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The Predictive Drawings


I really like drawing and I have been drawing for about 4 years or so. I usually just draw the stuff I know how and don't really do anything else but these last few months have been different. By different I mean I could be in class and all of a sudden I would get distracted but something and can't regain my own focus on what i'm supposed to be doing. I feel like I should take out my sketchbook and start drawing random lines and scribble. In the end, they aren't actually scribbles, they end up a really blurry photo and I get out of being distracted and I feel like I was in a trance or some sort and I look at what I just drew and I see a photo of someone stabbing another person in the back with a knife. And i'm over here all weirded out because the last time I checked, I can't draw bodies like this. And I don't know what just happened but a week later, one of my friends wants to be a jerk to me and say that I shouldn't be her friend anymore because I ignore her? I don't ignore her, i'm not on my phone all day long and she expects me to be on it. And a few hours later I pull out my sketchbook and flip to the page where the scribbles and lines were and it all came rushing to me and I realized that what I drew became true.

Another thing happened to me where I just felt like something went over me and forced me to draw and it made me draw a photo of a ball being kicked? It didn't make sense but today, a ball was about to hit my face but my friend saved me just in time. This was my weird experience.

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Bookee77 (1 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-24)
You have clairvoyance. Don't doubt it just go with it it's a gift. I know this isn't completely related to your story but think of famous musicians that write music... It has to come from somewhere therefore most musicians have a sense of clairaudience and the music just comes to them almost as an epiphany. For you, you receive images that come to you that kind've give a taste of the future. That's pretty cool tho, I also always loved drawing since I was young, but I havn't been doing it recently, I'm about to start again tho! Whatever you do, don't stop doing what your doing the images will come in clearer and clearer the more you do it.

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