after that my telephone rang. It was my sister. The first words out of her mouth were, "Are you watching tv?" The man on the screen was the man in my dream. In the picture his hair was shorter, but there was no denying that it was him. She saw the picture of the killer at her work as she was walking by an office that had a television in it and recognized who he must be from the description I gave her from my dream.

I asked her if she had been watching long and if they had announced the cause of death? She said that she hadn't been watching long enough to hear if they had said anything about it. By watching a few minutes I found out that they had not determined the cause of death. I was very close to tears at this point and could not believe that I was seeing this on the tv screen. I guess that I thought that I really had imagined it, that it really was just a dream, that nothing I could "see" or dream could possibly be real.

Two days later I was making breakfast and my phone rang, it was my sister again. "Are you watching the news?" I turned it on. The District Attorney was on the screen again, after about a minute he announced that the missing little girl had died of suffocation. Not asphyxiation, not strangulation, suffocation! He said the same exact word that I had used to describe the way I had felt when I saw the bright whiteness in my dream to my sister and my husband. Now I actually did burst into tears. I was devastated. I knew, at that moment that I really could have helped and that I had chosen to let my own doubts get in the way.

This type of thing has happened to me once before, in that case it was also a missing child, but it was more a vision that came to me and not a dream that time. I also did not act on what I felt I "knew". This happened several years before the experience I just shared.

I am now just desperate to know what I should do further. I would like to learn to control these experiences and call upon it when I want to use this "ability". I need help, I really know no where else to turn. I have checked out other sites and have found this one to be the most insightful so far.

Any help, advice, insight, anything at all that anyone can share with me would be most appreciated. I do not have that much to offer anyone else, but I would be willing to help anyone that I can.

Thank you for reading and for anything you can offer.

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Abby (99 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-24)
Dear dreamweaver,

I personally believe that many get such messages from the future about events both positive and negative. Generally, they come in cryptic messages in various ways depending on the person who receives the message. Each person interprets their messages in their own way. You will need to find out what these messages mean to you. If you feel it is your calling or duty to help children before or after they are harmed then you may wish to gather as much information as you can recall and record it and give it to the proper authorities. Remember, not all are keen on the idea of psychics, sensitives, mediums and the like and may not react with positive feedback. If you feel it is your calling then you must do the research and work to find out how best to hone and use your ability. It is up to you to decide if this is what you wish to do or are called to do.

Another thought. This may be a wake up call to you to go into a field where you can help children. You can still use your abilities and love for children in any and all fields related to children. One does not have to be a gifted psychic or medium to help children to be safe from harm's way.

Blessings, Abby
bornundervenus (2 stories) (17 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-24)
First off I would like to say that I'm very sorry that you have to experience such horrible events. I know it must be hard to deal with. I don't have experiences like that but I do have my own that can be frightening. My advice to you is to write it down draw it if you can, get as much as you can down on paper and call the police anytime you have any of these experiences. They may think your crazy but what do they know. You can even say, they might think you're crazy, but tell them anyway. You can do it anonymously to keep your identity and your experiences a secret. I hope this helps at all. Nobody likes hearing about violence and children, you seem like a very strong individual. Try to stay that way.


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