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How Can I Use My Abilities To Help?


I've been able to see spirits for a very long time but, something started happening a few years ago and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to use it. A lot of times I know when someone will die before they do even when it's extremely random, if I see a picture of someone or hold an object I'm usually able to tell if they've passed away, and sometimes I know how it happened. How can I use this to help people?

I feel like psychic abilities are gift (no matter how sad they may seem) and there is a reason that some people have these abilities. I want to use mine to help others but I'm not sure how. I can't just go up to someone and tell them that someone they're close to is going to have a fatal accident soon. Even if I could, just like every other psychic, I'm not always right. What if the time that I feel I need to tell someone this information I'm wrong and I've hurt them for no reason?

Does anyone else have a gift similar to mine? Also, are you able to control when you want to do it? I find it very hard to demonstrate while I'm under pressure meaning that the first time I told someone what I could do quickly turned into the last time. Because without proof people seem to think you're crazy. This started after I came very close to death I've been thinking that it was just a coincidence but lately I'm not so sure. Is there any chance that those two things could be related?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this I really appreciate it and look forward to your replies. Have a wonderful day everyone:D

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Babyj7 (8 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-04)
I don't know what my gift is all I know is that I see them sometimes an I hear them. I don't know what to do I've been like this all my life it's not as bad as it was in my younger days. I think because I pushed it back but I have headaches a lot I've even wake up with marks on my body an don't even know how they got there I want to learn how to control it bout don't know how an I don't know what my gift is are what but I know I'm not crazy. This is my life I just want help to understand it.
AmandaLinette (guest)
9 years ago (2014-02-15)
The path of 'controlling' psychic and mediumship gifts is a continuing journey ~ even for me!

I've written a few articles to help you learn how to control your abilities, manage them in your day to day life, and help others.

Control and Management:


Helping others:

I hope this helps guide you ~ with love!
arthur74789 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-10)
I don't know I need help my self I have multiple abilities though one of mine is sort of like yours I'm a precog what I do I stop I before it happens it worked until it stopped happening everyday It used to just happen the day after but now with it happens less with all my abilities the last time I was able to use that ability was last year when I turned 12 but the last time I used a ablity was today levatition was what I used but there all hard to controll I believed I'm losing my ability
Anaya (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-08)
to see it I see it as a double ended blade, you can help people and tell them that they are going to die, but in the end do you really want to change there fate so drasticly? It is like say you had a dream about some random stranger and the next day you say them on the street, and you can do two things we will go over both here.

-tell him he is going to die by getting hit by a train. He believes you and does not die, but in a weeks time he A) gets so overly depressed and paranoid about his fate that he hangs himself from his celling beams, or B) he turns out to be on his way to rob a bank or store and ends up killing 5 people on the proses of holding up the place. Then gets shot or taken by a cop to end up in jail and he hangs himself for he is already on death row.

-say nothing and keep walking. This is crule I know but in the end you think about it, his death is for a reason and life has a plan set forth for him to go on, fate has a funny way of working with things and sometimes as it is said it is simply a persons time. The man got hit with the train and you saved 5 people from dieing in the bank/shop robbery all 3 people had family's and children, one was getting married and getting last moment things for her love, and one more had a child coming on the way.

You have a choice in everything you do but every gift has its ups and downs, even the story over head has a bright side for telling him, he could have bin a normal guy with a wife and kids that you just saved, but he could have in a cheater on his wife or a killer in hiding. Everything you have to judge on how it stands, I don't say to not look at your seeing deaths as a good thing but also see it as tempting fate and a bad thing, for one day you will see how you will die, and the thing you ask yourself is, do I change it? Or do I let my plan unfold the way it was ment to.

harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-03)
Think of it this way: what if you could predict the death of the world's future Hitlers? That would be an extremely good feeling, right? That's what you should focus on, in my opinion. Along with what the other comments say, I think you should try to and an impact. 😉
Lyro (468 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-01)
I know someone who has nightmares almost all the time. Sees bad things like people dying, and a lot of it comes true. It's not something I would wish on her, but at the same time it's a part of her. I know the more she tries to push it away and suppress it, the more it will be out of control, and try to emerge. The best thing to do is to accept that it's a part of who you are, learn more about it, and through that knowledge you can get a better understanding and control over it. Maybe you can ease the pain of theirs or their loved ones, there's different potential in what you want to do with it, and something to remember is just because you're here now doesn't mean this is the only gift you can posses. As you learn and grow; your mind, body, and spirit grows. You can potentially gain or learn new abilities/gifts. You could develop into other things and use those to better help people. If you stay on the right path:) And I do like that you're already thinking about ways to help other people, you're not selfish with it, you're looking for ways to better help the people around you.
Gidget (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-01)
Thank you so much for your reply. It made me feel a little better about things, I don't know if I'll ever figure this one out but I know there's a reason that I can do this. Maybe one day I'll understand it and actually be able to help someone. Until then I think I'm just going to work on accepting it completely and trying to understand it instead of trying to push it away because it doesn't make sense to me.
Lyro (468 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-01)
I was once told these words, "knowledge is both a gift and a curse", and so far to me they've held true. I can't really tell you how you're supposed to use your gifts, that's for you to discover on your own. As far as controlling them, pretty well control comes with knowledge, and understanding. It comes with time and patience as well as practice. It's not something to learn overnight:) Also, I learned that lesson all too well. I stopped talking to people I knew in person about personal things because it always caused drama. People just don't understand things that their not a part of. No one is normal, but some people choose to not see it, hold on to an idea of everything being normal, which is perfectly fine. However, you can't really force them to see something. Like how you can lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink (Old saying I know:) It's just something they'll have to discover on their own. As far as things coming about due to a near death experience, it's very possible. I mean I've read a ton about those kinds of things happening, and to me it's pretty logical. Most gifts can come about in a sort to help, like for instance if you're in danger. And most gifts are connected to ones emotions, so during a life threatening event our emotions do tend to spike pretty hard. I've actually had a few close calls myself, and in each one I seemed to be saved somehow, so I wouldn't doubt it at all. Hope some of this helps.

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