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A Frightening Glimpse Into The Future


As a courtesy to readers on this site, I just need to give a little background on my life and experiences to date. I befriended a medium called "Tim" and his wife, "Elaine" in July last year. With their help, I have come to learn that I have 3 spirits in my home. One is a little boy called Adam. He is the only spirit bound to the land as he burned to death in the spot he now sees as his sanctuary. He appears to be between 4 and 6 years old. The other two spirits are Guardians. One is my Maternal Grandmother and the other is a very close friend of mine, "Charlie". Both of them had crossed over and returned to aid my family. Although both of them have been very focussed on myself, my mom and my twin sons more than anyone else. For most of my life I have been sensitive to spirits, though I never knew or understood what I was feeling until Tim and Elaine told me a year ago that there were spirits in my home. Deep down I had always suspected that there were, I always knew that there were male and female presences in my current home, but I always just shrugged it off. Now I know better.

I submitted this story on YGS and one of the mods told me I may find better answers here. Any help/insight would be very helpful, as I am quite terrified.

I have noticed that as my stress levels rise, the spirits around me make their presence clearer. This past weekend, 23 to 25 August 2013, I had more confirmation of this.

A friend of mine, Jay, had been visiting for the weekend. I love having him there, he used to run ghost hunting tours in Pilgrim's Rest, has had quite a few experiences with ghosts as well. His favourite spot, the "Robbers Grave". I found this interesting insert if anyone is interested:

He has been in my home quite a few times now, but none of my ghosties have shown themselves to him as yet. They are quite comfortable with him there though. They still touch me and make noises even when he is there.

On the Saturday evening, I was running bath water for my kids, when T, one of my boys, came in and told me Jay was calling me. I found him outside by the automated front gate. He showed me that the gate was stuck, would not open or close. Luckily, we have a second entrance into the yard, so we could still get out, but the fact that the gate I use was not working had me stressed. I sent my dad a message and when he called, I explained the situation to him. He told me to speak to my cousin (he had installed the system to begin with) and find out if he could come and fix the problem. So I did that, cousin would be there on Sunday.

We went back into the house and the housekeeper came to me and told me her room had almost burned down. The extension cable my dad had put in place for her to have power in her room had melted, shorted and caught alight. She immediately reacted, pulled the plug and put out the flames. Luckily, she was there, I'd hate to think what damage we would have had if the room had really caught fire. Jay sprang into action and helped her fix the problem. However, by then I was severely stressed. By the time my kids were in bed I had run a bath and was trying to relax when my phone received a BBM. It was Elaine, asking me what was wrong in my house.

I replied saying quite a lot was going on and I asked her who was talking. She said it was Gran. Gran had been on her case for over an hour, would not let her have a single moment's peace. Therefore, she knew something was wrong. I proceeded to tell her about all that was going on, adding the part about my cousin having to come to the house to fix the gate. Elaine then told me Gran reacted when I mentioned my cousin, she smirked. Elaine said she had a good idea that what went wrong with the gate may have been done to get him to come to our house. Gran has a bone to pick with my cousin.

The reason is quite simple. My aunt, Aunt S, is his mother (see bad feelings in Aunt S's house on YGS). She had gone and told him all about what was going on in my house and theirs for that matter. Now, the cousin of mine is an attention seeker. He is also one of those people who knows better and can do better than anyone else. The moment my aunt mentioned that my Gran was around, my cousin immediately said that he had always known she was there, and that lately she had been pestering him in his home. He proceeded to claim that she was constantly moving things in his house so he could not get them when he needed them, and she was always doing things to make his life miserable.

Now, I've really gotten in touch with my Gran the past few months. Due to the fact that she was murdered by a man, she is completely anti-male. The only exception being my boys. Occasionally she will make contact through Tim, but lately it is very rare. She uses Elaine as her medium for communication. She refuses to acknowledge men. With seriously good reason. So why on earth would she go out of her way to pester a man who is, personality wise, on par with the man who took her life?

I was immediately very annoyed that my cousin would dare spread such stories, and when I told my mom about it she also reacted the exact same way. The claims were ludicrous and completely untrue. While mom and I talked I had constant sensations of Gran touching my hair, trying to calm me down.

Therefore, knowing that he had spread these stories, I was very curious as to what Gran would do when he came to my house. In addition, while I had Elaine open and talking, I told her something that had been worrying me for 2 days. On Thursday evening, I had gone to bed, fell asleep reasonably fast and had a very vivid dream (or, what I assumed was a dream). I was standing in the passageway separating the bedrooms from the rest of the house. We have a safety gate there for security reasons. I was standing with the gate closed, key in the lock and my right hand still grasping the key as I had just turned it. When I looked up, a man was standing right in front of me, on the other side of the gate. Close enough that I could feel his breath.

He had light hair, with a lot of grey. It was shaggy and looked like it had not been brushed for quite a while. He appeared to be late 50's to early 60's. If I can give a better idea, for those of you familiar with the early seasons of the Friends series, he reminded me of Mr. Heckles, Monica and Rachel's downstairs neighbour. The moment I looked into his eyes, a singular thought popped into my head. Run or wake up! I woke up, heart pounding, and could feel Gran's hand on the left side of my head, over my ear. She does this lately when I'm restless.

Since I woke up on Friday morning I now have a creeping fear of standing at that gate, afraid that I will look up and see that man. And I had been fighting with myself over whether or not to ask Tim about this. The reason for that, my gut says this was NOT a dream. And asking Tim will most likely give affirmation and I am so afraid of what I will hear. But I broke down and told Elaine about the dream. The detail as sparse as I gave it here. Then I got a voice note from Tim.

He added, "He is wearing a red check shirt, has a cut on his right arm and is not wearing shoes. And he is flesh and blood." Those details I had not added, but they were right. Another message came through, and my fears were realized. This was not a dream. This was a glimpse of something that is yet to come. Tim asked me if I recognized the man at all, and I said no. I definitely do not know him. Tim replied with "yet". I was starting to freak out. The feeling I got from this man was not good, at all, and now I was being told that the scene was still going to play out. Tim sent me another message and told me Charlie had started talking. He wanted me to know that I need not be too afraid. When this happens, he and Gran and Adam will be there to protect me. I sent Tim a message and said, "Are you telling me even that little boy is getting ready to stand up for me?" and he replied "jip, you're his aunty-mommy". Right then the dam broke and I started crying. Gran was sitting next to me on the couch, trying to console me.

From what I gathered from Tim, Charlie and Gran both had a hand in giving me this "vision". They wanted me to be prepared, to make sure that we are safe and secure at all times when we are home. I am a bit paranoid about this now, seeing as how a stranger is going to gain entry into my home at some point. I do not know when, I do not know why. One thing Charlie told Tim was that this man knew him (Charlie) and he also knows about me. I do not know how, Charlie was not forthcoming with that information. However, I have never met him. I asked Tim what on earth I could ever have done to deserve something like this, and he told me not to see things that way. I have spirits in my home who are so focused on us that they will do everything in their power to protect us. And they have promised that they will protect me when this happens. No harm will come to me. Nevertheless, the feeling of foreboding is so immense that I am terrified.

What makes it worse is that I do not know where my kids are/will be when this happens. They were not mentioned in this entire scenario. I would like to know, how literal can a premonition be? Will it happen exactly as I saw it? Will the man look the way I saw him? Can it be changed? I am terrified.

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triden07 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-13)
Thank you for the wonderful advice. I'm being vigilant and very cautious when I'm home. I get my kids indoors and the gates locked when the sun goes down - at times this feels like i'm awaiting a stand off in a crummy wild west movie - and I make sure the alarm system is armed as soon as we go to bed.

As far as both Tim and I could tell, he was not armed, but just because a weapon wasn't visible does not mean there wasn't one. I have surmized that it has to be at night, as I am locking up. This gate seperates the passage and bedrooms from the rest of the house. So if the guy is there he won't be able to get to the gate as I open it in the morning without tripping the alarm. Although, either way, I am ever so vigilant no matter what time of day or night it is.

I took the promise of my guardians to heart, it just scares me that a person of flesh and blood could break my link to them before, and now someone else is threatening our safety as well. Charlie is still moot as to what brings this guy to my home, and the only emotion this vision envokes in me is fear. Whether it is for the man himself, or for the fact that someone will gain entry into my house, I do not know. At the end of the day I know that I can trust the safeguards I have in place, and if all else fails, where I stand in the vision/dream, the alarm panel is within reach, so I can call a panic in a few seconds. Provided I keep my wits about me.
IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-11)
Hi Triden07. I've read all your ghost stories and enjoyed them very much. So what I've found in my experience is that they usually do happen as you saw/imagined them. So... You know this may happen-how are you prepared for it. Do you have a security light where the gate is located? Do you have mace that you can carry on you when you are locking the gate for the night? Was it dusk or night time when you saw the man? What feeling did you get about why he was there - i.e. Did he want to hurt you or was he just a vagrant standing there? What other small things can you remember from the encounter? Be honest with yourself and start to plan safety measures right away. You will feel better if you act instead of questioning when and what to do and where are the kids. If it was dusk or night, obviously you won't have the children with you. Keep your doors and windows locked. Keep your kids safely tucked indoors with their Grandma after dusk-that sort of thing. Can you change it - it's possible. Ask Tim if there is anything you can do. This is a very scary thing indeed, but toughen yourself up and tell yourself you aren't going to stand for this and then think of everything you can do to overcome it. Forewarned if fore-armed. I wish you the best--please let us know what Tim says about changing it. I've had no success with that but some do. Kindest regards, IM

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