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Looking For Some Help With My Abilities


I seriously have no idea to begin, it's just so much. I guess I'll just tell you my experiences.

First of all, I know I'm open for spirits and, well, these kind of things. I was at a medium convention once and one woman there read my fortune in tarot cards. It was pretty amazing. She told me that I am very open, I just have to learn to control it. She also said that I knew healing and had potential to learn the ability to communicate with animals.

Just starting with saying that, and now to the actual experiences.

I guess it started when we first moved to this house when I was 6 years old. I had a different room back then and there I was always afraid of going to bed. I tried to fight my parents about sleeping even though I was tired enough to fall asleep on the floor. It was because when I actually laid down in my bed I could feel someone watching me. I knew exactly where in the room they were standing but when I looked there was nothing there. I could also hear those whispers. I could never make out the words but it was so obvious that someone was whispering in the room. I used to be so scared I barley dared to turn around in my bed and I NEVER went to the bathroom even though I had to.

Also, before we moved into this house I was never scared of the dark. When we came here I always had to have a light on.

For a few years it was just that, and the fact that I didn't like being home alone because I didn't want to be alone with... Whatever it was.

Then I got a new bedroom, about four years ago when I was 12. I couldn't walk in stairs anymore because I developed this kind of pain in my ankles and wasn't allowed to over-strain them. So I got a room downstairs instead.

Now I didn't have to worry about the whispers anymore, they were only upstairs. Instead I started to feel someone pressing my legs down when I was about to sleep. I think I felt it in my old room too, just not as strong. Now it was overwhelming and I don't know how many times I thought I was going to die.

Then one night I woke up because I really needed to go to the bathroom and I couldn't just ignore it. So I went up and walked out of my room, and straight back to my room again, closing the door behind me. I knew someone was staring at me when I was out in the hall and I had this heavy feeling in my chest. I was so scared I started hyperventilating. After a few minutes I was calmer though and walked out of my room again and turned on the light. The bathroom is beside the stairs and when I was about to walk into the bathroom I felt like someone was standing at the top and staring down at me. The heavy feeling in my chest never disappeared. Even in the bathroom I didn't feel like I was alone.

After that I was even more scared of leaving my room in the night. And I was still scared of being in my room too.

And then I was at that convention and the woman with the tarot cards there told me to not be afraid of the presences in my house (I hadn't told her about it) she told me to try to stay calm and tell them to leave me alone. She also told me that I really shouldn't be afraid of the pressing on my legs when I was about to sleep. She said it was my guardian spirit trying to tuck me in.

So after that I tried to spot being afraid, and after a while I wasn't anymore. I told them to leave me alone a lot of times and while they're still around they never come into my room anymore and sometimes I even get left alone in the rest of the house. I still let the guardian spirit in sometimes when I'm feeling lonely. I talk to her (I know it's a she somehow) and even though I can't hear her answer I can kind of feel that she's there for me. I also let her tuck me in because I just feel so loved when she does that.

I'm also pretty sure that there's two other spirits in the rest of the house, both male. One of them I know is a joker and seems to love annoying people. Once he threw a bunch of pieces from my little sisters puzzle while I was trying to watch TV. Some other time I was in the bathroom and he just unlocked the door. I could see the lock being turned around and I got really angry with him because when I'm in the bathroom I don't really want people to be able to come in.

And one time he made me really scared. I was home alone and in the kitchen making a sandwich, I think. And then all of sudden I see this shadow coming towards me and floating right threw me and I felt really, really strange. So I fled into my room. I think it was the joking spirits because I just had this instant feeling that someone was laughing at me.

The other spirit is very different. He doesn't do much. Sometimes I can see the silhouette of him in the corner of my eye, but not more than that. I think it's from him I get that heavy feeling in my chest sometimes. I don't think he's very happy, and I think the other spirit annoys him a lot. I kind of feels sorry for him and I want to help him but I don't know how. Any advice?

Well, that's some of my experiences. I really want to develop my abilities more, but I'm kind of scared. I've tried open up more for the spirits a few times but every time I get a headache and it just feels like all of this information is trying to get into my head but I can't handle all of it.

I just want some help with it. Any of you who knows something I could do?

(this turned out really long, sorry for that)

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TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-18)
Hey stenisen. If you would like to help the spirits in your house, I feel you should start researching on the history of your house. You may gain some useful information and maybe even know how to help them.

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