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The Watchman, The Judge, And The Captain


Be warned. This is kind of long, because I don't want to leave out any details.

On August 7th, my best friend Travis told me about some strange things he was feeling in his room, the feeling that there were several others there, in his room with him. For uniformity, I later named the spirits the Watchman, the Judge, and the Captain.

The Watchman was always the first that he sensed. He felt it from his ceiling, as if he was telling another, "Look. He is here."

The Judge would be second. He felt as if someone sat behind him on his bed, touching various parts of his body, his feet, legs, back, and arms.

He never felt a third presence, but he had the strange inclination never to leave his closet open when he slept. We discovered why the next week on the 14th. Travis, Jared, Joe, and I spent the night at his house, in his room. We were curious as to who or what resided in his room. After a few hours of joking and talking, Joe and I opened the closet. Nothing seemed to happen, until I recommended we sleep.

Travis fell asleep first. When he did, he began muttering things. He said, "I can feel him judging me." He told us where he was being touched, telling us that he was going numb in several places.

Too suddenly, he lost control of his entire right side, feeling, movement, and even sight in his right eye. He began arguing with himself. His mouth twisted, not physically but... In such a way that he was speaking upside down, his smile words, and even tongue appeared upside down.

Joe, having had regular experiences with things like this, told me to put my hands on his right side, to keep him from shaking. The moment I did so, I felt the same chill running through my body, causing me to shake as rapidly as he did. After a few moments, Joe instructed Jared to do the same, but it in no way affected him, so it seemed. This spirit that had possessed Travis I, at a later date, named the Captain. He spoke to me... He was inside my mind, knowing my thoughts and fears, all of my weaknesses... He told me of the flaws and failures that Travis saw in himself, calling him 'boy' and 'shell' during the course of his speaking. Joe instructed Jared to let go and move back, while the two of them only watched.

I cannot truly relay the emotion that I felt while he spoke to me. After ten minutes, I lost the ability to respond. I had nothing left, demoralized and ashamed. Joe realized this and told me to let go. He got up on Travis' bed and flexed his right arm. It sounded as if he were crushing granite between his fingers. Then, with all his might, he slapped Travis across the left side of his face. Travis groaned, and after a few seconds said, "Why does my face sting?"

We left the room and discussed with him what had just happened. He could only recall being in curled up in the corner of a small gray room, and being so afraid. The Captain had truly left his mark on him. After he fell asleep, he spoke several irrelevant things in his sleep... Including the ticking of the clock he slept near.

While he slept, Jared, Joe and I discussed what had occurred. I quickly realized that I had grown very angry. Listening to Jared's words had infuriated me. I knew he had been lying. Jared 'explained' that he had known what was going to happen. He explained that throughout the course of the evening, the spirit had drained his energy, making him completely useless in the situation, which is why he could and would not assist us in any way.

Joe had a different explanation. He described Jared's energy as gray, unkempt, incapable. The moment he placed his hands on Travis, his energy was gone.

My anger remained. I asked for Jared, the source of my anger, to punch me. Hard. Instead, Joe instructed me to stand up, and with the force capable of breaking several ribs, punched me right beneath my sternum. I didn't fall over, and felt little more than emptiness, almost hunger, in my stomach. My anger had dissipated.

I later discovered some interesting insight into the situation when I meditated the following evening (it was well into Saturday morning when we finally slept). The moment I had placed my hands onto my possessed friend, I exchanged energy with him.

From the moment that I discovered the reality of the parapsychological (my special word for supernatural), it was apparent to another friend of mine (with the ability to view people's auras) that my energy appeared as a shield, one that surrounded me, and prevented me from being influenced from the outside or the inside. Under great emotional stress (which I in no way wanted to acknowledge until meditation) I shifted this 'barrier' of mine, to shield Travis.

Because of this, the Captain could not fully possess Travis. He was safe as long as he had my protection. However, this came at a rather dangerous cost: I could in no way protect myself, and had unwittingly brought this spirit's energy into my own body. It made him more than capable of destroying me, demoralizing me. I remember clearly some of the words he spoke. "He may be safe now, but when his little friends disappear. Then what?"

From that moment (and something I only discovered recently) we have been bonded, not just kinesthetically or emotionally, but in spirit. Our souls, our energies, are linked.

I don't have any questions about the occurrence, I only hope that someone can find the answers they are looking for in what I have to say, or offer new insight into the situation. Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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jozborn (4 stories) (30 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-01)

I'm glad that I'm thinking the same things as you right now. I want to be a forensic scientist, and even more I want to be a Special Agent for the FBI. Being capable of protecting my team, and being a forensic intuitive would greatly impact how effective I operated.

Ah, patience. I'll remember it. But it's so much harder than it sounds ^_^
hardtoremember (37 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-28)
Longer story but it had me riveted!
Thanks for posting it.
You may want to think about extending your energy to protect others and not transferring it next time.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-24)
Thanks for sharing. My advice, use your sensitive (psychic) gifts in your career, to help those close, and keep your mouth pretty quiet. Most get freaked if it "really" happens. I once had a very best friend who laughed over stuff. Well one night, I did something that caused her to give me the owl stare. It's happened before and sense, but with friends it's worse. You loose them in some sense. Then you ignore it all and that get's even stranger because it really just happens. Stay on track with your career and imagine your good life, and let the psychic, sensitive stuff work in...

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