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My name is Lisa Gutierrez-Haley. I am a psychic/medium and I specialize in demonic and property exorcisms and cleansing. Of course I do everything else to, but mainly I deal with the dark elements of the paranormal. I wanted share a story of the first time I tricked my husband into helping me with a property exorcism. It still makes me giggle a little to this day.

My husband was once a Marine and a cop and detective. He did these various jobs for years. He's intelligent and a fact seeker. He felt that because of his experiences, and training he could rationally find answers to every situation. He also believed that "Ghosts don't exist". Well, that is until he met me. Then his world changed. Being around me because I am always surrounded by spirits, if you are close enough to me you will also be subject to paranormal activity. Being that I married him, I dragged him deep into the world of spirit encounters. At first it was surreal for him and very unnerving, and freaky. But over time he adjusted and accepted the fact that it really does exist and he could not deny it existence anymore. Due to his one on one experiences on a daily basis he became a true believer. Well, I admit he didn't have much of a choice being around me. He encountered and still encounters many of the spirits that are always around me. So do the few visitors we allow in our home.

But to get to my story. I had a simple case. It was a property exorcism. A family home was being sold and the old owners wanted to remove the bad spirit that had tortured their family their entire life in that home. The daughter that was in charge of selling the house wanted to make sure it would be safe for the new owners that were moving in. Especially because they had children. She didn't want the new family to deal with all the horrors her family encountered for years. It had scared her family deeply.

My client the home owner who was selling the place explained how they could feel such evil in the house. And how it made the family ill throughout their entire life growing up in the house. It would taunt and scare the family and it caused great discord. It caused the family great emotional harm and an abusive atmosphere. But the home owner also said she felt a kind presences as well at the foot of her bed at night. That presence made her feel safe when it was present. The negativity was overwhelming and spread amongst the family, causing great discord and abuse and great unhappiness and fear. She didn't want the new owners to go through what her family went through.

I arrived at the home with my husband in tow. I immediately felt three spirits and the dark heaviness that overcame the home with such negativity and the feeling of despair. One very evil and two very gentle spirits. The two gentle spirits were being tortured and taunted by the evil spirit. It was obvious that a property exorcism would have to be performed along with a cleansing and house blessing.

The two gentle spirits were one named Rosemary. Rosemary was an older woman. Very kind and loving. She was a motherly type women meaning nobody harm. She feared the evil spirit. The other was a young boy spirit names Tommy. He was a boy about 7 to 9 years old. Rosemary protected him as best she could from the evil spirit. The boy spirits only memory of being alive was running scared through the woods lost and alone then darkness. He didn't really know his real name or anything about himself. He gave himself the name Tommy. Though Rosemary and Tommy were not related they became a family to each. They constantly were running and hiding from the evil spirit. They feared they evil spirit. All they ever wanted was peace in the home and to be left alone by the evil spirit.

I promised both Tommy and Rosemary I would give them peace from the evil spirit and a choice as well; they could either go to the light or I would give them sanctuary with me.

My first task was of course removing the evil spirit which dwell within this home. I started the property exorcism. I warned my husband whom I had video taping to never go ahead of me. When doing a property exorcism you push the spirit from room to room until you push it out. As I was doing the one room my husband went ahead of me into the next room. Of course he was forewarned not to do this. But of course he didn't listen. As I was performing the exorcism in the room next to the one he was in, I heard my husband give out a big scream.

As I knew would happen the evil spirit pushed into the room he was in. I asked my husband what had happened. With the look of shear terror on his face he told me as he was filming the room a face jumped out of the wall at him. He was lucky enough to catch it on the video. Though I warned him in advance not to get ahead of me his ego got the best of him, and in turn he was taught a lesson. Though at the time, I was pissed at him for not listening, I know giggle when I remember his scream and shear terror look on his face. Needless to say I can not get him to go on another case without begging and promising he can stay with the clients from now on. But it also taught him a lesson in never underestimate the power of a spirit.

I of course finished the exorcism and cleansed the house and blessed it. The home felt new the evil spirit was gone and the home recharged with good energy. A year later the house is still clear and new home owners are very happy. The old home owner who sold the house felt such a relief and closure her life improved and she was able to let go of the scares that house had given her. She moved on to a better place in her life.

As for the two gentle spirits Rosemary and Tommy, they made the choice not to go to the light. They took sanctuary with me. They have become part of the spirit family I have in my home. Where I will always protect and keep them safe until the day they are ready to cross over.

They are a wonderful addition to our spirit family. But we had to make some adjustments because of Rosemary. It seems that Rosemary believes you can never have enough spice or salt in your food. So we used to keep our salt and spices on the counter in our kitchen. But because of Rosemary we had to put them in the cabinets out of her reach. Otherwise Rosemary seems to find away to dump additional spices and salt in our food, and she never put the spices back where they belong. So to avoid her over spicing and not putting things back we have had to put away our spices and salts.

Tommy and Rosemary every night come into my bedroom and sit at the foot of the bed. Sometimes you can hear them whisper and giggle. But I know they are happy now. The old home owner is better and she has healed; and the new owners of the home have a happy life in their new home. Most of all I can remember the time my husband was taught a lesson and we gained two new spirit family members. It was a great day at work that day, one of many.

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spiritinterventions (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-14)
Dear Jabc: I am not sure. I don't have enough information. But I do suggest you try what is called astral projection. I would suggest you start with the string method. You can find how to do it on the internet and probably on YouTube. It is a higher level of concentration and may help you find the answers to your question. If you would like to share more details contact me at spiritinterventions [at]
JABC (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-14)
Nice. You seem to know a lot so if you don't mind I have a question, Wen I close my eyes I see eyes staring back at me and don't know why. One day I tried to focus to see the eyes with my eyes open and I turned off the lights in the kitchen but right before the lights wen out I saw a spirit but then went away. Also wen I was younger I once saw everything in red but it went away don't know why. Another thing is that wen I close my eyes sometimes I see a bright light like some one had a flashlight in front of me. So my question is what does this all mean and why is it happening.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-10)
Thanks for sharing your story! You have great respect and compassion for the spirits. I too have a spirit family. Keep up the great and wonderful work that you do. You are needed by many people around the world.
BrightEyes (4 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-07)
Very intriguing story. I admire what you do, bless you. Perhaps one day I too will be able to assist others in a positive way with my abilities, whatever they are.

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