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Astro Project


I am Native American in Canada. Ojibway to be exact. I have always had this experience with half asleep and half awake. As a child I never understood why it happened to me.

I am the oldest sister, second eldest in the family.

These experiences started when I moved into my dad's new house, I was around 9 years old.

At the age I used to get these, as I know them to be "Astro-project", every other night, I had a hard time falling asleep because at that age I never understood what it really was until recently as I found this website about similar experiences I've read.

My dad's house has three bedrooms, kind of all aligned one side of the wall of the house and the "middle room" we came to call it was a special room because it had these sacred things in it.

When I mean sacred I mean, like, eagle feathers, drum, pipe, our regalia etc. Our family at the time being very "spiritual".

Us kids had turns of who would sleep in there alone, and when it came to my turn I loved it, why, well when those experiences hit me in the room it was like hearing "drumming and singing" in my ear, like I am listening to a "radio" clearly in my ear. It made me feel at peace and helped me fall asleep.

Out of the room was a different story, and it was more intense. I used to have my younger sister hold my hand just in case if it happened to shake me awake.

Two days ago, and couple other times, I have these experiences come to me, strong, the last one, I was laying on my bed, the vibrations came over me, and I heard music. It sounded familiar like I have heard it before and it was a female singer and the feeling was on my left side of my body. I tried not be scared, like it was when I was young girl. Some part of me is slowly accepting this "astro project".

I woke up briefly, tried to shake it off for like a minute, than closed my eyes and it came back quickly this time the vibration was around my knees and this time I heard a different song it was a male singer. This song was very beautiful, the first couple of lyrics I remember from it was "hey little girl..." and this song must of went on for awhile because

I listened to it and felt comfortable.

As this vibration went from my knees to up my thighs, it went to my hand, and I felt as if a person picked up my hand and held it.

This action, it a reassurance of some sort? It felt like to me.

My hand was put back down, singing still going on, and the feeling crawled up my chest, the song got louder, and it stopped at my right neck/shoulder area. The weird thing was, this feeling was calming and the color "blue" stuck out in my mind.

So I decided once it was at my neck/shoulder area, as it were nuzzling me, I wanted to wake up, and the "music" was still there.

I came to, wide wake, and said "i don't know what that was all about but it was weird".

I do not smoke cigarettes, or drink, well maybe since January was the last time I drank "socially".

I do smudge with sage, every week.

I do pray on occasion with tobacco. Not as often as I should.

I know "who I am" and my native history and know a majority of my teachings. I yet still have many things to learn in my spiritual side because it is endless and never-ending because in essence we are always evolving spiritually.

I have from my other previous experiences with "astro project" have done this twice, got out of my body.

First time, I had gotten up off the bed, and walked around the corner of the bed, which took me a lot of effort to do, to realize when I looked back I was still on the bed, so I stumbled back to myself on the bed.

Second time was, I fell off the couch, as I looked up, I saw myself still on the couch, and these experiences occurred 7 years ago.

So do I really have this ability or was just mere luck?

I do still have some doubts and some fears.

Better to ask someone who has mastered this ability and relate to me than randomly share this other people who have no idea what I am talking about.


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