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Living A Dark Life


Since I was born I had an infinite amount of dots in my vision that would warp and morf around people, I never knew what they were until about a couple a months ago, I realized I could aura read, incredibly well, I also since I was born was a fast learner, causing me to learn anything I put my mind to pretty quick, what I put my mind to was combat and advanced skills, I was 4 when I got in my first fight, I hospitalized the boy I got into a fight with, I'm not bragging, boasting is for the weak, as I got older I progressively learned more "moves" and "skills" I got in more fights, I had a very hot temper, as I got older I focused more on combat, never knowing I was superhuman, eventually at the age of 11 I had a incident where I imagined something happening to me, and it happened, the incident was I got a light saber for my birthday and I didn't have batteries, I kept asking my mom but she wouldn't do it, eventually I thought really long and hard and saw a vision like... Well vision and it showed my mom getting the batteries, now in this time lapse, 5 minutes had passed, but to me it was 5 seconds, at the time I didn't know what is was, but 3 days later the same thing I saw happened, coincidence? I don't think so fast forward a year, I saw a vision of this girl coming into my daycare I went to, the next day she came, me and her actually ended up being pretty good friends until we lost contact with each other, fast forward 2 years, I get a intense image of a suicide, that suicide... Was my own, and It actually happened, but I survived, the way I tried it, OD, but after surviving I realized I had a very strong immune system and regenerative capabilities that caused my body to actually process all of the pills, after that I focused on keeping my mind clear and helping others, as I focused more on adapting my powers, eventually I just started getting visions of what would be on tv. But as I adapted more I learned the ability to alter the fate of people at 15, I'm 17 now and have a clear mind and can thoroughly see the fate of people, alter them, read auras, and fight like the warriors of a hundred armies.

If you would like guidance or help controlling your powers, please just ask.

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Storm_Nomed (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-21)
Artistic, thank you for that, I never knew that existed, it's seems pretty spot on, me and my parents fight all of the time, and I've always had a hard time growing up. And I usually channel my energy into influencing fate, but when you get close to me I can feel your energy, your emotion, your stress, your power, sometimes when you shake my hand I can get a quick glimpse of your fate.
Artistic-Dreamer (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-21)
You have some really impressive abilities and I must say, did anything trigger a recognition of what exactly you've been seeing all your life (I.E. Information online, person, television documentary)? Also, do you think maybe you're an indigo teen?

In fact, I'd like to know how you channel your energies. This piques my interest.
kaimonora (2 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-17)
Rolls eyes okay hercules... Ugh not really sure how to process such a story yes Hercules did exist he was a nephilim but they were destroyed in the flood

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