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God Dreams, Hyper Lucidity, And A Weird Few Years Part 2


At the beginning of 2011 my soul finally got me around to energy work and psychic phenomena. The first thing I learned about were the chakras, and it gave me an already ancient system with which I could organize the compilation of information I had better. I spent hours on end learning how to open and close my chakras, visualize their colors, shift my awareness amongst them, and unify their energies. I spent a lot more time talking to friends to understand the deeper blocks they were setting on their realities and when the blocks were established and reinforced, all at the age of 16 and 17 (that's what makes me feel the weirdest, my maturity I suppose). Around the end of January in 2011 I had my first OBE that I can remember. It was what I like to call a "God dream" as well. I've only had 2 so far. I went to sleep that night, and coincidentally it was the night of a full moon. I slept with my window open. It helps me stay connected to nature while I'm sleeping. Soon after I fell asleep I started dreaming. About 30 minutes into my sleep I received a text (which is how I know how long it had been) from a friend. The vibration of my phone woke me up, but I had an urge to ignore the text. The sound brought me into a lucid semi-conscious state. I fell back asleep, but I was completely aware that I was sleeping. I was extremely calm too.

After a flurry a images rushed by I found myself in a dream. The whole scene was a fuzzy gray. I was a different colored gray specter in the sky, descending into what my mind told me was a corn field. I sensed that I had landed and the most intense and powerful voice I couldn't even imagine spoke to my entire being at once. I felt its voice resound through the deepest recesses of my spirit. It spoke in a voice that no part of me could escape. It said "Hello." Completely aware, but in amazement, I asked for power over myself, so I could move forth in the world with strength and ease, so I could do the things beyond the simple things we dream for. The dream faded away, and my sight was engulfed in a darkness much like what I had seen when I hit my head. In the center of the darkness a speck of light appeared. Somehow I was also able to see my body asleep on my couch and the light at the same time. I could feel my whole body. All my muscles were locked. I couldn't move at all (I found out later it's called sleep paralysis).

The speck of light grew, consuming my vision, and as it grew it felt like my body was dropping rapidly in temperature. It was a soft cold, not like the bitter cold that nips at your skin, but like the cool of a breeze in summer. It was gentle and nice to feel. Regardless of the circumstance I completely freaked out and the whole thing went to pieces. I put all my desire into opening my eyes because it seemed like I was on the verge of death. My eyes finally shot open and I sat up, feeling like I had slept for weeks. I never forgot that presence either. It blissfully haunts me. I long for it, to know how to connect with it again. I knew when I woke up that it was me, what people might refer to as their Higher Self, but it was me all the same. On about 8 other occasions I've met with this super heightened energetic being of mine, 7 times during meditation, once again while sleeping. I know how to get to it and connect with it during meditation now, but not at the same magnitude of energy I feel when it comes to me spontaneously. And every time it comes spontaneously, though it is brief, I know all the world as it is, beyond words. My experience of this fully awake portion of my Self is what keeps me going. It comes when I most need to hear from it, whenever I fall apart.

I've dealt pretty well with my fears, walls, and limiting beliefs, so I don't really have nightmares and I don't feel scared very often. The closest thing to a nightmare I have is where I'm being chased by people. I don't know why they come after me, but I feel like they want to hurt me. I've learned to confront these people in my dreams and it always turns out that they have something important to say to me. My second major OBE came during 2012. It was also the first time I saw shadow creatures that I have a memory of. In the dream I was walking around a large house. My dad, grandma, and brother were there. My mom and sister had already left to go do something on their own. I walked up to my dad, but he was angry and on the phone with someone. I was going to talk to my brother, but he had walked away. I walk up to my grandma and we start talking.

Everything in the dreams flickers and the right side of her face begins to droop in a bunch of wrinkles (she doesn't have a wrinkly face). Her eye was morphed in an eerie way and blood was pooling in the corner of it. I got scared and walked upstairs to a bathroom. I looked in the mirror and everything was fine. I rested my hands on the counter to steady myself and as I was looking in the mirror my face morphs into something very nightmarish. I can hear a deep buzzing and it almost feels like the air around me is crackling with energy. The energy of this place feels like the presence in my God dream, but my fears are overwhelming me. The world bends around me, and I'm teleported to a different dimension. It's hard to explain. The things in the place are the same, but the place isn't. Maybe like being in an alternate reality. I feel as though I'm supposed to leave the bathroom to go to another room, but I can feel something very dark there. The fear takes me over and I curl up in fetal position, urging myself to wake up. My eyes pop open and three shadows curl and shoot away from my feet. I catch my breath, calm down, and throw my blanket back over me, daring to go back to sleep.

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