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The Accidential Case


My friend Anthony reminded me the other week of a "accidental case" I had when I went to help his grandmother out. About a year or two ago my friend Anthony and his family needed help taking care of their grandmother for a couple of weeks. She was ill and needed someone who had experience in taking care of people on hospice.

I had been a hospice care giver for a few years so they asked me if I would help the family out. I agreed to help them out so I went to stay and take care of the grandmother for a couple weeks.

It was a couple hours from my home so I had to stay there while I took care of her. The grandmother lived alone in a senior manufactured home park. It was a lovely park in a good area. She was a sweet women but she was having some serious health issues.

I was given the guest room in the front of the house to use to sleep in at night and she had her room at the back of the house. The rooms were close enough to each other that I could hear if she was in distress so the arrangements were perfect for the situation.

I of course figured it would just be her and I in the house. I also thought this would be a good break for me to get away from ghosts for a while and just recharge my batteries. Well, things never work out as we plan them.

The first day went well and evening approached and it was time to settle in for the night. I remember getting ready for bed. The bed was in the middle of the room and there was a dresser with a large mirror on one side of the bed and the other side had some small piece of furniture but was mostly empty wall.

I was trying to fall asleep and I looked over at the mirror and in the mirror I could see a man standing. I immediately knew it was a ghost. I watched him in the mirror as he just stood there looking back. He said nothing and just stared. I of course being used to ghost just let it go and thought to myself; it figures I couldn't get away from ghosts no matter where I went. I knew he meant no harm and I felt comfortable with his presence. I told him good night and went to sleep.

The next day was like the last. The grandmother had another good day and everything went well. Night approached and it was time for bed. I again went to go to sleep and again the man appeared in the mirror. He again just said nothing. But I could tell there was something he wanted to say something. I tried to put him a ease and make small talk. I promised I wasn't there to hurt him and I was there if he needed any help. He of course did not respond.

The next night when I went to bed he again appeared in the mirror but this time was different, he actually spoke. He had said to me he needed to be whole. He said that two had to become as one, and he was too far apart from himself. He also said that "she" the grandmother needed to stop touching him. He really didn't like when she touched him. It very much upset him. He also stated in so many words he wanted out of that house, he didn't want to be there. He made me promise to tell the family he did not want to be buried with his mother. He was very adamant about that.

So,I had to take everything he said and figure out who he was and what he meant by what he said. I didn't want to alarm the grandmother by letting her know there was a ghost in her house, she had enough to deal with. So I called my friend Anthony and I explained to him what was going on.

Anthony and I figured out the ghost that I described to him must have been his Uncle. But what his Uncle was saying we were both perplexed at what he meant. What did he mean by he needed put back together? Why did two have to become one? We were truly at a loss.

Needless to say Anthony and I were on a hunt to figure out what his Uncle meant so we could help him. Anthony called and talked to his mother hoping to get some clue of what his Uncle was trying to say. I carefully question the grandmother and covered up in simple small talk, also trying to get information that would help. Anthony and I were both hoping to get some kind information that would help us piece things together.

Days went by and we were trying hard to find out what his Uncle wanted. Each night the Uncle would appear. Finally I asked Anthony to find out how they disposed of the remains, was his Uncle cremated or buried?

Antony contacted his mother and found out his Uncle was cremated. This was in fact a great piece of the puzzle. We also found out that his Uncle remains were split up, half went to the Uncle's sister and half went to the Uncle's mother. This made what the Uncle was trying to say make sense. He wanted his remains to be put together. But what did he mean about his mother touching him?

I had another conversation with the grandmother and she was telling me about her son (the Uncle). She told me that when she misses him she place her finger in his remains and stirs them around. She said it made her feel close to him. I also had a conversation with the daughter. She told me the day I came that right before I arrived she removed her brother's remains that were kept in the bedroom I was staying in. She said his remains were on the head board shelf of the bed I was sleeping in and she moved then out of the room right before I arrived.

Everything made sense now. It all came together. The Uncle wanted his remains put together and removed from his mother house. He also couldn't stand when his mother would touch his ashes. Now all we had to do was explain this to the Uncles sister without the grandmother finding out.

It was decided it was best to never let the grandmother know what was going on especially in her failing health. So the daughter and Anthony secretly replaced the Uncles remains with residue from barbequed wood and such, which appeared to look and have the consistency of human remains. The daughter put the remains together and removed them from the grand mother's home. The family also promised that they would honor his wishes and not bury him in his mother's coffin when she passes as they had originally planned.

Anthony and I had solved the mystery and help the Uncle achieve his goals. I returned home and life of course moved on and the Uncle finally rested in piece after his wishes were carried out. Several months later the grandmother passed and the promise was kept and the Uncle was never buried with her. They both rest in piece now and the family knows that they are both in a good place. God rest their souls. The grandmother never found out that her sons remains were replaced with another substance and she passed away peacefully.

By, Lisa Gutierrez-Haley

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