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Synchronicities And Insights


I notice a lot of people on this site are very open about their fears and anxieties. I think that's a really good thing. It shows that all of us are willing to grow past our limitations. I'd like to share how I've personally been dealing with problems and all that. I'm going to say this is a little out of the realm of describing specific psychic abilities and more about how I've gained a greater connection to everything and everyone around me. First, if you're not familiar with what synchronicities are they're really simple. They are situations that are obviously connected. Say someone tells you about a car they really love, the make, model, color, everything. Later in the day you see for the first time the exact car they described. That's a synchronicity. A lot of people call them coincidences, but when you really pay attention to them and let them be the magical spectacle they are, you start to see a whole lot more of them.

Since January I've been playing around with the feeling of love and using it to change my world. In my honest opinion it's the only energy that's going to get any job done the best. Love includes things like being grateful for all that you're able to enjoy and experience, simple pleasures, and happiness. All the feelings that fall in the spectrum of what you'd call positive. I read something amazing in a book some months ago. It was something very close to "if you're feeling okay you're feeling negatively because okay isn't good. It's such a minimal amount of negativity it hardly registers, but it will inevitably affect you." After reading that I made sure that I never said I was okay or felt okay anymore because to live the life of my dreams I know I have to give myself 100% to the force of love so I can expand beyond all the boundaries I've setup for myself to overcome.

So, with all the love I've been putting out I've seen some very interesting results. I'll give you guys an example. One day before I went to sleep I told myself that the next day I would see a red Chevy Camaro, just one, follow it and it would park at a store next to a gas station. I used the Camaro because it's my favorite car, and red just because it's easy to spot. I went to a few dealerships to test out some cars with a friend the next day and as I was taking my friend home we see a red Camaro. I look over at him with a big grin because I told him earlier it would happen while we were out. He told me I was nuts, but went along with it. The car is going in the opposite direction as us, and I tell him in an excited voice, "I'm following it!" He just looks at me, laughs, and says "No, it's going to be gone by the time you turn around. So, I ignore him, take the few minutes to turn around, and drive after it. I can't see it, but I have faith. We drive for a minute or two with him protesting the whole way and finally we see the exact same Camaro in the parking lot of a Walgreens right next door to a Quicktrip. I grin even harder, and look at him with an I-told-you-so face.

That was one of my first conscious manifestations. There were a ridiculous amount of synchronicities that day too. I'm growing in confidence each day with my ability to influence what happens in my life, so I do a lot of small things here and there like attracting people by thinking about them, attracting good music, happy waitresses and such. I'm going to an awesome liberal arts college in Savannah this fall, so I've been writing out how that is going to go for me. I also wrote the best poetry of my life using automatic writing (writing without thinking), and I'll share one poem out of a composition I wrote. It'll be at the end.

The big things I've had to improve on are my Confidence in myself, Faith and Trust in a force greater than me (I don't know anyone who could rationally think they had the ability to IMAGINE into reality what's going to happen all by themselves), and my Belief and understanding of an interconnected reality. Basically, by looking at everything as One thing it's much easier to say "I love so and so regardless of the fact that so and so did my girlfriend" (hehe true story). I take personal responsibility for everything that happens to me, good and bad, understanding that it all has to do with One bigger picture, and it is all for my evolution. My favorite affirmations are "everything is going perfectly" and "everything in my life is a gift that will unfold in time."

Some other things I've been able to do are build relationships with family just by radiating love and smiling more. I still talk to my parents about the same amount, which is next to not at all, and we're getting along a whole lot better. I'm talking stone faces when they look at me, yelling when I haven't done anything to smile and everything being peachy cream all the time. People I don't know or barely knew have been friendlier with me. When something seems to be going wrong in the beginning it ALWAYS flips around, and people have been spontaneously giving me gifts lately. It's been waaayyyy easier for me to talk to people (I'm usually pretty shy), AND (this is a big and) my intuition has peaked. I respond to my intuition unconsciously almost all the time, so the response to go against it has dissolved for the most part.

This is something else I've learned. Don't take it like I'm trying to school you:) It more like if I were talking to myself.

It doesn't matter if you personally don't like someone or something. Your preferences show you are a unique individual on a unique path. However, no matter your preferences, love is the only thing that's going to get you anywhere you actually want to be. You can love someone at the same time as they're doing something you don't like. When I see someone doing something I don't like I realize it's just my ego response. Associated with our egos we feel that others must be like us and do like us or do the things we think they should be doing, but that takes the variety out of this wonderful experience! Love everyone anyway!

Oh yeah and one of the most important things I learned is, it doesn't matter what you're doing or who you're doing it to. Because we are all essentially One. You are, in every instance, acting on YOURSELF. You are the trees, the stars, the animals, the pavement, the buildings, and all the people that surround you. Take it to heart. If you want to live the life of your dreams it is of the utmost importance that you remember this at all times. Everything you do, say, and feel will affect you. But, it doesn't matter what thought passes through your head as long as you're feeling love. Eventually the negative thoughts and feelings subside to a trickle, if that. Nothing holds power over love.

Now, the poem I promised:)

I come and go

With the wind I fly

An invisible life showing me

That I don't need to be seen

To be


I twist and I curl

From caves and cracks

I pervade all space

Within my sphere of influence

Even I, the wind, breathe

Don't you know?

I feel myself

As every cell

Of every animated being


As I pass through the great halls

In the temple of man

One motion do I feel

As I pass, a whisper

My movement strikes the fleshy

Surface of lungs

And by observation

I am known as

The breath.

A transient, a wanderer

Nomadic in my nature

Where I move I bring voice

Even to those who have

No mouths to speak

For I am the wind

And you can hear the voice

Of cities as we resonate together

You can hear the echoing voice

Of the tiniest blade of grass

Wherever I also am

For I am the bearer of sound

And sound is the movement of life

And movement is the mark of those

That in being are


Thanks everybody for reading. I hope you can get something out of this that will help.

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nyxmystery9 (6 stories) (30 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-16)
Thank you very much. I wrote it because someone told me I helped them with my other stories, so I figured I'd update what I've been experiencing lately. Now I just have to keep working at it.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-15)
Thank you for sharing and I hope this will help the younger generation questions that they can't find the answers to.
Your poem is so beautiful and very much true.
Congratulations, you have realized that love is very important and necessary for all of us.
Love is the key that opens doorways.
Now you know that we are all one and we all have to work together.
It always makes me content when someone else finally understands that you need Love and we are all connected.

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