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Sins Of The Living


My name is Lisa Gutierrez-Haley. I have another case which is recent I wanted to share with you. I have been helping people in the paranormal field for 30 plus years. I have had hundreds and hundreds of cases and I still continue to work. Even though I have been doing this along time, I still feel I learn new things all the time, and sometimes I am just amazed how far people will go.

I took a case out of state over 3000 plus miles away. Usually I never travel that far. My business is non profit and I have no sponsors, so all my expenses are out of my own pocket. Traveling cross country is of course not cheap.

There was something about this particular case that was just pulling me to go. The emails from the male client were very compelling and heart felt and you could feel his urgency and desperation. The descriptions of the details were extreme. He claimed his girlfriend was in mortal danger and being attacked by a spirit. He explained that this spirit was beating her, raping her, possession her, causing her uncontrollable seizures etc. He felt he was going to lose her. His story was very compelling.

The pull to take this case was so overwhelming. I decided to take the case even though it was so very far away. I and a associate and dear friend of mine Kitty; we raised the money through her sponsor and my husband and 2 close friends so we could get to the client and help. We paid for everything, not a penny would come out of the client's pocket. The client and his girlfriend (the victim) were grateful and extremely happy we were coming. They couldn't believe we would do that for them and at our own expense.

We traveled by Greyhound cross country to our destination. (It was a horrific way to travel. One we will never do again.) It took us 3 1/2 days by bus to get there. We arrived and agreed with the client we would interview, investigate and resolve the issue beginning the next day. Kitty and I were exhausted from the 3 1/2 day bus ride from hell. We needed to rest to be fresh for the next day.

When Kitty and I awoke the next day we both found we had choke marks on our necks and that we both had a vivid dream of being choked. This only reassured us of why we were there and only made us more determined.

We had the client (boy friend) come to our hotel and we interviewed him in great detail. He brought his evidence for us to review and we questioned him for hours. We found several issues with his girlfriend's evidence and stories he relayed to us that she claimed had happened. He showed us pictures he took when he would come home and find her on the floor unconscious. The pictures looked as if she had posed herself in the picture. The body placement was not possible if she had truly fainted. He also shared a picture when she was supposedly possessed, it was just a picture of her rolling her eyes back. It was not how someone would look if truly possessed. He claimed when she was "possessed", the demon would text him for hours saying cruel and mean things and calling him all kinds of horrible names.

My first thought on that was the energy that would take would have to be massive for that to truly occur and near impossible. He played us an audio tape of her supposedly being violently raped and attacked. But she still found the time while "being attacked" to turn on the audio recording on her phone and hold it while being "violently raped". In that case she should have been able to hit the video recorder. That was another red flag. The seizures she was supposedly having were not consistent with what happens when someone really suffers a seizure. He said because of everything that was going on she hadn't worked for months and she just stayed home and laid around. He said he would have to go by and take care of her and do her errands and get her meals. He had to pay her rent and bills because of what this demon spirit was doing to her. The evidence was unraveling and red flags were flying.

Kitty and I arrived at the clients home where the girlfriend was staying. The boyfriend went upstairs to get his girlfriend. You could hear her screaming at him degrading and threatening him. She all of a sudden only cared about sleeping, though she had already slept for 2 days straight. She wanted nothing to do with help. She just wanted to sleep. Kitty and I both thought this is not normal behavior, usually a client is grateful to get help. But she all of a sudden didn't want any. That tells me she has something to hide.

Kitty and I agreed we were not coming that far and at our own expense to be turned away. We had to find the truth and find out what was really pulling us there. I knew it was not the girlfriend (supposed victim).

The roommate came down to talk to us. You could tell the experiences he was encountering in the house were valid and you could see his fear was genuine and real. Kitty and I could feel the presence in the home. It was time to get to the bottom of this. Why were we drawn here? What was really going on?

Kitty and I were not going to leave without trying to talk to the victim and resolve this issue. We went up and talked to the girlfriend and got her to agree to help. But she really didn't want to leave her bed. She insisted her boyfriend go to several different fast food restaurants and get her certain foods from each. The way she treated him was something I had never seen before. He quickly did everything she asked.

We set up the equipment upstairs in her bedroom. And the hall way and we monitored them down stairs. Kitty was the tech so she did all the setup. We picked up several images on the camera of one specific entity. It was going in and out of her bedroom. When we were down stairs we had the girlfriend hold a emf meter. I would feel the presence and then the meter would go off. We also were taking evp's. At one point we reviewed some of the camera footage and audio footage and caught our spirit on audio. The spirit had joined into a conversation and said "and you too!".

This proved the spirit was intelligent, but there was no feeling of evil. We tried to provoke the spirit since according to the victim it was so strong that it could physically attack and rape etc. It didn't have a strong enough energy base. The only thing we finally were able to get it to do (which was caught on tape) was turn on a flash light upstairs in the bedroom while we were all down stairs. It was something but not anything that would be strong enough to carry out the tasks the victim claimed. It had little energy and was indeed harmless in nature.

At one point while Kitty and I were upstairs, I saw a spirit of a dog jumping off the bed and go into the hall. We also found we caught that on tape as well. I finally realized why we were there and what was pulling me to come so far. It wasn't the clients it was the spirit. The spirit named "Ken" needed his name cleared of all the things the girlfriend was accusing him of. It was the spirit asking for help, he was the one pulling us there.

That night we sent "Ken" to the light. We cleared his name, and the evidence proved he did nothing that the girlfriend tried to claim. We were very fortunate that after reviewing the evidence we caught "Ken" going to the light. It was touching. On the video and audio, we caught when I was helping Ken go to the light he moaned very loudly not sure if he was ready or not to go to the light; then you could hear on the audio the dog spirit panting and then the video caught Ken going to the light. He was a bright quick energy ball.

Needless to say after all the evidence was in and evaluated. We found that the spirit of "Ken" did exist, and he was the one whom needed help. He just wanted his name cleared. He wanted to prove he wasn't doing what the girlfriend was claiming. Also we found the existence of a spirit of a dog. We found all the evidence and stories etc. On the part of the girlfriend to be faked and completely manufactured with no validity. The night we were there the girlfriend never had one seizure, which was amazing because she was having them everyday. The girlfriend knew we knew she was lying and that we had the evidence to prove it.

We found out that the girlfriend was doing all she was to keep the boyfriend under control so she could live in his house for free, make him buy her food, run her errands and not have to get a job and work. She would spend her days (months) Sleeping in, watching television, and be catered to by her boy friend and room mate. She did not expect to be caught. She thought by doing this she could prey on his sense of concern and she could continue to enjoy the lifestyle of leisure and no responsibilities. She used the fact that there was a ghost and twisted the real truth to fit her needs, so she could continue her charade. She played victim, but in actuality she was not the victim the spirit in the house was.

I learned on that case how cruel some living people could be. I also learned that spirits can be victimized too by the living. I learned that sometimes spirits need our help to protect themselves from the living.

We got great evidence on this case both audio and video. We learned some valuable lessons and I got to take home the spirit of Buddy the ghost dog. It was a long trip for Kitty and I and true we will never travel by Greyhound again. But in the long run was worth it to clear a spirits name and send him to rest in peace and to show someone else true colors and deceit. Now the living and the spirits can move on to their next chapters and or plains.

Note: To my dear associate and friend Kitty. Thank you so much for being my partner in crime and for the great memories from our trip and for always keeping the humor going when the Greyhound ride got so tough! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!

(All the above events are true and have video and audio evidence to verify activity)


Lisa Gutierrez-Haley

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spiritinterventions (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-16)
Our YouTube video's are still up and running and can be viewed. THEY WERE NEVER REMOVED.
spiritinterventions (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-14)
I am a person that stands by my word. I am willing to prove myself in a court of law at anytime when someone feels the need to slander my or my co workers honesty and integrity. It is matter of principal and truth. As they say the truth shall set you free. I love what I do and I have helped people for 31 years. This is the first time I have ever been accused of such nonsense, and I will not stand for it! Yes, we whom work in the paranormal will always have our haters and that is to be expected, but lie about me and my co-workers and that is another story.
spiritinterventions (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-14)
To bekula. I have no clue what you are talking about. I have know Kitty since this past summer. I have no clue what and who you are. The evidence is in no way manipulated or altered. Prove your accusations. I stand behind our evidence and any expert will prove that the only thing done was blurring of the clients face for their privacy. I challenge you to prove your accusation. If your going to say something be prepared to prove it. If you want to slander someone by name you better be able to prove it in our judicial system. I will stand by my evidence and any story I tell to the bitter end because I don't lie and I have evidence as well. So be careful what you say if you don't have proof to back it, Because I take what I do very seriously, and I stand by my word, and I will not allow my name slandered. So you are put on notice.
spiritinterventions (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-14)
To "supposed victim". Whomever you claim to be. We have both video and audio evidence and email and text proof to verify our story. We also have witness accounts. If you wish to try and disprove us then I suggest you back it with tangible proof that would hold up in a court of law. We have all of the above and we even kept our clients identify private. You on the other hand have made slanderous unsubstantiated statements. If you are going to slander myself and Kitty you better be prepared to prove it in a court of law. I and Kitty will not sit idle and allow someone to defame our reputation. We stand behind our story and we have the evidence to prove it. So I suggest you be careful of slandering people without proof. It may land you in court.
bekula (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-12)
What a truely remarkable story, if it was true. People like her and her supposed friend "kitty" are scammers. Events did happen in this household however not as she described. Her videos and auido are cooked and manipulated. She preyed upon my friend who was in trouble and tried to fill her head with lies... Especially about how her best friend of 15 years (I.e. ME) put a hex on her and was the soul cause of all the horrific things that Ken was doing to her. Now, ask yourselves... What kind of person would prey on someone so helpless and scared out of their mind like that?

And Lisa... Next time take the salt out of your trash bags... And the price tags off your "magical" rocks... You may look more "real" and like a professional... Or at least it'll look like you know what your doing.
supposedvictim (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-12)
Lisa and Kitty are psychotic ghost chasers who claim to have every power imaginable including those of a catholic priest. Lisa attempted to PROVOKE Ken over and over and I (the supposed victim) spoke to Ken in a calm normal manner trying to reason with him. He was terrified and his anxious energy could be felt. Suddenly he was not malicious or aggressive, and I actually felt bad. After talking him through the horrible experience, he finally left. Ken was someone who was a tortured soul while living, and took his own life.

I was NEVER RAPED by him, and my seizures are a medical condition that have been diagnosed by licensed professionals.

Hark- you absolutely correct that this story is NOT all true.

Lisa has written this in anger, because I notified Google regarding the youtube video she posted of the experience, and doctored with "voices" for shock value. I never signed a waiver releasing footage of my home, and it included names of personal friends that were familiar with this situation or somehow involved. I am appalled with this post. 😠


"Supposed Victim"
TheSilhouett3 (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-18)
Oh wow, I'm truly amazed and feel so sorry for ken. Thank goodness you and Kitty were there! Its great to know there are people that still care:)
hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2013-11-07)
What a truly remarkable story. Bless you for going to such great lengths to help people. I am very glad you could help Ken go to the light. Its disgusting how some people can take advantage of other people (and in this case, spirits). I hope the best for the boyfriend, Ken, the spirit dog, and yourself.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-11-07)
Wow, what an ordeal for you but what a significant take away! Thanks for sharing that with us.

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