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Last night as I entered that lucid sleep state where I was not quite sound asleep, but on the verge, I awoke myself by screaming and sitting up really fast. My immediate response was to turn toward my pillow because I could see a whitish mass passing over my pillow from the side. I tried to focus my eyes as there appeared to be quite a blur from this that I could not tell what I was seeing. I was really frightened by this as it felt like an entity had laid down beside me in bed and had it's head on my pillow which is why I woke up feeling the presence. I was not dreaming at all at this point and therefore was not frightened by a dream. It was the presence that alarmed me. And it almost felt as though it took my breath away for a moment. It quickly dissipated once I shook it off, like it was touching me. I laid back down and went to sleep with no other such occurrences and slept fine throughout the night with no fear. I think I was just startled by this, but had no fear afterwards which would lead me to think that the presence did not mean harm though I can't be sure.

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Ness (guest)
13 years ago (2007-06-21)
My mother told me of a similar situation the night after her father died. She quickly awoke from her sleep at about 2 am (she had been sleeping for about 3 hours at this point) and felt a strong presence in her room. She looked at the end of her bed and says she saw her father standing there. She was sitting up in her bed when she felt a huge "gush" of air "pass through her", which she said made her feel peaceful. In this instance she was actually able to sleep much better.

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