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My name Tiesha I am currently now 16 years of age.

Being psychic runs in my family. My best guy friend had a dream about him being in a car accident, I was able to see how it happened and when. The thing is we both dreamed it at the same time, which was strange because I woke up with blood on my hands and crying.

I have a very bad case of déjà vu where as I dream the things that is going to happen to me some time period of my life. When I wake up, I forget everything that has happened until I realize this feels like I have been through this before.

I see things that are not there, I am able to know things before it happens or predict situations without evening knowing what's going on. I was able to see what was I in my past life in which I still don't understand, in my past life I was either in different periods a slave, or always helping someone in the time of need. I can also read people minds at times, and feel a person energy if there good or evil

It's hard telling people how I know these things; they either think I'm crazy or weird. I hope that over time I will learn to accept God's gift.

I remember a year ago my Granddad called and I started feeling weird and sick so I went to bed that day. After learning he died and I started dreaming that he called me but the thing was in my dream I knew he was dead he was telling me that he was proud of me also that he was in a better place and including that he loved me always.

I just want to understand why does this happen and what can I do to help others

Thank You,


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revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
those things happen to people who are sensitive enough to pick up on the energies surrounding (and in) all things. Psychics, like yourself, can tune into other energy vibrations and read them. Your dreams about the future are premonitions about those close to you. Deja vu is a form of premonition- a dream about the future that you have forgotten but suddenly it comes back to you and suddenly you know you have said and done everything before. Your grandfather's energy came to visit you and you could "read" it. What he said was real. He didn't want you to feel badly about his leaving you. And he is proud of you.
Please find a form of psychic protection you are drawn to to keep negative energy from coming at you. I visualize a mirror pyramid covering my body with the mirrors facing away from my body. There are many others. You can help others by using your psychic gift to help them overcome their grief by giving them messages from their deceased loved ones. They will thank you for it.

Love and Light
iseethefuture (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-04)
I see the future, but only when I am in that time period. I relize that I have done it already, but I havent. I need help, have you got any advice? ❤

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